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Understanding Avengers: What Are the Infinity Stones?


A new movie from the MCU is coming soon. The film "Avengers: Infinity War " this time will be devoted to a greater extent to Thanos and the objects of infinity. The powerful enemy Thanos wanted to piece together the stones of space or infinity to obtain the power of God.

What are these stones? How to find them, what does their appearance in the Universe mean? Truth or fiction? Why does the cosmic villain want to piece the power of infinity together? These questions will be revealed in the motion picture.

Avengers infinity stones

However, do not think that the filmmakers of the brothers Russo there will simply show the history of Thanos for two and a half hours. No matter how important a character in the entire Universe he is, we do not forget that there are 67 more heroes, and we are waiting for all of them in the new film, which will be released in screens this May. The film brings together the best of the Marvel comics.

Let's talk a little about mysterious stones: why are they needed at all, who or what is their creator? The story of the stones of space or infinity begins with the powerful villain Nemesis. He was tired of his empty life and committed suicide. As a result, Nemesis disintegrated into 7 stones. It was he who created the stones of infinity.

Here is a remarkable fact. The Stones of Space or Infinity were little known, until the appearance of the new film, they were only spoken of in Marvel's drawn stories. In the comics, they were called a little differently.

Avengers infinity stones

Now they play a big role throughout the development of the film's plot from the MCU. Although before the stones appeared there once or twice. Each of them has its own name

Now the Marvel World cannot be imagined without the stones of space or infinity. They will be important in Infinity Wars.

We know that whoever owns all six stones will be able to do incredible things, because this character will be endowed with incredible power that stones can only give. And all six stones of space are needed at once, in another way, infinity. I also need a glove. Having collected all six stones and a gauntlet, you can rule the worlds endlessly. The Infinity Gauntlet has no power without stones.

5 stones have been mentioned in the films so far. Fans of the films of this series have not even seen the sixth. They do amazing things one at a time.

Stones can both help in rebuilding the world for the better and cause confusion. It all depends on who is holding them, and it looks like these hands this time will be the hands of Thanos himself. A glove in the hands of Thanos with stones of space or infinity will give a devastating result. He will deal with the creation of real evil.

Avengers infinity stones

Some stones have already been allocated. The yellow ego stone in Age of Ultron was removed from Loki's staff. This answers the question of which stone of space or infinity the Vision robot has. Since Vision is not interested in him, he does not bear much evil, in principle he does not bear evil with such an owner.

The yellow stone of mind does not help his hero, but fans know what kind of stone Vision has from the existing infinities.

The stones of space or infinity are presented a little differently in their comics. So, the appearance and color of stones differs from the appearance presented in the movies. The properties in the films have also been changed, but slightly. But the universe of the world of cinema does not repeat comics, but is based on them, creating something of its own.

Stone of Space

The first is the Stone of Space, the so-called "stone of space", it is logical that it has a blue color. The main feature of the Cosmic object is that it controls space and can open portals. This quality of the subject of Space has already been used by the heroes in previous films. The history of his movement is as follows: at first he was lost in the waters of the Arctic Ocean. Then Howard Stark found him and handed him over for study. As far as we know, the Stone is safe at the moment. He is in Asgard.

Stone of Space

Stone of Mind

While the Mind Stone was hidden inside Loki's staff, he could control the mind of another person. Anyone who has a staff could direct it to the heart of a person, and then the Stone of Mind generated a blue glow, which entered the human body and immediately went to the head, first of all, exerting its effect on the eyes. They began to emit a fluorescent glow.

People who are in the power of the Mind Stone can regain their individuality only after they receive a tangible blow to the head. Thus, its effects can be terminated. It is also possible not to fall under the influence of this stone, not allowing the glow emanating from it to enter the body and spread over it. Tony Stark did this once. He was able to block the energy of the stone.

mind stone

While the stone was in the possession of the Hydra, Wolfgang von Strucker made several statements about what other powers the possession of this stone would give. He made it clear that at the moment the capabilities of the stone have been little studied, but with its help you can do unseen things when it falls into the right hands. You can give superpower to other people, as was already done in the case of Wanda and Pietro, or as they have already used it. Fans know what kind of stone Vision has. It would be interesting to see how he uses it.

