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What are we going to die from at the end of the world and how to deal with this version of the filmmakers. Part 2


Last time we parted on a version of the ends of the world, where Mother Earth herself took up arms against us. But as we said, this is far from the limit for inventors of glorious stories about the decline of humanity.

Let's study the second half of the list, and start with the fact that we will be fried like scrambled eggs ... No, not in a frying pan, but on the Sun itself! By the way, we highly recommend starting our top from the first part, this way it will be easier to understand the whole point.

The Sun wants to burn us


The turn came to the luminary. Since it is on fire, it means that at some point it can either flare up more strongly, or, conversely, slightly “dim”. Stamp the scenarios against this background - I don't want to. What many do. Let's take a look at the most successful ones.

Inferno (2007)

The sun, oddly enough, begins to cool down. According to all forecasts of scientists, this should happen only after many billions of years. In the film, however, it turned out that scientists got into a puddle, and billions of years ended in 2057. Nonsense that fading out according to all the laws of physics, a star should expand and burn all planets up to Jupiter. It just goes out right there, as if someone had shut off the gas pipe.

What to do? It turns out that NASA has the capacity, and in particular - a ship to fly to the Sun and launch into it ... What do you think? Well, of course! A special nuclear warhead - a pill against all misfortunes. But the closer to the star, the more the journey resembles a one-way ticket ...

Solar Crisis (1990)

The brainchild of the brainy Japanese. But as it turned out, they are brainy only in radio technology and cars. When it comes to scripts for science fiction films, everything, like in Hollywood, boils down to a banal warhead.

In the near future, warming is raging on Earth. The ice is melting, the world's oceans are rising, Japan is sinking. What to do? There is an answer! When it's too late to limit the emissions of aerosols and other rubbish that provoke the greenhouse effect and corrode the ozone layer into the atmosphere, you can simply reduce the activity of the Sun, again by launching a warhead into it. Well, what, after all, is this super-duper tool - a warhead! It even sounds like medicine now!

Sunstroke (2006)

Some huge prominence has come off the sun and is flying towards the Earth. Oddly enough, Mark Dacascos himself stands up to defend the planet here. Although, when he does not wave his legs and arms and does not show the wonders of Jiu-Jitsu, the actor from him, frankly, is not so hot. And the film itself is somehow too cheap and predictable ...

Supernova (2005)

Let's finish the rating of "Evil Suns" with a supernova explosion. Yes, screenwriters Stephen H. Berman and Don Keith Opper came up with that. Apparently at school with physics and chemistry they did not go well at all, but they decided not to pay attention to the cries of specialists about how to make a supernova out of the sun only if its mass is increased at least once a hundred. We create physics and chemistry in this universe. Such are the things. And we very much suspect that in order to solve the problem, they again decided to attract the same good old nuclear warhead to their side ...

The moon wants to fall on us

Mankind from time immemorial wondered how this penny, revolving around the earth, constantly hangs there on this top, and does not fall on our mortal heads. As it turned out, all this is the cost of centrifugal force and gravity. When they are adjusted to such an extent as in the case of the Moon, our satellite cannot fall to the Earth and cannot fly away from it into space. But among the inventors - screenwriters, there were many who want the third component to interfere with these "regulated" laws of nature, upsetting this precarious balance. And now the Moon rushes to Earth, striving to cover everyone and everything.

Earth under attack (2006)

Out of nowhere, it flew into the solar system, and in particular, into the square in which our mortal mother Earth, a huge meteor shower, was making her next turn around the Sun. And the earthlings were lucky that the main "stone" hit the moon. But it was too early to rejoice. The moon began to crack at all the seams. Either fragments of a satellite, or the remnants of this hellish meteor shower, which the military partially shoot down with warheads, by the way, not nuclear ones, are flying to Earth. But, having watched "Armageddon" with Bruce Willis and company, the inventors decided that in this film the Moon itself will play the role of an asteroid, which begins to split into pieces and fall to Earth.

And now the brave demolitionist Baldwin Jr. is flying in a space shuttle of a long-decommissioned variety to the Moon in order to install in its expanding crack the same eternal pill from all troubles and universal ailments - a nuclear warhead, that is, a nuclear charge of such power, to blow the moon into a couple of fragments that fly past our planet. Hmmm. It's worth looking at if only to laugh.

Last Day (2009)

A more sophisticated, high-budget and spectacular version of the fall of the moon on the earth. Here the inventors got into the fact that, like a meteorite, do not get into the Moon, and the speed of its rotation around the Earth will not change, which means that even spare parts from it are unlikely to fall on our heads, unless, of course, by inertia, they are specifically in our direction.

