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9 Things We Remember Vanilla WoW For


World of Warcraft Classic gives us the opportunity to feel the same as a few years ago, when we had a gamer puberty and played the largest MMO on the planet. For some people, this will be a completely new experience; an opportunity to experience the world that existed before new trends changed gaming. This game is intended primarily for old people who survived the great era of the dawn of online games, who know where and why they are returning. What about young players? Do they know? PC Gamer has decided to list 9 things we remember Vanilla WoW for.

Hourly queue

When you logged into the original game a long time ago, you enter your name, create a character and wait to enter the server. And it can go on for sooooo long. The only consolation is that you have listened to the excellent menu theme over and over again - and it never bored you. The cool but annoying news is that WoW Classic has recreated this with amazing fidelity because Blizzard doesn't have enough servers to keep up with demand. Great job!

Travel on foot

Sounds a little odd, since in WoW Classic you got a riding animal by crossing the level 20 threshold, and they're free. However, in the original WoW, you would have spent levels 1-40 on foot, running all over the place like a peasant, driven by the dark hope that one day you too could afford a simple white goat like the other gnomes. If you were lucky, class skills could help you traverse the vast expanses of vanilla a little faster - thanks.


Learning to ride was expensive. Trainers teach students how to ride at level 40 for 100 gold, and when you finally reach level 60, you'll have to pay again for the riding skill, which will allow you to buy a fast mount that doubles your speed - in this case 1000 gold.

Constantly poor

Are you laughing at saving the extra 100 gold or not? This means that you have never been touched by the horrific poverty in classic WoW. Just as in real life, there were players who were ridiculously rich and had all the best equipment, but there were also those who collected trash in the hope of selling it for at least a couple of coins.

Everything was expensive. Even learning your skills was expensive. Making money involved repeated trips back to traders to sell their trash, and many vanilla gamblers saved time by inventing their own get-rich-quick schemes.


As a penniless herbalist, I used to farm the fast-growing thistle, a herb used by crooks to make tea popular with high-profile players.

Others spent their days fishing for Deviate Fish in the Lushwater Oasis or killing turtles in HIllsbrad in hopes of beating them for pearls.

Rely on wiki sites

Yes, you still use wiki sites to learn something new about the game and learn new tricks. However, the very process of learning in the original Vov was impossible without hours of reading the wiki in order to understand what the hell you need to do.


In-game tutorials were practically non-existent, which meant relying on sites like WoWhead, WoWwiki and the sadly deserted Thotbot. At its core, the first game games in WoW were similar to collecting furniture from IKEA. This led players to make mods like the Quest Helper just to get a visual walkthrough in the game itself.

Grind grind and grind again

Yes, now it seems to you that you know a lot about grinding if you are currently playing WoW Classic, last night you killed several mobs and received your reward and experience from them. But as soon as you utter the word "g" in the presence of a WoW oldfag, you will see the gaze of a special forces veteran. Can you spend three weeks grinding? I mean a full three weeks for one grind, killing plainstriders and zhevra charger?

This was a common problem throughout the game, both due to the lack of quests and the limited ways to get XP, because you did not get any experience for PvP or professions and no matter how much you wanted, sooner or later you had to grind monotonously killing poor zebras or wild boars.

Barrens Chat

If you were getting bored, then you had a direct road to Barrens's chat. A bunch of young players gathered there, where they were maliciously poured in mud. The reason Barrens' chat has been so active is due to its unusual design. It was a gigantic area with isolated flight paths. Moreover, he was constantly attacked by Alliance players, who could simply jump off the boat at Ratchet, run to the Crossroads and kill all the quest givers. Plus, it was an area you could spend months in, with enough mob size and variation to accommodate players from levels 10-25. Due to the scale of the circumstances, there was a lot of time for the chat. This amount of toxicity had to be looked for.


Learning was agony

Leveling up new skills was a nightmare. And best of all demonstrates this skill pets. All of your pet's offensive abilities had ranks that you had to learn using another pet before applying them to your main pet. So if you want to get a skill different from the one your main pet came with, you will have to stop using it. Of course, no one told you about this, and most of the players ran with the basic skills of their pets. And then weapons skills appeared ...


PvP titles

Vanilla WoW had an old school honor system that was removed in patch 2.0.1 when the Burning Crusade appeared. This allowed you to unlock military titles and gear, making the PvP world more intriguing. You lost your status when you killed civilians, and I spent several months as a rogue killer, until I realized that ranks are easier to get on the battlefield. But it was still an exhilarating feeling, when it seemed that each player was part of the fight against evil forces.

Installing from disk

And finally, let's remember something nice - installing from disk. Yes, it seems like sheer madness today, but there used to be something aesthetically pleasing about the disc box, from instructions that hinted at depth to the inserts. Moreover, today such a disc is the untold religion of the times when Blizzard ruled the industry.


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