E3 will be turned into a festival, the Baron faction in VTM Bloodlines 2, the ban in Dota 2 until 2038 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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E3 will be turned into a festival, the Baron faction in VTM Bloodlines 2, the ban in Dota 2 until 2038 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


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E3 is about to turn into a festival

E3 is essentially more of a corporate event for journalists and gamedev representatives. It does not gather as many people as Gamescom does. The organizers of E3, ESA, decided to fix this by making the exhibition more "popular".

At one of the meetings with the bosses of the organization, they presented a sketch of a new hall, as well as a concept: "A festival for media fans and influencers." So, at E3 there will be zones for entertainment, where, for example, cybersportsmen will hold tournaments, or famous actors will compete in any game. They will not turn the exhibition into entertainment for onlookers, but they will make it more comfortable for consumers.


By next year, it is planned to sell 10,000 more tickets, as well as eliminate queues by creating a mobile application, thanks to which you can pre-register for screenings of a particular game. And if queues do arise, people will be entertained with various events.

Such a step will help raise the exhibition in the eyes of the masses, make it more popular and help ESA promote solutions that are beneficial for it. Just for comparison, the record attendance of the exhibition was in 2005, when 70 thousand people visited E3. This year there were 66 thousand on it, but 373 thousand people on the same Gamescom.

This is precisely due to the fact that the company focuses on relationships with developers, media, but not with ordinary gamers. That is why, while you are at E3, you often feel that it is soulless.

Street Kings - Baron faction in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs continue to reveal more information about the clans in their game. This week they introduced us to the Barons faction.

Among other clans, the Barons are the most mysterious and control the underworld of Seattle. They have in their service the scum of society and criminals of all stripes. They also accept absolutely everyone into their ranks: weak-blooded, ghouls, humans and vampires. Few have seen the Barons themselves, because they prefer to be in the shadows.


Recall that the factions in and the clans of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 are different things. Clans represent associations by ability, and factions by alignment. Each faction pursues the goal of complete control over the city.

Intruders and toxic players will be banned in Dota 2 until 2038

A new ranked season has begun in Dota 2, and with it several waves of bans for those who violate the community rules. The longest ban period is 19 years.

Toxic players with low decency scores fall under the first wave of bans. This is only a small percentage of players, however, they significantly interfere with the conduct of matches, so it is better to isolate them from the community.


The next wave of bans is targeting those who sell accounts. Thus violating the rules of the community. Valve admits that they will not be able to cleanse their service of all such users, but they will definitely reduce their number.

But why exactly 19? It's all about computers with the POSIX standard, which count the time only until 2038, and after that reset the calendar to the beginning of the last century. Valv just set the maximum available value.

Users have already appeared on the Reddit forums who complain about this ban. Often, they all have low Behavior Points.

RDR Online players started to find NPCs looking like zombies

At one time, the Undead Nightmare expansion for the first RDR was very popular with users, and they clearly would like to see a sequel. They now have a ghostly hope.


Reports from RDO players have begun to appear on Reddit that they have found zombies, or at least people who look like zombies, in the area of Armadilo. They have yellow glowing eyes as well as blue skin. Players note that these corpses blink, and if you take the body to the city and shoot it, the game will count it as murder.


In any case, it is better not to regard this as a hint of Undead Nightmare 2, because the studio developer no longer releases single additions. If it's not a bug, then maybe a Halloween themed event.

The developers themselves do not comment on anything.

Rockstar Social Club Launched

Speaking of Rockstar, the company has long had its own launcher in the guise of the Rockstar Social Club. Apparently this is not obvious enough, and now the company has done a rebranding, turning it into the Rockstar Game Launcher.

If you've played the latest games from the company on PC, chances are it was automatically installed when the game was launched. Now there are no big differences - cloud saves, regional store and other basic things.

However, the company gives everyone GTA San Andreas, who will install their launcher in the near future. Limited offer.


At this time, the Internet has already caught fire with conspiracy theories. People speculate that the studio is getting ready for the RDR2 announcement on PC. Which will be exclusive from the launcher.

Heh, but this is just a theory, we all really know that the game will of course be exclusive ... Epic Games Store.

"You need to complete 50% of the game to get into Death Stranding" - Kojima

You might get the impression that we were paid. After all, for the fourth digest in a row, we are writing about Death Stranding. But everything is much deeper, because Kojima is such a genius that he invented money only to pay with it for the PR of his game. But seriously, our restless Buryat continues to give interviews about his project, telling new facts. So in a conversation with the Gameractor portal, he told about the pace of the game and the narrative.

He compares the narrative to Star Wars or The Terminator. Where you are thrown into the thick of things and do not really explain the lore or the plot. If at the beginning we may be perplexed by what is happening, everything will be explained in time.


As in the movie "Alien" in the game, we will gradually figure out what and how is happening and working. Perhaps, says the game designer, the game will become really interesting after you have completed half of it. It is initially confusing but makes sense over time.

Strike Nostalgia - New Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remaster Trailer

A new trailer for the remaster of Ghoustbusters: The Video Game, a story adaptation of films created with the participation of the original actors, has appeared on the network. In a new video, players share their 10-year-old memories of the best moments of the game.


Recall that the original game was released in 2009. There we were assigned the role of a rookie in the ranks of the famous Ghostbusters. The game will be remastered on October 4th on all major platforms.

This was all the important news of the end of the week, stay tuned.

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