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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 2000s. Part 1


We discussed about a hundred best foreign comedies of the 80s and 90s, it's time to continue the rubric and move on to the best foreign comedies of the 2000s. As in the previous cases, we will divide the selected hundred into three parts and today we will get acquainted with the first 35 best masterpieces.

The list was compiled in accordance with the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated immediately after the year of release of each picture.

1. Big jackpot (2000) 8.53

A very messy comedy full of intricacies and a lot of funny twists and turns, the comedy of Guy Ritchie, which starred a bunch of excellent actors. And one and all played at the highest level.

Despite the fact that in the film it will take about an hour and a half to get to know a lot of characters, they are all very peculiar, so it will be difficult to get confused.

In the center of the plot are a couple of not too lucky friends - Turetsky and Tommy, in addition to their not very successful entrepreneurial activities, are promoters of the boxer George, nicknamed "Luxurious".

Due to a coincidence, they find themselves embroiled in a mess with a stolen diamond under a hundred carats. And these circumstances do not bode well for either Turetsky or his partner. And then the damn gypsies Mickey knocked out their fighter they were training for tomorrow's fight with one blow. And when they hired Mickey himself for the fight, instead of lying down in the indicated round, he overwhelmed his opponent, as a result of which the unfortunate friends fell into the hands of money.

Will there be a party on their street? Hard to believe. But hope dies last.

2. Amelie (2001) 7.99

The comedy does not shine with super funny gags, but it looks with pleasure. The film is light, naively kind and will smile at everyone more than once.


Amelie is a girl with a heart defect since childhood, although she was diagnosed wrongly. Because of this erroneous diagnosis, she grew up in seclusion and got used to living, as they say, on “her own wave”.

Seeming psychological deviations are just an echo of the lack of upbringing that her always busy dad did not give to the girl in childhood. But the grown Amelie turned out to be very kind and responsive, ready to help people in everything.

Only with love she does not grow together. Wait, maybe the guy who rummages around the booth for a quick photo will suit me?

The angry daddy garden gnome traveling around the world looked especially good in the film. Who wants to understand what we are talking about here - welcome to view!

3. Bachelor Party in Vegas (2009) 7.86

An event such as a bachelor party should be approached in the same way as these four approached it, that is, with disposition, feeling and faith in a bright future ...

Which ended overnight after the first awakened after yesterday's bachelor party came to his senses.

It's like a gypsy camp spent the night in a luxury hotel room. There is a tiger in the toilet, there is no groom, the baby came from somewhere breastfeeding. What happened at that fucking bachelor party anyway?

But alas. Everyone's memory was knocked out like a shovel. The film is not in vain an honorary participant in ourtop of the best films about memory loss, everyone has amnesia, which is still very stable. There is only one way out - to try to restore memory "by typing", taking turns visiting the places where they had a good time yesterday.

Moreover, this should be done faster, because the groom has a wedding in a few hours, the bride is constantly calling, and his trace is gone!

4. Flowers after berries: Final (2008) 7.82

The film could be called Race for the Diadem. Everything was going so well! Pre-wedding mood, love and all that.


And suddenly, out of nowhere, some kind of bastard rushes in and steals an expensive diadem presented to the bride by the groom's mother from under everyone's noses. I wonder if this mysterious "bastard" wants to sell it at a higher price, or just wants to upset their wedding?

In any case, without a tiara (strange Japanese laws), there can be no question of any wedding. Well, you need to catch up with the "bastard". Though you will have to travel half the world in pursuit of him.

5. Always Say YES (2008) 7.80

Distantly, the film resembles "Liar, Liar". Only if there Jim Carrey's hero could not lie, then in this case he should not say "No".

This is exactly the task set by the depressed bloke Karl Allen. At the instigation of the leader of the seminar "Yes - a new variety of No", he must patiently try to answer "Yes" to everyone and everything about everything, and then his life will shine with rainbow colors. He will be happier than anyone in the world!

Well, trying is not torture. And how he let everyone and everything say "Yes!" And he came out of a depressive cloud, like a moon out of a fog. I even found a girlfriend!

It was only in speed that he discovered that his zeal to always answer "Yes" to everything - also has its negative consequences. What should I do now?

Arrived ...

