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Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness. Two endings of one famous film


Who doesn't know this movie! The Evil Dead trilogy with Bruce Campbell in the title role was at one time so popular that 4 computer games were released on it, starting in 1984, and later an amazing three-season TV series was staged, which was voiced by "Goblin" Buchkov .

The most memorable and awesome, of course, is the third part, invented and directed by screenwriter and director Sam Raimi in the spirit of a comedy.

But few people know that the director filmed two whole endings of Evil Dead 3, and not in each of them the main character gets home, in his own time.

Theatrical version

At the end of the theatrical version that was shown in the movie, shown in cinemas, and after being released on videotapes, Ash is taken back in time.

In the end, when the army of the dead was finished, Ash got sad. How is it, they say, is there really no way for local magicians to return it in due time? And the priests found such an opportunity. It turns out that it was in their power to get (or make) a special potion that drives a person into a kind of suspended animation, that is, into a long and prolonged sleep in which the human body does not age at all.


In this ending, he was asked to find a cave, then walled up in it, blocking (or, as in this case, blowing up) the entrance to it, so that no wild beast or lost would-be speleologist would come across him and wake him up ahead of time ... Also, the priests again ordered him, after taking the potion, to correctly pronounce the words of the spell, not in the same way as in the case when he tried to take the book of Necronomicon from the pedestal. And this time, he still managed not to confuse anything.

Next, Ash says goodbye to his friend there, transports his belongings and his broken-down car into a cave, blows it up and the next moment he appears before us in the form of a sales manager who has already returned and woke up in our time, telling about his adventures to skeptical staff shopping center. At the end, one of the customers turns out to be a dead old woman, with whom Ash perfectly gets rid of, despite all the somersaults and other tricks that the living carrion demonstrates.


In the end, he throws a cool girl on his forearm - a work colleague and kisses her. On this - the curtain and the credits went.

Director's Cut

In this ending, things did not turn out so well for our main character.


Here, as in the previous case, Ash says goodbye to his beloved girl from the future, but before that, the priests, giving him the potion, warned that every drop of the potion is equated to a hundred years of sleep. Therefore, in no case should he confuse their number.

In this case, it drifted 600 years ago, and therefore it should have taken only six drops. But Ash cannot do it without confusing something somewhere. It takes a drop more.

It is shown how the years pass, how it becomes covered with cobwebs and grows a beard. In the end, he wakes up, dismantles the blockage and gets out. And what does he see?

Before his gaze stretches the view of some grotesque apocalyptic future. And then he realizes that he drank, apparently, more than he should, shouting: "I slept too long!"

This is the end of the fairy tale. Here's what the two different endings of Evil Dead 3 actually look like.


Apparently, Sam Raimi hoped to shoot the continuation of the picture, that is, the fourth part, in which the action would unfold in the future. But, something there in Hollywood did not grow together, and the project remained only in dreams.

And with it there was also an alternative ending, which was available to everyone who purchased a licensed DVD with the movie.

Such things.

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Author: Jake Pinkman