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Top 100 Best Games of All Time (100-91)


We present to your attention the first part of our materials, where we will select the top 100 best games of all time. Today's gaming industry has grown to such an extent that every year, developers dump thousands of games in a wide variety of genres on the heads of gamers. How good it is is difficult to say, because many games are not of high quality, and the pace of modern life simply does not allow spending invaluable leisure time on mediocre projects. We decided to save you time and selected the top 100 best games that every gamer should play.

We warn you right away that, as with all similar tops, you may disagree with certain positions, and the presence of some games may make you want to throw something heavy and more painful at the members of our editorial board.

Any top is subjective, but we still tried to collect only the best games in various genres. Also, do not take the order of games too seriously, they all deserve high marks and will be a worthy addition to the gaming collection.

100. Condemned Criminal Origins

There are games that, at the time of their release, attract a minimum of attention, are not particularly appreciated by critics, but acquire an army of loyal fans. Condemned is one of them. Developers from Monolith Productions have created a unique project that masterfully combines an adventure game, first-person slasher, shooter and chilling horror.

But we believe that the main advantage of the game is the script. Experienced detective Ethan Mars always got out of any trouble without any problems, but the pursuit of another criminal was a fatal task for him. The hunter himself turns into prey and, like a little mouse, remains alone against the city of complete madness and cruelty.

After completing the game, you will hardly want to return to the green streets of New York, Condemned exposes all the dirtiest and most terrible corners of human society.

But here you can recall the quote by Franz Kafka: "In general, I think that we should read only those books that bite and sting us," only instead of a book, you will have a cinematic adventure where you will feel, on your own skin, that you are driven into a beast trap.

99. Journey

The gaming industry is accustomed to blame for all the troubles of humanity. Either she corrupts the youth, then she makes maniacs out of respectable people. In general, we found a scapegoat. But critics completely forget that video games have another side, where there is no place for cruelty, and contemplation and a philosophical message are elevated into a cult.

Journey is a mystery game, primarily for those who have not had the opportunity to play it on the PlayStation. How could "IT" receive such laudatory reviews? Here it is even difficult for us to answer, we'd better leave it unappreciated altogether, it is so different from the usual games.

There is a standard goal - to get to the mountain looming on the horizon, there is online, where you can meet other players. But all this is presented in such a surreal manner that you begin to perceive the game as a philosophical parable. Journey is worth playing for everyone who is tired of the conveyor belt of the same type of video games. You literally dissolve in this drawn world, you don't want to leave it. Arthouse and the other side of the entire gaming industry.

98. Ori and the Blind Forest

Now let's move on to another fairy tale game, which has no claims to a complex philosophy, but offers a simple story of the confrontation between good and evil. It's amazing that Ori and the Blind Forest came out as a computer game, because the art and storyline is most suitable for the best Disney-style cartoons.

If you are looking for the perfect game that would suit adults and children equally well, then the adventure of the touching Ori is your choice. Just be prepared for the fact that, despite its cartoonish appearance, it can really spoil your nerves for you and your child.

Standard platformer gameplay, in its complexity, can sometimes light up Super Meat Boy, moreover, the game does not provide clues and offers to learn the mechanics by trial and error, long trial and error. But be that as it may, it is the art and the plot that makes the game one of the best platformers in history.

97. Counter Strike

If there is such a nomination as "people's game", then Counter Strike is best suited for it. It's even hard to imagine how much time players spent in computer clubs in the 2000s, only to get slapped in the face from their mothers for skipping lessons. For all its deliberate simplicity, Counter Strike offers simply perfect mechanics, honed to perfection.

Each weapon is balanced like a cog in a Swiss watch, making opposition a real test of reaction and cunning. After another headshot I wanted to shout "cheater!" and arrange a "dark" for a friend somewhere in the alley. But more often than not, these were just some notes to lead to the enemy who outwitted you, turned out to be faster and simply smarter.

Best of all underlines the high status of Counter Strike in the gaming industry - it is numerous international competitions, where the first places delight esportsmen with prizes of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

96. The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games has a lot of complaints. Their vision of interactive cinema is simply impossible to take seriously due to clumsy graphics, cliched plot and strained drama. But the adventures of Bigby Wolf in the world of fairy-tale characters mired in debauchery - stands apart from all Telltale projects.

The game is based on the well-known comic book Fables, which in a perverse manner mocks all our good memories of fairy-tale characters. As you, for example, this: one out of three piglets drags out a miserable existence and tries to fight depression with the most standard method - pours grief with alcohol. What other game can you see like this in any other game?