Stone of Reality

The Stone of Reality is not a stone at all, but Ether, it appeared for the first time after the film "Thor" in the credits. In the Thor movie, the Asgardians bring the red broadcast to the Collector.

reality stone

This is a mystical power that existed even before the birth of the nine realities. The Reality Stone is known for its ability to transform matter into dark matter. You can create incredible things with it.

Ether is also known for its parasitic properties and even affects the host, and through him and all others who come into contact with the host. If the owner of the stone is very strong, then the red Ether can be used as a weapon. It can even regenerate body parts or bring them back to life. A powerful force would be transferred to its owner. During the short time that Ether belonged to Malekith, the latter was able to triple his height.

Stone - Sphere

The Stone of Power is known for the fact that it can enhance the power of the one who wields it, it was featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy. It also has a pretty interesting feature. It cannot be possessed by someone whose strength is insufficient to possess it. A frail one will not master him, as, by the way, and a mortal. Any living being that comes into contact with him, but is not able to hold him and take possession of him, will certainly die. Even planets obey this law.

Stone of Power

Only a few tools can be used to take possession of an object without making direct contact with it. Thus, the owner will avoid imminent death, which is caused by direct contact with the stone. The Stone of Powerful Power makes its owner invulnerable, as shown in Guardians of the Galaxy.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, this stone was given to the Nova Corps, but Thanos has already received it in the expected new release.

Stone of Time or Eye of Agamotto

The Fifth Stone of Immense Infinity appeared in the movie "Doctor Strange". Before that, he had not met anywhere, but, of course, we know about his existence. In the new movie "Avengers: Infinity Wars" all the stones of space or infinity will appear.

agamotto's eye

The Tesseract contains this stone of space or infinity. This is a vessel. The Tesseract is a transparent four-dimensional hypercube. The Tesseract was sent to Asgard after the Battle of New York.

The Time Stone not only allows you to control time and move objects and people in time, but also with its help you can find out the most important thing - the future. Unsurprisingly, so many would like to take possession of Agamoto's eye, including Thanos. But so far, Doctor Strange managed to get this stone of infinity in the MCU, although in the final of the film the stone will still take its place in the library of wizards.

What else can the eye of Agamotto do? It can even be used to resurrect. He can also return objects to their original state, and you can also change the age of a character or object and travel in time, returning to the past and moving into the future. The Cosmic Gems of infinity and their powers are not yet fully determined. This is the most frightening.

Orange Stone

And finally - the sixth Soul stone! The audience has never seen him. According to the comics, it was owned by a character named Adam Warlock. Therefore, fans might think that the Warlock will appear, and with it the item. It was not so! In the Avengers finale, this version is debunked. So you shouldn't wait for it from Adam? So someone else owns it, or no one owns it at all? There are some theories on this score, but why think about them if a movie will appear on the screens soon and you yourself will see everything? For now, let's find out better what kind of stone it is, and what qualities it possesses. We'll tell you a secret that the Red Skull will hunt for him.


First and foremost, the stone has its own intelligence, i.e. consciousness, hence the desire to collect souls. His other quality is that he is able to attack souls in various ways. Another equally amazing quality is that the stone can place the soul inside itself, in its own world of illusion. The one who owns the stone gets direct access to the memory and abilities of those who are inside the World. World of souls.

Also, the owner of the stone can be calm that no one will attack his own soul, because he is under the protection of the very object of infinity, and their forces are directed to protection. Many people are mistaken in calling it harmless. He's not that harmless. It can be used to attack a target and leave it unconscious.

In general, without this stone, it is impossible to show the abilities of other objects and create full strength. The orange stone is megapower.

The new film will definitely impress the audience. The Avengers will be flawless.

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