6. The Kid and Me (2008) 7.77

Next in our top of the best foreign comedies is the Korean film, which means we will have comedy and drama and melodrama. They are great at combining such genres.


Kim Jun-soo is a young guy who goes to school in his senior year. But the good one will not come out of him. Rather - on the contrary, he is a rogue and Casanova, which the world has never seen.

Because of his behavior, even his parents ran away from him. But this is not so bad. One of his exes threw him a nursing baby, explaining in a note that the child would be better with his father. And what should he do with a baby who refuses to eat anything other than breast milk? Look for mom, of course!

But this task, as it turned out, is not an easy one. Moreover, with a small toddler on his hands.

7. A Knight's Tale (2001) 7.75

Forgery of documents has come to us since ancient times. There were cases of such a forgery in the Middle Ages. This story is just about one such "fake documentary".


A young and zealous youth named Ulrich served his master well, until he gave his soul to God. Now, without the support of a well-born master, he will never become a nobleman and, concurrently, a knight.

But the impudent boy, having slightly corrected his pedigree, suddenly became a gallant knight. Now he is Ulrich Lichtenstein and has every chance not only to participate in knightly tournaments, but also to win them, since he is a sword fighter - from God. Yes, and with a spear is still controlled. And in the saddle it keeps like a glove.

He's not the only one who knows about forging documents. And then they were severely punished for falsifying government-issued papers.

The hint is clear. More details in the movie.

8. Supernew (2008) 7.75

This foreign comedy from Uzbek filmmakers is about the difficult relationship between the bride and her mother-in-law.


Everything is fine with Diana and Sador. Only her mother-in-law hates her. But Diana is still that cunning little thing. If you cannot drive up from one side, there is always a chance to drive up from the other.

The main thing is to behave according to "traditional concepts", and the mother-in-law will immediately melt.

9. My Little Bride (2004) 7.74

South Korea again. And again the same cross between - drama-comedy-melodrama. And the tale is about a very resourceful grandpa with a very good memory.


Two grandfathers have been friends for a long time. And they gave each other a promise that their children will definitely get married, thereby transferring them from the rank of friends to the category of relatives.

Yes, only in the family they had a son. The stump is clear, there could be no question of any marriage now.

Years have passed. And already the children had children. And in this generation, the old fart was lucky, there is a girl on the other side, and a boy on the other. Well, it's time to marry your grandchildren?

But the grandchildren themselves were not enthusiastic about this naive undertaking. Rather - on the contrary, what kind of senile nonsense? Although, if you take a closer look at each other ...

10. Removal Rules: The Hitch Method (2005) 7.74

Who is "doctor-matchmaker"? This is the one who can heal your brains so much that you will achieve that chick with whom you so desire.


Even if you are a desperate, uncouth accountant, the “matchmaker” (Wil Smith) will arrange everything so that everything will work out for you. And even if the object of your lust is a star who is on everyone's lips and in plain sight, and the "doctor" himself is constantly being followed by a local journalist - a sensationalist.

It's business, and we will divorce her for a relationship!

11. Unlucky (2003) 7.74

This is not a remake of the film of the same name with Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu, who, by the way, is also starring here in a duet with Jean Reno. This is a completely separate film, almost more hilarious than the one mentioned.

In continuation of the top of the best comedies of foreign production, a story about a couple of psychiatric patients. But only one of them suffers from an open stupidity - the hero of Gerard Depardieu. Jean Reno's hero is a hired killer who simply turned on the durku so as not to cooperate with the police.

Nobody has been able to get the killer to talk yet. And the doctors decided to experiment, but what if they put the stupid hero Depardieu on him, who drives anyone out of himself in a minute?

The effect was unpredictable!

12. Sun of the Aztecs (2000) 7.73

With physics teacher Daniel, with whom nothing ever happens, all of a sudden something happened. Having bought a happy ring from a merchant of all sorts of nonsense, he suddenly really met a beautiful Turkish woman.

ImageAnd then something else happened. He decided on a trip with her from Germany to Turkey. And on the way with him in general, as a lot of things began to happen, that he is already happy to return his old measured life, but too late to rush.

I had to get it in my face, and mess up all my money, and ... In short, see for yourself.

13. Robbery (2007) 7.71

Another Korean masterpiece on our list of the best foreign comedies. And oddly enough, not a soap opera, but a comedy thriller.


