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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”The night is following us” (2019)


It's Saturday night again, which means it's time for our evening session again. And today we will watch the Indonesian action movie "The Night Is Coming", with martial artist Iko Weiss in the title role. The film is packed full of spectacular fights, has a peculiar plot, so it will be interesting.

From yesterday's "Merantau" and "Raids" to today

Netflix was struck by the success of the films with Iko Weiss, and therefore it came as no surprise to anyone that he decided to acquire his "Raid". In this connection, the streaming service urgently formed a team, which included almost all of the most advanced actors who starred in the first two Raids.


Here are just a little let down with the director. It is not known for what reasons, but the director of "Merantau" and the first two "Raids" Gareth Evans refused to participate in the project. Or maybe he asked for more than the TV channel took out. One way or another, Timo Thiagianto, who previously worked on the film "Raid: Bullet in the Head", sat in the director's chair, and therefore the film came out somehow slightly blurry.

But in general, the plot can be traced perfectly, however, the ending is slightly unexpected. But that is, that is, and from this, by the way, the picture only benefits.

Short synopsis

Ito, played by Joe Taslim from the first "Raid", is one of the seven most super-killers in the service of the most powerful mafia group. They are trusted only by the most responsible, but at the same time bloody and mass murders. This time the villagers working for the cartel were guilty before the mafia. Some of them secretly stole drugs from a crime family, which infuriated the mafia leaders.

In response to this, they decide to exterminate all the inhabitants of the village, young and old, so that others, supposedly, would not disdain. So, as a lesson for the future. Ito was appointed in charge of the "event". And at first everything went right. Until the turn came to the last person - a small, seemingly 10-11-year-old girl.


And then Iko went overboard. He could not kill this little girl. Instead, he overwhelmed the entire punitive detachment that he commanded.

After that, in spite of the injury, he grabbed the girl in an armful and went to seek shelter with his old friends, with whom he once had dark affairs in his youth.

Expected Consequences

It's clear that the mafia will not leave this business like that. A predictable decision was immediately made - to destroy Ito along with the last "witness". Ito's former friend Ariana (Iko Weiss), whom they had not seen for many years, was sent to the "case". Arian was given to understand that after the destruction of Ito, he would be able to take his place in the clan.


Now it's time to check out what their former friendship is worth. Will he go over to the side of his old friend, or will he gladly rush to rip his head off?

What we liked

The battles were filmed, as in "Raids", at a height. Most likely, the directors of the fights from the first two films were involved in the film, although both Iko and Joe are specialists in this area. In particular, Iko was the Indonesian champion in pencak silat, a form of Indonesian martial art that he tries to popularize around the world and advertise in his films.


The plot is, frankly, extravagant. Everything led to the expected and trivial ending, but in the end the denouement was turned away from the "typical" ending. So, this one has its own huge raisin too.

Everything went to a beautiful final battle, and we got it. Moreover, until the very last, it was not clear who was piling on whom.

What I didn't like

There are few minuses and many of them may not even notice. But throughout the entire film we were not allowed to sit still by the following nuances:

  • The actors are slightly caricatured. They are too flashy and pretentious, they are dressed up, painted, rat tattooed and pierced.
  • Some of the main characters do things that are too contradictory. Someone was displeased, someone was pardoned, and so on. Usually, killers, on the contrary, try to shine less and be conspicuous.
  • The indestructibility and resilience of the main characters. A normal person with such wounds would have died long ago. From blows against hard objects and solid objects, no one ever breaks his arms, or legs, or, most interestingly, his head. Most likely, in this universe, Homo sapiens' bones are much stronger, blood coagulates five times faster when injured, and the concept of "concussion" is not at all about them. We noticed this in the "Raids".

But let's not be too picky.

After all, the film is tailored for the martial arts of hand-to-hand combat, and what kind of entertainment would it be if everyone fell immediately after the first blow to the head.

There is a suspicion ...

Yes, it seems that the developers of the film first decided on the casting, and decided who would have to fight with whom throughout the film. And then they set to work on the script, trying to cram fighting fights that did not want to cram into it.


That is why, in order to take part in a brawl that will come later, some of the main characters slightly naively did not end each other in the previous ones.


In general, minus the listed minuses, we have a solid seven out of ten. On KinoPoisk, the picture has a rating of 6.55, which is a very, very good result. So, enjoy your viewing! It will be interesting!

Watch "The Night Is Coming After Us" (2019) online

We say goodbye to you until next Saturday. All the best to you, great summer mood and, as always, more worthwhile films and TV series!

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