The Wolf Among Us is that rare case when even the mediocre technical implementation and comic book stylization that is standard for Telltale is perceived as a virtue of the game. Add to this an intricate plot, an oppressive noir atmosphere and you will be imbued with the world of the game, looking forward to the continuation.

95. Left 4 Dead 2

None of the top best games can be complete without several Valve projects. In those days, when Gabe Newwell had not yet become the master of all pitch gaming, sitting on a throne of money, his studio regularly delighted with numerous games. And many of them have become trendsetters in gaming.

With the release of Left 4 Dead, the gaming industry has changed once again. Until 2008, numerous developers pored in their offices and tried to develop a formula for an ideal cooperative.

But only Valve created an impeccable mechanic, where 4 survivors in battle had to break through crowds of enemies, act together, listen to every rustle and stick closer to each other. After all, whoever fell behind is a corpse.

The continuation did not take long to wait, and in 2009 Left 4 Dead 2 was released. The game additionally perfected the gameplay, thanks to which the co-op has become a truly benchmark. No matter how many years pass or how far graphics technology progresses, Left 4 Dead 2 is still a great leisure option for a group of 4 friends.

94. Dead Space 2

Who has not dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child, flying through thorns to the stars, becoming the discoverer of fantastic planets and meeting aliens? The Dead Space series gives us a lesson that humanity may not need to leave its home, and the profession of an astronaut is not as good as it seems at first glance.

Horror from the recently deceased studio Visceral Games most of all resembles a game adaptation of the movie "Alien". But Dead Space has two trump cards up its sleeve at once - some of the most terrifying opponents in the history of games and unusual, in some ways even unique gameplay.

Dead Space is the best butcher simulator in the gaming industry. To send a xenomorph to the kingdom of Hades, it is required not only to skillfully hand out headshots, but to tactfully shoot at the limb, so that then with a heavy boot, crush the body, still beating in convulsions and clinking with teeth. The second part added psychedelic trips to the sadistic mechanics and such a level of plot setting that you can't look at the latest artifacts in the Alien Cinematic Universe without tears.

93. Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War

Today the RTS genre is dragging out a miserable existence. Of course, city-planning simulators and global strategy games like Civilization still find new fans, but for those who like to build bases, the choice is quite stingy. Therefore, it's time to turn to the classics of the genre.

Relic was one of the first who decided to add spectacular battles to the usual strategic gameplay. Add a little bit of Hollywood blockbuster not only through cutscenes between missions. Every battle in the game turns into real art. Sometimes, even after watching how the Eldar finishes off another Orc in an exquisite dance of death, you can easily forget about any micromanagement, tactics and lose the battle.

Of course, today spectacular fatalities are not impressive, just like the graphics, but almost perfect balance makes them return to the Warhammer 40,000 universe again and allows the strategy to be ranked among the top 100 best games.

92. Minecraft

Some old-fashioned players like to say that modern gamers need nothing more than spectacular cutscenes and beautiful graphics. Minecraft is a great way to break this stereotype, but the question immediately arises: how did this game become one of the best-selling games in history, what is special about it?

Here it is just right to draw an analogy with the Soviet constructor or LEGO. We are given a certain set of tools, bricks, with which we can realize any, even our most insane fantasies. Although no, LEGO bricks are unlikely to be enough for crazy imaginations, but Minecraft does not have such restrictions.

You are free to build almost anything that your imagination can reach. Stock up on time, patience and you will be able to embody any architectural masterpieces in the game.

Who knows, we may even live to see architecture colleges enroll students based on their work they've created in Minecraft.

91. SOMA

A small studio of Swedish developers from Frictional Games is a real hero. They were not afraid to lay on their fragile shoulders the dying genre of first-person horror adventure and bring it into the mainstream. Amnesia The Dark Descent gained the greatest popularity, probably thanks to the army of let players screeching with fear. SOMA can only dream of such glory.

The game struggled to recapture production costs and nearly sent Frictional Games to its grave. How this happened - we do not understand. It seems that all the components are in place: ugly monsters, an oppressive atmosphere, an unusual setting - that's all in place. Perhaps players were scared off by the best side of the game - the philosophical storyline.

There is no place for heroic deeds, war with space aliens, only the story of Simon Jarett - the last person on the planet. The game does not hesitate to ask serious questions, the most important of which is what is “human”.

Expect the continuation of the top of the best games soon. In the meantime, we offer you a selection of the best shooters of all time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman