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Highlander remake assigned to screenwriter Hercules


Lionsgate is still hoping for a relaunch of the popular fantasy series "Highlander". According to Deadline, the long-suffering project has found a new scriptwriter. It was Ryan Kondal, who previously worked on the scripts for the paintings "Hercules" and "Rampage".

Filming under the direction of director Chad Stahelski is expected to start either in late 2018 or early 2019, after the director completes work on the action movie "John Wick III". The release date has not yet been specified.

Note that for the first time the restart of "Highlander" was announced back in 2008, when Summit Entertainment acquired the corresponding rights. Since then, the project has been associated with various directors and performers of title roles. In particular, it was expected that Ryan Reynolds will play the main role, and the role of the villain Dave Batista. However, these plans were never realized.

The original science fiction movie was presented to viewers in 1986. Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert played the leading roles in the movie. According to the plot, immortal warriors, whose life can be interrupted only after cutting off their heads, fought with each other, so that in the end only one remained alive. The movie was not particularly successful at the box office, but quickly gained cult status.

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