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5 E3 RPGs You May Have Missed


I love E3 as it is a great event to showcase the near future of the industry. During the show, excitement rolls over me, once again reminding me that I really love games. You will be lucky if you come to the exhibition and have time to see all the most interesting, but often the show can turn out to be sheer chaos, in which many interesting games are lost due to a heap of announcements, premieres and news. This is why I like to look back after a while and cover games that did not have time to shine at the exhibition, as they were absorbed by the stream. GameInformer author Kimberly Wallace talks about this. We have translated for you her material about 5 RPGs that you might have missed at E3.

RPG Time: Legend of Wright (Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android)

This little gem appeared at the Mircosoft press conference. It is based on hand-drawn visuals, Dragon Quest-like music and distinctive aesthetic. People who saw the presentation immediately compared the game to Paper Mario and Drawn to Life.

It is being developed by an independent Japanese Deskworks team of just two people. You will play as a child who wants to become a game artist in the future. You explore and control his adventure, drawn on paper, by constantly drawing new details in your notebook, from encountering giant monsters to treasure travel. In fact, you will be a conduit for his creative thinking.


In terms of RPG mechanics, the game is quite simple, but the original visual performance is its heart, which perfectly shows what a child's fantasy is capable of. It will be especially fun to explore how a fantasy world works.

When? In 2020

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4)

I have repeatedly expressed my admiration for this series of games, as it reflects the classic, albeit outdated, RPG vision. It's hard to believe that we will finally enter the third arc of this long story, which takes place a year and a half after the end of the last one.

A lot has changed since the last time we saw Rin and his classmates. He is currently a lecturer at the new branch of the Thor Military Academy, where only the losers and social outcasts live. This does not mean that we will not see familiar characters, and old friends from Rin's school. Better, now even more characters will be introduced into the game, with whom the plot will follow a new explosive trajectory.


The third game expands on the already complex combat system, adding the mechanics of breakthrough defense of the enemy and a character who can change his fighting style from an arrow to an attacker. During the demo, we were shown how Jun's new character remains a long-range shooter, which helps to deal with groups of enemies, but if you switch to offense mode, it will increase her speed, defense and attack power at close range. Mechs from previous games will return, but he will provide details later.

If you haven’t played the remasters of the first and second parts, this is the right time to get acquainted with this series. Because if you pass the third game "blindly", you will hardly understand anything.

When? September 24

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 was a nice surprise, but it's even better to know that the game is doing well based on the gameplay demo at E3. The original game, although rough in execution, became a cult, as it harmoniously placed us in the skin of a vampire trying to find himself in a new world of darkness. In addition to the fact that you were still part of society, the world of vampires opened up for you, spinning into the epicenter of the war of clans and hierarchies.

After 15 years, we return to this dark and alluring world, only now the scenery of Los Angeles has been replaced by Seattle. Well, the development team has also changed. Now it is Hardsuit Labs known for Blacklight Retribution.


The streets are full of quest givers who want you to do their dirty work for them, various clans offer you cooperation, and break the law right and left. And only you can decide who to join and how to act. In many ways, how the situation plays out depends on your choice: use brute force or a sharp, hanging tongue, kill the character or let go.

Bloodlines 2, based on more detailed storytelling, focuses more on the power of the vampire and the many options for choosing your abilities and actions.

When? 2020

Heroland (PS4, Switch)

The idea to create such a game came to the mind of the creators of MOTHER 3, Legend of Mana and Fantasy Life, and it can be seen. The game has a peculiar sense of humor, vibrant 2D landscapes and creative backgrounds. In Heroland, you find yourself in a theme park where everyone can take part in their own adventure RPG: explore dungeons, defeat enemies and level up their character for a long time, who will reach legendary heights in the future. But your job in this park is not so cool, because you are an ordinary guide working in it just to feed your family.


There are so many mysteries in Heroland that you have to solve. Having played it at the demonstration, I realized that the battle in Heroland works according to the classics of Japanese RPGs, but you do not participate in it, but rather lead the process. The game is automatic, and you can intervene, correct it and adjust, for example, so that the characters use other items. Throughout the game, you will meet 20 characters, each with their own story. The game also deserves thanks for its unusual design, humorous dialogues and the use of classic RPG tropes.

When? Autumn

Griftlands (PC, Mac, Linux)

When this game was announced in 2017, it sparked a lot of interest, and it still hasn't died down, despite major changes, such as a bias towards a roguelike card game. This is the latest project from Klei Entertainment, best known for games like Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve.

At E3 we saw a new trailer, and also found out why the development took so long. The team realized that the game was not quite what they wanted. Studio founder Jamie Cheng said, "Unfortunately, we found that every part of the game felt disconnected from the rest and that the action was often irrelevant." The team took note of what people didn't like and decided to redo everything.


Griftlands is now focusing on conversations and combat. You choose one of three characters, and depending on this, it will be definitely what tasks he will perform. We have not forgotten the choice between the parties.

As the developer says, the game will often ask us to revise our strategies. The success of the party depends on cunning, sharpness of the blade and the ability to alternate between the two.

When? July

Here is a list of E3 RPGs that you might have missed in GameInformer

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