Intractable and uncontrollable cops come across not only in America. One such person lives and works in Korea. For excessive zeal, he was demoted from an officer to an ordinary policeman, but he does not lose heart.

On the nose of the drills to catch bank robbers, and then he will turn around and show the new bosses what he is good at.

But everything goes awry for him.

14. Intuition (2001) 7.71

On the eve of Christmas 2004, two met in the same supermarket - a young man Jonathan and a young lady Sarah.


An unusual curious incident brought them together on this quiet evening, at the end of which they parted, although they had already begun to experience strong mutual sympathy and attraction to each other. But, everyone has their own life, to which they had to return. And the couple decided on an interesting act.

They did not exchange phones in the usual sense of the word. He wrote his phone number on the banknote, and she wrote on the title page of the book. The bill was put into the book and given to the second-hand bookseller.

And since then there has not been a day when each of them does not look for a phone number on banknotes and books. I wonder if fate will ever turn to them before?

15. Nine Yards (2000) 7.70

Before this strange fellow settled in the neighborhood, the Ozeranskis were doing fine. And at one fine moment, the new neighbor nevertheless brought Ozeransky-husband (by the way, a dentist) out of himself and forced him to go to his neighbor for a showdown.

But he was a little unlucky. The neighbor turned out to be a hired killer nicknamed Jimmy Tulip, who, at first, almost twisted his head off, and later offered to make friends.

Well, and how to refuse friendship with such a dangerous type, which, by the way, is looking for everywhere the mafia, from whom he stole a lot of money? Yes - no way!

Worse, how to stay alive when your wife handed a new hitman friend to his former owners for a fee?

16. What Women Want (2000) 7.68

Mel Gibson's hero is advertising manager Nick Marshall, aiming for a promotion. But what was his amazement when he was promoted with this promotion, putting some babeh Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt) in a higher position.

Somehow to find new worthwhile ideas for your advertising ideas. And maybe then it will be promoted? But where to find such ideas? It is not so easy for a man to advertise women's clothing. Guess what these women are thinking.

The following happens here. Nick kisses his head well, and gains the ability to hear women's thoughts. Is this not the dream of a guy trying to sell women's underwear?

17. Little Nicolas (2009) 7.68

The film is based on children's books by writers Rene Gossini and Jean-Jacques Sempe. There were a lot of them, but only two films were shot. This masterpiece is a prequel and has the greatest success.


In the family of Nicolas, the parents begin to behave suspiciously and the boy begins to think that he will soon have a younger brother. One of his friends sang to him how bad it is when you have a brother younger than you. All attention is paid to him, but everyone seems to forget about you.

Nicolas is a guy with brains. He decides to hire a killer to murder his future brother, because of which his parents can take him to the forest and leave him there as unnecessary (just like in "Artificial Intelligence").

But the boy has no idea that he is not calling a killer, but a car mechanic at a car service.

18. He died with falafel in hand (2001) 7.67

The list of foreign comedies of the 2000s will be incomplete if it does not include films dedicated to heroes of gay sexual orientation, which turned out to be a couple of heroines of this picture - girls Sam and Danny.


In general, the tale is about a fool who has closed in himself, who was abandoned by his girlfriend about six months ago. He is so immersed in his depression that he does not even pay attention to what kind of people live next door to him.

But one girl - Danny - he still noticed. And it was she who was able to breathe life into him again. Our hero had already rolled his lip into a long relationship, but what was his surprise when he learned that Danny was dating one of his neighbors named Sam.

Will he be able to wake up from shock this time?

19. Freaks: Part Two (2004) 7.64

The film is a franchise (three feature films) and a sequel to the series of the same name that aired on MTV at the turn of the century.


This is not a classic feature film. The material is filmed in a documentary genre and tells about what is better for ordinary people to never do. In USA, it is a collection of puzzling, dangerous and, at times, idiotic tricks that only its participants, Johnny Knoxville and company, can think of.

You should not repeat them like idiots. But look at the idiots from the outside - why not?

20. Please do not disturb the dishonest (2008) 7.64

It's time for the Chinese to appear in our top of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s. Humor, of course, is Chinese, but you can smile in some places.


