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Azur Lane: Ships Guide


Azur Lane is a rather complex game, for a complete immersion in which you need to delve into the interface and basic mechanics. Today our portal will tell you a guide on ships in Azur Lane so that you can quickly understand the intricacies of the game. We will analyze everything about the menu of the ship itself, as well as tell you what classes and nationalities they are.

Azur Lane Ship Menu



Recall that all your existing Waifu ships are located in the [dock] section. There you can select any of your ships and tap on it to find out more about it. Having chosen one of the ships, you should pay attention to the background in the back - it denotes the uniqueness of the ship. There are only five of them in the game and they are ranked from weakest to strongest: white, blue, purple and gold.


While this division shows how special the ship is, the background color does not represent its usefulness.

Skins, archive and more


In the lower right part of the interface there are six buttons, and the first one is skins. In it, you can go to the costemization section of your ship. You can get new skins at events or buy for rubies. They don't improve, they just exist as a cosmetic addition.


Then comes the [archive] archive. There, in the largest window, the efficiency of the ship is located, which depends on its performance characteristics. The skills of your ship are shown below, and in the very bottom panel, in the [details] section, you can listen to all the replicas of your ship.

The third one is unlock, this utility is needed to block your ship, and for example, you cannot accidentally disassemble it for details, since locked ships cannot be disassembled just like that. You can enable the password in the settings menu and manually enter it to unlock.

Three remaining buttons:

- comment [allows users to comment on each ship]

- inspect [removes UI just to inspect the ship]

- favorite [adds to favorites section].

Armor Panel and Limit Break

On the left we can find the following functions:

  • Gear - in the ship section, you can install armor, weapons and additional equipment that can be crafted or found. The outfit depends on the class of the ship and national characteristics.


  • Limit Brake - overcoming limit. You can find out the limit of each waifu by the stars they have. Each overcoming of the limit gives its advantages and increases the performance characteristics, so it makes sense to make them, although this increases fuel consumption. To do this, you need a certain amount of gold and a sacrifice in the form of a second ship or Bulin ship. In order to make a breakthrough, your ship must be above level 10. For each new breakthrough, you need to level up more and more.


  • Enhance —Let's call this section the sacrificial altar. In it, we will destroy some ships in order to improve others. As a rule, ships of low uniqueness of a white background are used for this. You can improve 4 characteristics: firepower [FP], torpedo damage [TRP], air strike [AVI], reload rate [RLD]. The characteristics are improved depending on the "sacrificial" ship. For example, destroying a battleship increases FP, and a torpedo cruiser increases TRP, respectively. You can select them manually, or you can press fill to auto-allocate.


  • Retrofit - ship upgrade menu. It is needed in order to improve your ships stuck in the dock. After completing the upgrade, the ship can change the color of its uniqueness or even its class. This opens up new abilities for your ship, but the amount of fuel consumed does not decrease. To upgrade, you need special blueprints, as well as gold. You can knock out blueprints in difficult locations, from events, or exchange them for medals of honor. By the way, they can be crafted, for example, from several blue blueprints to create one purple.


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Gear and ship tier

Two panels take up most of the screen. The first of them is Gear, which displays the equipment available to the ship [by clicking on the gear sets you will get access to quick change of equipment, as well as quick removal] and level [level]. A maximum of one girl can be pumped up to level 70. Only the limit break can pass above this indicator.

Below is collected all the available information about the ship - performance characteristics. It contains all the indicators that we saw in the previously mentioned sections. But there are a couple of others, for example, luck is responsible for the probability of critical damage, damage to submarines, the type of armor, as well as the fuel consumption of a given ship during a battle. This is one of the main indicators, as it eats up the main resource - fuel. The steeper the ship, the more fuel it needs.

Marry me or your relationship with the ship

At the top of the screen, next to the ship's name and the limit break indicator, you can find a white diamond with the inscription Crush. There you can increase the closeness of your relationship with the ship, which, reaching 100%, will allow you to marry the ship [yes, for some people it may still seem crazy]. There are three ways to grow relationships and receive bonuses.

First - send the ship to fight, but do not overdo it, because if your combat waifu fights without a break, on the contrary, she will begin to dislike you. To understand how the ship treats you, pay attention to the square next to her name. If it's green, then everything is fine; yellow - your relationship is in place; and if it is red, then, as the saying goes, “tick off the city toby”.

The second way is to appoint her as secretary.

Well, the third is to send the ship to the first floor of the dorm. There, hearts will appear over the heads of the ships. But it is best to seek love in battles because the same post of secretary raises the relationship to a maximum of 90%.


After you are ready to marry one ship, wedding skins will open for some waifu. But the main thing is that then the relationship can be brought to 200% . The higher this parameter, the greater the plus to the ship's performance characteristics and the more powerful it is. But there is a pitfall to get married - you need to buy a ring, but it is sold only for rubies in the store.

Azur Lane ship classes and nationalities

In general, it should be said that a lot depends on the class and nationality of ships: equipment, combat, utility. The game has two lines on which you can place ships: the vanguard and the main line.


Let's go through the vanguard ship classes.

Destroyers - have light armor, low health. Despite their low survivability, they have a high dodge rate, allowing them to dodge attacks.


Light cruisers - these more massive ships can be equipped with main and small caliber weapons. Thanks to this, they can increase their average damage per minute. The balance between speed and health is also average, so they are the most versatile ships in the game.

Heavy cruisers - only large caliber weapons are mounted on these ships. Due to their size and large-caliber guns, they are clumsy and have a low rate of fire. They compensate for this with one powerful blow from the main weapon. Also, due to their massiveness, they have good armor, but are always under fire.

Main line of ships.

Battleships - battleships are tenacious, possess powerful weapons, but most importantly, they are capable of delivering a special attack with large-scale area damage.

Aircraft carriers - ships carry aircraft, which inflict air damage on the enemy in various ways. However, aircraft carriers are less tenacious than the same battleships. When the aircraft is activated, all enemy shells disappear from the field and this is a significant plus.

Others - this includes waifu, which are difficult to combine into one class due to their scarcity: support ships, repair ships, monitors and hybrid ships.

The nationality of Azur Lane ships is a trait that allows the classes of different countries to have unique differences. For example, monitor ships are only available in England, and Japanese aircraft carriers are the only ones that can carry seaplanes.

There are a total of eight nationalities in the game:

  • Eagle Union - US Navy
  • Royal Navy - England
  • Sakura Empire — Japan
  • Iron blood - Germany
  • Dragon Empire - China
  • Northern Parliament —USSR
  • Iris Libre - Free Fleet
  • Vichya Dominion - France


Only the first four nations are of interest and huge differences, since they have a huge number of ships. The rest are just beginning to spin up, for example France has very few ships and they can be counted on one hand.

This was our starting guide to the Azur lane ships, train and good luck in battles!

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