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Despicable Me 3 Grossed $ 900 Million


Despicable Me 3 has reached $ 920 million worldwide at the box office. Thus, the cartoon entered the top three highest-grossing movie projects in 2017, and it has every chance of entering the elite club of billionaires.

As for the results of the past weekend, the first place in the American box office was taken by the horror movie "The Curse of Annabelle 2: The Beginning of Evil, "which grossed $ 35 million in its premiere weekend. Taking into account the fact that the production budget was only 15 million dollars, it can be stated with full confidence that the project has already paid off and began to bring profit to its creators.

The movie "Dunkirk" kept the second place with 11.4 million dollars. The movie's worldwide box office grossed $ 363 million. The third line of the rating was taken by another debutant - "Real Squirrel 2", which grossed $ 8.9 million in North America.

It is also worth noting that the worldwide box office of the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming" exceeded 700 million dollars. The results of other leaders of the American box office can be found in the Cinema News section of the portal called CASH RATE.

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Author: Jake Pinkman