Even though the actors traditionally replay in Chinese, the film is quite watchable. After reaching forty years of age, Qin Fen finally began to think about marriage. But living in America you will not find a normal wife. They are all kind of "Americanized".

And he went in search of a bride in China. For a long time he sorted out the candidates, until the case brought him into contact with a currently employed woman - a flight attendant by profession.

Basically, he was not going to beat her off her ex. But it somehow turned out by itself ...

21. Belove to pity! (2008) 7.63

Philip Abrams works in one of the post offices in the south of France, just about to be promoted. But instead of raising him for some nonsense, they soldered two penalty years of work in the post office in the north of the country.


There is nowhere to go. Philip goes into exile, as he thought, almost to the North Pole to the wild northerners. But how pleasantly surprised he was to find here quite normal people and a completely favorable environment!

And the snow did not fill up. Strange, but true!

22. Exchange Vacation (2006) 7.63

Two women living on different sides of the globe suddenly decide at the same time that they have had enough of all the nonsense that has been happening to them lately. Time to rest. You need to shake yourself up and give up everything present.

And what is the best way to shake things up and get rid of the sore? Of course - go on vacation and radically change the scenery. And how let these two look in the internet for places where they could go for the time of "moral and mental healing." And they found each other. And we decided to change houses.

Well, having arrived one from England to California, and the other - on the contrary, they found themselves in trouble, and fun, and love.

23. 500 days of summer (2009) 7.63

What if he is a guy who is serious about relationships and believes in love, and she is a girl who does not accept love shackles, is not serious and does not shame to start a long-term relationship, and does not believe in love - in principle? Could there be any relationship between them?


As the subsequent more than a year and a half has shown, they can. But they will be chaotic, not constant, sometimes annoying. Well, in places - funny. It's not without it in comedies.

During these "500 days of summer" their views on things will radically change. And along with them feelings for each other will change. Will they get stronger, or will they still be destined to part?

24. Finding John Gissing (2001) 7.63

American entrepreneur Matthew Barnes was wrong to think that only gentlemen live in London. When a person moves in the field of finance and business, it is not at all necessary that he will be decent.


If all businessmen were gentlemen, they would not be businessmen. So John Gissing, in fact, turned out to be that swindler and swindler who instructed his replacement such sticks in the wheels that his business position was on the verge of collapse.

Where to find him now, this damn swindler?

25. Music in anticipation (2009) 7.62

And you will receive an order to compose music for a new feature film at a time when you are experiencing the deepest creative crisis in your life!


And debts on loans exacerbate the situation even more. And then somehow he calls his friend at the bank, and while she turns off for a while, he suddenly hears music designed to while away the waiting of the bank employee. And this music is exactly what he lacked for the film.

But he did not have time to hear her humanly. Something is spinning in my head, but these are just incoherent scraps. And he again turns to his friend the banker so that she can help him find this music. And she agrees.

In exchange for the fact that she will introduce him to her family as a groom and say that she is pregnant (and she already has a huge belly) from him ...

26. Between Heaven and Earth (2005) 7.62

David was very surprised when in his rented apartment he discovered some strange stranger who began to insist that she was the owner of this home.

David had time to get really angry, as the strange lady and the trail disappeared. But after a while the lady appeared again. Then it disappeared again.

In short, this is how David started an affair with the ghost of Elizabeth, who once lived in this house. But, excuse me, what about without sex? After all, ghosts are inanimate anomalies ...

27. Taxi 2 (2000) 7.61

The adventures of policeman Emilien and taxi driver Daniel, which began in the first part, continue. Still the same screaming commissar, all the same naive Emilien and still the same fast Daniel. Only the car has undergone a small upgrade.


This time the friends will have to help out of trouble, or rather, from the clutches of the yakuza terrorists, the Japanese Defense Minister, who arrived in France on a friendly visit and was going to sign an agreement on comprehensive cooperation with the local government.

There will be more races! And fun is as good as racing!

28. Mean Girl (2001) 7.61

What would the world film industry do without Koreans? Yes, there is another Korean film in our top of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s.


Why make friends and build some kind of relationship with a bitchy woman who, at times, freaks herself out of herself? And that is not so for her, and that is not that way. But only a guy in love with her can feel the fact that behind this external mask of bitchiness lies a very feminine and fragile soul.

