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Breakdown of the plot: The Witcher. Part two


We continue to explore what the first Witcher was about. In the last part of the material, we sorted out how Geralt went to look for the kidnappers of the witcher mutagens and got involved in a confrontation between humans and non-humans. You can read the first part of the article here.

Swedish family

We wake up at Triss's house; the scene is moved to the Merchant Quarter. In this chapter, we will have to decide who Alvin will live with, and we have two applicants: Shani and Triss. Each can offer their own benefits for an orphaned child, for example, one of the main arguments to give him to Triss's care is to teach him how to use his great magical power. After the choice, an important moment awaits us - the upbringing of Alvin. It will consist in the fact that from time to time the boy will ask Geralt questions and ask permission for something, depending on the answers, we will get interesting consequences in the future.


Breaking away from their parental everyday life, Geralt and Triss are going to go to a social reception to the merchant Leuvaarden in order to find out information about the Salamanders from the upper strata of society. We enlist the support of Leuvaarden, and also meet Princess Adda, whom Geralt once cast a spell from Stryga's curse.


We receive information about the Salamanders' lair, where they manufacture fisshtech - the local magical analogue of cocaine. There, with the help of a magic mirror, we accidentally contact the King of Redania, Rodovid, who tells Geralt that he tried to use the Salamanders for his own purposes. In addition, we find important documents that help us get to the main lair of the Salamanders.

At the exit from the drug hut [let's call it that] Geralt stumbles upon a werewolf killing the Salamanders. It turns out to be the head of the guard, Vincent Mace, who once sent us to kill Cockatrix. We can either hack him to death or let him go and let him continue to administer black justice.


The gray-haired Witcher did not have time to return to Triss, when suddenly he learns about the raid of non-humans on the Vivaldi bank. The witcher sneaks there to sort out the situation. As a result, he again needs to take a side: either the Order of the Rose, and kill all the robbers, or non-humans, and help them escape. This choice will determine who will be your next ally.

Professor's End

After the ill-fated bank robbery, Geralt gathers all his forces and attacks the Salamanders' lair, killing everything and everyone in his path. He finds Azar Yved and the Professor. The first tells him that they are going to attack King Temeria Foltest and kill him, as well as create an army of new impeccable witchers. After all, despite all the stereotypes that fighters against monsters are deprived of at least some feelings - Geralt and other witchers are no different from people in this regard.


We attack the inseparable couple, but Azar runs away, and the Professor nevertheless dies, but not from our hand, but from Kikimora, who slept near the shelter, and woke up as a result of our fight. Geralt puts her back to sleep, but forever. From the corpse of the Professor, we take documents in which we learn that Foltest's daughter Adda is collaborating with the Salamanders to seize power in the country.


Instead of triumph and victory, at the exit from the cave we are greeted by a princess with guards and is going to kill us. But Triss saves us, teleporting to the Darkwater location.

Overcoming racism

People and marine inhabitants have to live side by side in Darkwater. However, they do not digest each other. It is up to Geralt to resolve this conflict. Naturally, not for free. It turns out that before us, another witcher tried to establish contact between the two races - Berengar, who left Kaer Morhen long ago and is considered dead. We find an old friend and it turns out that he cooperated with the Salamanders, as they threatened him. He gave us a contract for the reconciliation of people and sea inhabitants.


In order to establish connections, we go to the local Goddess of the water people, the Lady of the Lake, she says that the problem is in the monster Dagon, who is sowing confusion. Geralt sends a monster to the next world and establishes contact between two warring nations.

Also in this chapter we meet the elf Toriel, who asks you to bring the elves supplies.

Triss teleported Alvin to us, and we will have to save him more than once from the ghosts he will accidentally summon.


Love and War


Alvin lives with a certain girl Alina, who has love graters with her sister. As a result, two sisters die due to dirty linen and betrayal on the part of loved ones. Unfortunately, both of them become midday. We will have to calm the souls of both sisters so that they do not terrorize local residents.


In this we are again helped by the Lady of the Lake, and after we calm the souls of the dead, on the way back to the village we meet Berengar. He confesses that it was he who told the Salamanders how to get into Kaer Morhen and gave up his friends. He can be killed or released.


But even after that, another problem falls on the head of the poor witcher - Toriel attacks the village and a massacre begins, in the midst of which Alvin's magical power awakens from fear, and he disappears. We escape from the village and understand that we have only one way - back to Vizima.


Upon arrival in the city, it turns out that it is engulfed in fire. The Order of the Burning Rose attacked the Inhuman ghetto, and the squirrels responded with massive arson attacks. Geralt meets Foltest. He tells the white-headed that his daughter again turned into Stryga, and asks us to disenchant her again, despite the fact that she wanted to kill him. We also meet two heroes, Count De Wett and Master of the Order of the Burning Rose, Jacob of Aldesberg.


First, we make the final choice between squirrels and the order to end the unrest. Geralt can also choose neutrality. The conflict ends with the loss of one of the parties or a mutual massacre if the protagonist is neutral.

Geralt goes after Adda and can either kill her or just remove the curse. At the exit from the crypt of Stryga we meet de Wette and learn that it was he who again cursed the girl. In response, we curse him to die with our sword.

An old friend

Geralt goes to the lair of Aazar Jawed, who is already experimenting with witcher mutagens and creating monsters. Breaking through them, Geralt finds the wizard and settles scores with him, after which he stumbles upon his magic mirror. Through him, we contact Jacob from Aldesberg. It turns out that it was he who led the Salamanders ....


After making our way through the remnants of the Knights of the Order of the Burning Rose, we face the main antagonist.

Jacob takes Geralt to a strange snowy wasteland. It turns out - this is the world of the future, destroyed by White Cold. More precisely, this is an illusion of how he will come, created by Jacob. Yakov himself considers himself to be the savior of the world from this cataclysm, and everything he did was conditioned by his desire to save everyone.

In this illusion, Geralt is faced with the consequences of his choice and will meet those who died because of his fault. Having reached Jacob, who is seated in the middle of the amphitheater, the characters will start a conversation in which the head of the Order will speak phrases once said by Geralt.

It turns out that Jacob is Alvin, who moved in time, and based on the words spoken once by Geralt, he created the Order of the Burning Rose and led it. After defeating him, the King of the Wild Hunt comes to his soul. Geralt can either give Jacob or protect him and fight the King of the Wild Hunt.


This concludes the plot of The Witcher. If he supported nonhumans, King Foltest would forgive them for their riots. If you helped the order, they will be hated even more. Neutrality will lead to the fact that the warring parties will destroy each other, and Triss will become the king's advisor.

In the final scene, Geralt takes money from Foltest, when suddenly an attempt is made on the king, but our hero kills the killer. The assassin turns out to be a witcher ...

This concludes the analysis of the plot of The Witcher.

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