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Silent pistol SME ”Groza” with two barrels - a weapon of saboteurs


At the beginning of the 70s, the army's armament was replenished with another novelty: the silent MSP pistol was a combination of two, at first glance, opposite characteristics: noiselessness and a double barrel. Soviet designers were able to combine values that were fundamentally incompatible before.

Pistol for automatic ammunition

In SMEs, engineers used a rather rare design, not typical for most samples of Soviet weapons. The pistol is equipped with two barrels, which were located in the upper movable block. The device of the barrel compartment, in combination with the small size of the model, became an obstacle to the introduction of an element of automation into the weapon. Another limitation was the ammunition scheme - the SP-3 cartridge provided for the "Groza" had a detail in the structure that visibly protruded from the shot cartridge case. Thus, its design could interfere with the operation of the automation.

A pair of ammunition, united by one clip, was located in the upper compartment of the pistol, the movable design of which allows loading and removing the shot casings. The shot is fired after manual cocking of two hammers. For this, the device has a special lever. Additionally, the silent pistol MSP is equipped with an automatic element, which prevents accidental triggering when the barrels are open. Front sight and rear sight were used as sights.

msp thunderstorm

One of the specialized experts, the American Ch. Katshaw, called the bullet, which the "Groza" cartridge is equipped with, a way of obfuscating investigations involving a pistol. His opinion regarding the sabotage use of this weapon is not devoid of meaning, because the chronicles of its use are classified. In reality, a bullet from a submachine gun can confuse traces, but not with the "Groza" - the double-barreled pistol MSP has a short barrel with a steep cut, so that an experienced forensic scientist will always notice it on the bullet.

Double Silent Shot

During a double shot, the bullet initially flies out from the bottom, and then from the top hole of the barrel. This sequence is determined by the firing mechanism. Every two shots require subsequent reloading with the installation of a new clip. The shooter removes the used sleeves by himself. Immediately after firing, they can be a source of danger, since the decrease in pressure and temperature of the powder gases does not occur instantly.

msp thunderstorm

The noiselessness of a pistol shot from an MSP "Groza" is created using the powder gas cutoff method. This method involves a special cartridge device, in which a limiter (piston) is placed between the charge and the bullet. At the moment of firing, the piston transmits an impulse to the bullet and at the same time remains in the sleeve, preventing the escape of hot powder gases. For this reason, they do not come into contact with the outside atmosphere without creating a noise effect.

Although the Soviet special units adopted the Thunderstorm silent pistol back in the 70s, full information about its practical application has not been preserved. The further fate of the SME, as well as its current status, is kept secret. There is a fact of the use of a pistol in Afghanistan, but there are no details of such operations. Western intelligence agencies believe Thunderstorm has left its mark on Central America, but no evidence or denials have been released.

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