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Review: Two Point Hospitality is a good example of re-releasing an old game


Twо Point Hоspital is neither a sequel nor a prequel. The project is a detailed porting of the Theme Hospital game (which was released in 1997) to modern gaming platforms.

However, due to the fact that the authors of the original project had a hand in the remake, the game can be confidently called the long-awaited spiritual and gameplay heir. Thus, if in the deep 2000s they played quite often the hospital manager simulator, then the gameplay in Two Point Hospital will be quite understandable and familiar.


The game first of all explains how to properly manage and build a medical facility. Two Point Hospital does not immediately make it long and tedious poking around in costs / income, but explains that you need to start hiring employees and stop saving on plants.


First, it is important and necessary to monitor all patients so that they do not sit in the offices for too long and thus delay the queue. Patients flood in en masse, and there may well be several probable reasons at once: massive morbidity in the city, cataclysms, broken medical equipment or a doctor's flirtation with nurses instead of work. It is necessary for the player to deal with all these problems. The main thing at Two Point Hospital is to make sure that all doctors work efficiently and quickly, and the hospital functions smoothly.

In the hospital, nothing can be solved without the active participation of the player. All loafers need to be forced to work manually. If the employee was very busy, then he gets tired and makes mistakes in his work, which is again bad.

Construction and responsibilities

The player has at his disposal a spacious area for the construction of a hospital. Spacious walls, several offices and basic elements for medical care. Initially, it seems that on such a site you can fit everything and several pieces, but a little later you realize that you need to move one wall and remove the other.


Along with the new offices, the number of new responsibilities also grows. Sometimes you have to finish building new highly specialized offices, but you always need to calculate the space. To receive money, you need to make the object popular. There are several indicators that account for this popularity, for example: the number of plants, the design of the rooms, the variety of equipment, the number of specialized doctors, and even posters of various kinds.

Thus, conceptually, the gameplay has not changed much. Everything is also given an empty object, a budget for the start, a couple of offices, several interior details and various invented diseases. The beginning of the game follows the usual tactics of passing: a registry is built, followed by a room for a therapist, an office for diagnostics, a couple of wards for intensive procedures and hiring personnel.

Game locations

New places (they are also locations) for the construction of a hospital have distinctive conditions and features. Sometimes, some locations are particularly in need of surgery, while others require high-class psychiatry.


Somewhere it will be possible to hire only poorly qualified interns, who subsequently need to be taught all the secrets of the profession. In some offices, it will be too cold, so the first thing to do is to do normal heating. All this brings a good variety to the gameplay and adds some dynamics.


After a couple of dozen hours of passage, the game shows its disadvantages. And they are all built around the most important thing - boring gameplay. Each time you have to perform the same actions and make the same type of decisions. Moreover, regularly changing rules will not change the boring routine in any way. The difference between locations (levels) is almost imperceptible. Really interesting and at the same time extraordinary situations do not happen at all. Plus, all the patient's fictional problems no longer seem as fun as they used to be.


Two Point Hospital is, rather, a game for some smartphones. Since the project strongly resembles "Farm Frenzy", where you constantly have to perform exactly the same actions, which are completely devoid of any interest and unusual situations. Only the price for such a game is far from mobile.

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Author: Jake Pinkman