Therefore, for plausibility, this time, not a simple meteorite fell into the moon, but a superdense and superheavy fragment of the core of a dead star, which, having increased the gravity of our satellite, made it gravitate towards the Earth with great enthusiasm.

Here and falling fragments of the debris of the Moon, and increased gravity from the approaching satellite, forcing everyone and everything to get off the ground and fly in his direction. In general, there is something to see. All the more it will be very interesting to see what hole the military will now push their super-powerful nuclear warhead into ...

Scientist Error: Zombie Apocalypse


We finally got to everyone's favorite zombies. All zombie apocalypses just don't come from anywhere. Except for the biblical ones, of course. But there they are not the core of the program, but rather a cog in a series of general cataclysms. All zombies are a consequence of some errors of scientists, virus leaks, runaway of experimental animals, etc. But despite the common starts for all, the continuation and finishes are not the same for everyone.

28 days later 1,2 (2002, 2007)

When you watch the first part, you get the impression that a catastrophe has seized the entire planet. Sorry, of course, for the spoiler, but, as it turned out, the zombie apocalypse has so far covered only the United Kingdom of Great Britain. But nothing. In the second part, titled "28 weeks later," the inventors fixed everything, and at the end of the film some of the infected are sent to the mainland, and therefore the skiff is not far off.

The film is very interesting, the zombies are peculiar, the plot is mobile both in the first and in the second films, the actors play superbly. So you shouldn't miss it.

Resident Evil 6 Parts (2002-2016)

The Ambrela Corporation, in pursuit of domination over the world, brought out the T-virus, which makes people's bodies not only "walk and bite" after death. Slightly modified, it transforms human DNA, giving rise to the light of day terrible monsters, which can only be effectively destroyed by the permanent heroine of all parts and also the wife of the main screenwriter and director Milla Jovovich (aka Alice Marcus).

Honestly, the first two episodes were great. After them, the Polandersonian dead somehow began to pall. But despite the fact that the plot radically diverged from the plot of the game of the same name in the third series, all other parts also found their fans.

World War Z (2013)

Here Brad Peet became the highlight of the program. The brave simpotyag-scientist received a proposal from the government: "Either you go for a vaccine against a pandemic in the midst of the dead in the very epicenter from where the leak occurred, or we will disembark your wife and children from the aircraft carrier to the shore, where the infected are raging." Such is the government in the United States. Alas. Well, where to go? Brad had to tighten up. And at the same time, contribute to the creation of a remedy for the constantly mutating virus.

Train to Busan (2017)

One of the most interesting films about the dead. And although the action takes place more than half a film on the train, the scale of the "disease" that struck Mother Earth can be judged immediately after the main characters tried to leave the doomed train at the first, as it seemed to them, convenient, station.

Despite the Korean origin, the special effects, and the plot itself, deserve only praise and are as good as Samsung and Hyundai.

Zombieland (2009)

A little frivolous story about two teenagers and the hero Woody Harelson, trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, I really don't want to. The main battle with zombies is played out in a place akin to Disneyland, which, after being overrun by zombies, turned into a real Zombieland.

Other mistakes of scientists


Scientists were wrong not only with the zombivirus. They released such a number of dirty tricks into the world that it is difficult to count them now. But nerds, judging by the movies, always give a shit when you tell them, "Don't play with fire." They just smile and say: "Everything is under control!" Although in the end everything is completely out of control.

“Guys! Where are you building such a huge collider? " - they ask them. "We want to comprehend the secrets of the universe" - they answer. "Guys, what if something goes wrong?" - they ask them. “Nothing bad will happen. We have calculated everything! " - they answer.

As a result, everything goes to hell and now it is not known who needs this knowledge about the universe, when there will be no one to apply it. All films about the mistakes of scientists were shot in this style. But because of this, they did not arouse less interest among fans of the genre.

Confrontation (1994)

The story, invented by Stephen King and directed by Mick Georris, is still very popular today. And despite the fact that the full version of the film is 359 minutes long and is, in fact, a miniseries, it can be easily watched in one sitting.

And it tells all about the same confrontation between good and evil among 1% of the surviving population. This percentage was divided into two camps, and now in the last battle it should become clear whether at least someone from the remnants of humanity will survive or not. Anyway, will everything come to the last confrontation? And how, in this case, a nuclear warhead will be used. And the fact that it will be is unconditional. It's time to get used to it - the end of the world and the nuclear warhead are twins. Therefore, an apocalypse without a nuclear warhead is not an apocalypse.

