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Chinese brands are taking over the smartphone world


These are tough times for tech giants Apple and Samsung, who have enjoyed dominating the mobile market for years. Huawei has already overthrown Apple from the second place in terms of smartphone production and is not going to stop there: its next goal is to defeat Samsung, whose sales are falling more and more every quarter.

Other Chinese manufacturers are also hoping to grab their share. Here are the representatives of the Middle Kingdom, who are currently the strongest players in the smartphone market.

Xiaomi: Bargain Hunters Approve


Xiaomi is not shy about copying Apple in everything - from the look of smartphones to the design of stores. In imitation of the Americans, the Beijing-based company is trying to build its own ecosystem with app stores and streaming music players.

Xiaomi smartphones are much cheaper than other brands. The latest model MIX 2S retails for about $ 500. The device is in line with all the trends, it has a dual camera, ceramic body and bezel-less screen.

To advertise its products, the company signed a contract with Chris Wu, a Canadian-Chinese musician who is often compared to Justin Bieber.

Transsion / Tecno: The Chinese Conqueror of Africa


Residents of the USA, Europe and China itself have hardly ever heard of Transsion Holdings and its Tecno. The brand was founded in 2006 and from the very beginning focused on the emerging smartphone market of the African continent. The company built its first assembly line in Ethiopia and quickly developed into a leading manufacturer of mobile devices in Africa. Now on the Black Continent 3 out of 10 smartphones sold belong to the Tecno brand.

One of the latest releases from the company, Tecno Spark 2, has a bezel-less display, face unlock function and a 13MP main camera. At Jumia, an African online store, the price is only $ 100.

According to research firm Canalys, in the first three quarters of last year, Transsion released nearly 12 million smartphones and became the largest mobile manufacturer in Africa, surpassing both Samsung and Apple in this territory.

Oppo: the king of displays


In the Chinese market, Oppo is on the heels of Huawei and Xiaomi. The company started out as a manufacturer of MP3 and DVD players and then switched to smartphones. Oppo is not going to be limited only to home territory and really wants to expand its influence in Europe and the UK.

In China and India, the company made a name for itself due to the cheapness of the goods. This year, the brand unveiled the Oppo Find X flagship device in Paris for 999 euros. The Find X display covers 93.8% of the front area (for comparison, the iPhone X has 81.5%).

Oppo wins the hearts of users with its cameras: both the rear and front modules of Oppo receive high marks among mobile photography lovers.

Vivo: stylish, fashionable, youthful


Oppo and Vivo are competing against each other, but both companies were founded by the same entrepreneur named Duan Yongping. Vivo was one of the first Chinese brands to move into emerging markets like India.

In 2012, Vivo released the thinnest smartphone at the time - the Vivo X1. The main advantage of the device is its high-quality sound. The novelty has gained incredible popularity in China and Southeast Asia. Vivo's main audience consists of young people born after 2000. Vivo actively attracts celebrities to advertise its products, thereby reinforcing its image of youth and accessibility.

For the price of one iPhone X, you can buy four Vivo phones. The latest model, the NEX, costs $ 570-730 . The screen occupies 91.2% of the area, making it an affordable analogue of the latest Oppo flagship.

OnePlus Hipster's Choice


With a sleek design and a dual camera capable of near-perfect images, this Chinese brand has confidently entered the global market. The first flagship killer called OnePlus One was introduced in 2014. It was possible to buy it only on the company's website by a special invitation, and the invitation itself could be obtained by taking part in competitions. According to TheNextWeb, this unusual solution and attractive price made the smartphone “the most desirable in the world”.

But OnePlus has become a serious competitor to the top brands, thanks to the performance of its devices. According to some tests, the OnePlus 6 performs better under load than the iPhone X. Depending on their needs, OnePlus 6 owners can buy add-ons for the system with the desired functions.

Like most other Chinese smartphones, the OnePlus 6 is relatively inexpensive - cheaper than new products from the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The device is offered on the company's website for $ 500 .

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