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Jason Stateham (or, as he was often called at the time when they wanted to spit on transcription, - Statham) is unknown only to those who never had a TV set. Well, since this is impossible in our times in principle, then everyone knows it. Although, some of the milestones in the formation of his career are poorly covered. Let's make up for this injustice.

Jason State and sports

Few people know, but Jason did not immediately become an actor. Before that, he had to first jump into the pool from a tower for 12 years. He was even on the UK diving team.

But since he has not won any special achievements in this field, we will replace this topic as not very interesting.

Let's just say that the young Seitem already then understood that he could not live on money from sports, and therefore in full swing bargained on the streets with all sorts of things that could be bought cheap and sold at a higher price, that is, he was doing the same thing that everyone else the country we studied in the 90s and early 2000s.

Jason Statham is a fashion model

In the late 90s, State finally decided to spit on big sports. There was no sense in it. But he did this only after he received an offer from one of the famous companies for the production of jeans to become the face of the company.

Having starred in only one commercial, he immediately put a huge amount of money in his pocket, which, of course, he really liked. This is where his "solo" career as a fashion model began.

His body was not only very pumped up, but also aesthetically correct. The guy was not only engaged in diving. He was trained in both boxing and gymnastics (his father was his trainer). He played football seriously for five years at school. Advertising managers love them very much.

But much earlier than denim marketers, athletic proportional pitching faked a couple of famous pop groups of the time.

Jason Statham and his musical career

Of course, "music career" is a strong saying. In terms of vocal data, the bear not only crushed his ears, but also somehow crushed the ligaments. Therefore, in music videos, he dances more than sings, enticing the audience to buy records of performers with his "luxurious" model body.

In 1993, the creators of the video for the song "Comin 'On" by the then famous pop group "The Shamen" in England joined him. When the actor found out how much he would get pounds sterling for some kind of dancing in leopard pants in the background, he almost suffocated for the first time in his life, although, being an athlete-diving, he was accustomed to stay under water for a long time without oxygen.

In general, the sportsman-huckster-boxer-gymnast agreed to shoot, becoming, overnight, also a dancer. And here's what came of it.

Seeing this masterpiece, the leader of the Erasure group, which was then making noise all over the world, was already drooling, and the showman, by hook or by crook, decided to drag sportsman-huckster-boxer-gymnast Jason State in one of his music videos.

It seemed to him that Jason, if he was properly covered from head to toe with shiny paint, would be perfect for the background of the video for the song "Run to the Sun". In it, on some strange structure, erected on the central square of some strange USA (judging by the names of the settlements written on this very structure) of the city, a shiny State in the style of "silver metallic" is dancing on one of the planet-balls .

This outrage looks like this.

It was after this clip that the managers from the advertising department of the famous jeans sewing company laid eyes on Jason, which gave the guy the opportunity to put on a big and worthless sport and become already an athlete-huckster-boxer-gymnast-dancer and fashion model. / em>

Jason Statham - actor

Guy Ritchie, having decided to stage his first film, was desperately looking for cash injections into his project called "Lock, Stock, Two Barrels." One of the main producers of the project was the head of this interesting, famous all over the world, jeans sewing company. We are not engaged in advertising, and therefore we will keep silent in the text about which company we are talking about.

It is enough for us that the head of an interesting denim company advised us to take on one of the roles of his own fashion model. Guy Ritchie tested Jason and was satisfied. For the film, he just needed a huckster. And when he shoved him a set of fake gold jewelry in no time, the director and the future actor shook hands.

So, overnight, from an athlete-huckster-boxer-gymnast-dancer Stateham turned into an athlete-huckster-boxer-gymnast-dancer-actor-martial arts master, since from the very beginning he and Guy Ritchie were specifically carried away by Brazilian Jiu -jitsu.

Now from the former sportsman-huckster-boxer-gymnast-dancer-actor-master of martial arts there is only an actor-master of martial arts, since all other specialties have disappeared as not generating income. And this is what is usually happening on the screen in films with his participation.

Such things.

Summing it up

Those who want to act in films without studying, at the same time, in any higher institutions and in any acting courses, should know the following. For this you need nothing at all:

  • from the age of 10 to be an athlete selling jewelry on the street;
  • to light up in the background as a mobile, shiny gutta-percha boy in a couple of music videos of topical pop singers for this period of time;
  • to advertise for a couple of years the trousers of a company whose director loves cinema and ...

Voila! We can say that you have gone through the harsh school of acting and your success in cinema is guaranteed to you!

Only USA Guy Ritchie is left to find ...

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Author: Jake Pinkman