Geostorm (2017)

Here, scientists have troubled the control of the weather, surrounding the planet with a host of satellites, which, as it turned out, are getting out of this control, which threatens the general end of the world. Now "law-abiding citizen" Gerard Butler (aka the scientist Jack Lawson) has a difficult task to break into two halves, sending one to the ISS to direct the destruction of satellites from there, and leaving the other on Earth to help himself from its surface. Indeed, in this troubled time, you cannot rely on anyone. Or, after all, is there someone?

Planet of the Apes 1, 2, 3 (2011-2017)

The wackiest but most spectacular story that science fiction writers have ever invented. Pierre Boulle, having published his "socio-satirical" fantasy novel in 1963, did not think that it could lead to the creation of a real franchise, with its subsequent relaunching. It turned out large-scale and realistic. But without a scientific basis under itself.

Mist (Fog) (2007)

Another creation by Stephen King, in which scientists managed to make a gap between the worlds, through which a fog with fantastic and unrealistically terrible monsters inhabiting it has seeped to us from the other side. Where can you save yourself from them when you can't see a damn thing through the fog. So you will have to spend almost the entire film in the supermarket, trembling with fear, eating rotten food and risking becoming the prey of fanatics ...

Biblical end of the world or unexplained disappearances


All biblical ends of the world, one way or another, portend signs. As you know, there are seven of them. And when the seventh is fulfilled, the world will sink into the abyss of fate. Well, or wherever, according to the rules of the genre, it should sink. There is only one grid in such films, but it can be very interesting to watch. Moreover, there is a hope that these pictures may slightly cool some presumptuous sinners of this world. In any case, it's worth a look, even if you are not an inveterate sinner.

This section also contains films in which the human population of the Earth either completely or partially suddenly disappears without a trace. And since the rest believe that all these disappearances are somehow connected with religion, we decided to combine these two types of apocalypses.

The Seventh Sign (1988)

Here all the signs take place with the precision prescribed in ancient prophecies. Rivers are full of blood, ice caps close over the desert sands, the moon turns red, and so on. All that remains is to give birth to a child - the Antichrist. And here this responsible business is entrusted to no one, but to Demi Moore herself. Will she be able to give birth to Lucifer? You will need to take a look ...

People in the Sun (2011)

A tale of how carefree and naive people are who vacation at resorts. Blood rain is pouring down from the sky, and they are worried that it will not hit the plate with food. Half of the film takes place in comparative calm, but the action of the second half takes place against the backdrop of a really unfolding apocalypse. And then the fattening will obviously not have time for food.

Bokeh (2017)

Another interesting end of the world, where a young couple from the United States waking up in the morning, vacationing in one of the Icelandic resorts, suddenly discovers that they are the only ones who remained on Earth in the entire immediate vicinity. It is very interesting, did the inhabitants leave only one Iceland overnight, or did people disappear from the face of the entire planet?

Abandoned (2014)

Here the people and, in particular, Nicolas Cage, are perplexed about the fact that people evaporate before our eyes only selectively. What does this mean? Unclear. Is the end of the world coming and God took over only the worthy, leaving those who behaved badly to cook in the crucible of the coming apocalypse?

Artificial Intelligence


The topic of artificial intelligence is one of the most revered in modern society. No wonder they say that humanity will disappear at the same moment when artificial intelligence capable of self-learning is invented. You can't explain the essence of our petty squabbles to him. It will simply destroy us all, just in case, so as not to put itself in danger. Otherwise, you never know what to expect from unbalanced and unpredictable people.

Terminator 1-5 (1984-2015)

The Terminator, and especially its third part, clearly shows what can be expected from a global network that has acquired self-awareness. Skynet, which made a rustle all over the planet, pressed the vile people so tightly that the only thing left for them is to send a person to the past so that he could put a spoke in the wheels of the evil program even at the initial stages of its development, and in combination, save their mother from death unconditional leader John Conor. Although, machines were the first to think of this, sending the T-100 robot into the past, programmed to finish off the mother of the unborn leader.

I Am a Robot (2005)

Will Smith had to try very hard to save our world from a complete "upgrade". In an effort to protect humanity from itself, the program decided that it would be useful for people to sit separately in apartments, so as not to inadvertently harm each other. If it were not for the brave police officer, his girlfriend, who works as a psychoanalyst in the field of robotics, and the weird NX-5 robot, created slightly with a shift, society would be doomed to live in convenient and comfortable ... Prison cells. Such are the things. Are you ready to obey?

Upgrade (2017)

We conclude our review of the ends of the world with a novelty that is definitely worth seeing. Filmed in the spirit of "Drive" with Mark Dacascos, the tape tells about how things sometimes have two sides, and how difficult it is to feel and calculate all this. The film ends with a message that not everyone will like, but the honor of the film does one hundred percent.

We invite everyone to watch and say goodbye until we meet again in our large-scale reviews!

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