Yes, just endure all these superficial turbulence. And then, not even one hour, the next ninth wave will throw you out of the window of her life ...

29. Kate & Leo (2001) 7.59

The Adventures of the Duke of Albans from the 19th century to the end of the 20th century. Yes, you don't have to reread it, it really came to our time from the last century.

And here I met a modern business woman named Kate, who is with him and dung, and suffer, and be happy. At least until the duke is destined to return back in due time.

The film was filmed in 2001, at a time when Hugh Jackman managed to appear only once in the role of Wolverine. And so at that time he was perceived with a bang. Now the film is perceived not as with Hugh Jackman, but as with Wolverine in the title role.

But still interesting.

30. Kinda Tough Pointers (2007) 7.58

And the seasoned city cop managed to get into the service in this sleepy and dull town! A sad place where the police are not needed in figs.

But his first impression was wrong. For no apparent reason, the town suddenly began to shake from terrible incidents, which immediately cheered up our gallant cop.

And along with him and his local blunt partner. Now they'll turn around right here for a couple!

31. Little Manhattan (2005) 7.58

In continuation of our list of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s - a film produced by the 20th Century Fox studio with the participation of the still very young Josh Hutchinson, whom we know from one of the main roles in the Hunger Games trilogy.


And he plays a ten-year-old boy Gabe, who is madly in love with his sparring partner in karate - Rosemary. Basically,teenage loveand all that. Not to say that the film is funny, but very funny.

Will cheer you up, that's for sure.

32. Last Vacation (2006) 7.56

George Byrd (Queen Latifa) is an ordinary unremarkable lady who works as a seller of kitchen appliances and everything related to the kitchen. And her life flowed smoothly and without worries until the doctor told her that she needed to make clothes.


Well, since this is the case, why not finally visit the Old World and relax somewhere in its warm places. But when she arrives at one of the resorts, she discovers that she has been confused with some revered celebrity.

And since our heroine has nothing to lose, she tasted with great pleasure all the delights of her "star" stay at the hotel, behaving as a star should, that is, very bad, and sometimes even disgusting .

33. Eurotrip (2004) 7.56

Scott Thomas, who has just graduated from high school, is breaking up with his former girlfriend Fiona and is going to improve his German, for which he meets the German Mickey, who lives in Berlin.


But later it turns out that Mickey is not a boy, but a girl who, in addition, was very offended by him because he called her a maniac due to drunkenness.

After sobering up, he realizes that he fought the bullshit and rushes to write an answer, but only Mickey blacklisted him. We'll have to go to Europe and apologize in person.

He gets a job at a postal company (so that the road is free) and from that moment his crazy promenade through European cities and towns begins. What they just did not endure with their sidekick during their trip, but when they got to Berlin they found that Mickey was not at home. And let's friends look for her again. Now at the Vatican.

In general, the youth team is what you need. Not too vulgar and idiotic, and therefore will please even adults.

34. Kung Fu Showdown (2004) 7.56

Funny in this film is not only how playfully the heroes of the film conduct their fighting. The main laugh is that, judging by the film, in the first half of the 20th century, Hong Kong was entirely inhabited by martial arts masters.


Whom you don’t spit at, you will definitely end up in a kunfuist. And you will immediately get it in the face, unless, of course, you yourself are a kung fuist. Otherwise, you will have at least a half-hour fight, in which no one can hit each other.

Funny, but the humor is a little fake. But, as some like to say, it will trample with beer.

35. Shanghai Noon (2000) 7.55

Jenkki Chan duo - Owen Wilson looks just great. The best casting is hard to expect.


Jackie Chan plays Chon Wang, who was not taken to the Wild West to rescue the stolen princess. But the nimble slick reaches America by hook or by crook, where, having fought off the delegation that carries the ransom, begins to act alone.

But his single-player campaign does not last long, or rather, until he comes across the hero of Owen Wilson - the rogue Roy O'Bannon, who tied up to help him for a fee.

Everywhere our heroes have not climbed, and, in particular, the indefatigable Chinese Chon Wang. If only there is enough strength and energy to complete the most important mission - to save the princess.


On the 35th film, the first part of the top of the best foreign comedies will have to be completed. Wait for the continuation in a week, but for now, as usual, all the best to you, come to our light more often, and, more movies and TV series worth you!

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