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Laurence Kasdan discusses fan criticism on Han Solo. Star Wars. Stories


Sometimes we are amazed at how the writers of such multi-part epic films with a huge number of episodes of films withstand all the criticism they have to face.

As Lawrence Kasdan confesses, he has dealt with complaints about Star Wars for a much longer period of time than the lives of the fans themselves who criticize and complain about the film. Now Lawrence is busy writing the script for a new episode of Han Solo: Star Wars: The Stories again, and he shares his thoughts with us on how to learn to not take criticism to heart as long as the film is successful and achieves its goals.

Recall that Lawrence has been collaborating with Star Wars for a long time, and it all began in 1978 when George Lucas invited Kasden to write the script for Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, for which Lawrence later received the Saturn Award. Then their collaboration with Lucas continued and Kasdan wrote the script for the fifth episode of Star Wars.

I understand all this, but I don't take (criticism) seriously. I've seen both sides. Each of these films .... but there has never been anything like it in the Empire. In recent years, we have heard many predictions about how people would like to see or imagine a new film, but no one can predict for sure. I always think like this: 'If a movie works, then it works.' You watch it for just a couple of minutes and predictions with predictions as it happened. Nobody remembers them if the film is really exciting. But if the film fails, then everyone sits and thinks: 'See? I told you it sucks.


Star Wars - a milestone in the development of world cinema

Star Wars has gone through an era of true cultural shift over the years. When the first film first hit the movie screens, it was considered a low-quality trash. No one could have guessed that we would get to the point where people would expect these films to appear at all the major film awards by the end of the season.


You know, all this is amazing, because this is really a completely new reality in comparison with the one from which these films were born. I was thinking about this last night as I tried unsuccessfully to sleep. The first movie of the Star Wars epic is like a B-class movie for a summer morning. No one expected him to be more than a "terrible movie." But on the contrary, he turned out to be cool and cool and stood at the origins of the tradition. Such films have historically been relegated to popcorn .... And now these films form the cinematic heritage of the country and the world and are considered the most controversial films that can be and continue to sow discord within the film industry. There is a lot of irony in all of this.

There will always be fans who are constantly disappointed with Star Wars, no matter what the films are about. So it's good to hear that the filmmakers aren't particularly worried about being liked by everyone because they're primarily busy making a good film period. "

Synopsis: As Han Solo travels through the dark world of crime, he meets his future partner and pilot Chewbacca, and also meets Lando Calrissian many years before joining the rebels.

Recall that "Han Solo. Star Wars. Stories" starring Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Woody Harelson and Tandy Newton, and the film was directed by Ron Howard.

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