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Fighting Melancholy: Best Anime Kyoto Animation


On July 18, Japan experienced one of the worst wildfires in 30 years. It happened in the building of the Kyoto Animation studio after an unknown person ran into the studio, shouted that he wished everyone death, spilled a flammable liquid and set it on fire. On that day, 33 studio employees died and another 36 were seriously injured. The anime studio's contribution to the industry is enormous, and it is now unknown if it will continue to exist after such a tragedy. If you'd like to donate money to the studio, here's the link.

Kyoto Animation's anime has focused a lot on great drama as well as love for the little things in life. Kyoto Animation created TV shows and feature films that could both make you cry and enjoy ordinary things.

It's a pity that the reason for the material is sad, but we decided to tell you about the excellent work of KyoAni to remind us why we love her so much. Introducing our Top Best Anime by Kyoto Animation


Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! / The eccentricity of love is not a hindrance

This series tells about the so-called "eighth-grader syndrome". When schoolchildren move to high school, they all understand that fantasies and eccentricities are a relic of childhood and must be parted with. However, some still try to stand out, starting, for example, by reading foreign literature in the original language or dressing in a special way. Yuta Tagashi, before moving to high school, decided to completely get rid of his childhood image of a dark wizard. However, his neighbor and classmate Rikka Takanashi continues to live in her fantasy world and constantly tries to pull Utah back.


Rikka is simply beautiful and lives in her own world, although she cannot fit into society, when Utah, on the contrary, tries with all her might to become a part of it. Over time, he realizes that Rikki's wild imagination is connected with her trauma and tries to help her. And in this he discovers the truth for himself that living with a rich imagination not only does not interfere with existence in society, but also does not carry anything bad in itself. This anime with a beautiful story reminds us that it would not have existed if at one time the creators would not have left in themselves a part of the "eighth-grader syndrome".

Koe no Katachi / Voice shape

This anime tells the story of Shoe Ishida, a self-assured bully who runs the classroom. Once a deaf-mute girl, Seko Nashimiya, is transferred to them. She could communicate with classmates only through notes in a notebook or on a blackboard. Under the leadership of Shoye, she is collectively harassed and humiliated. As a result, she is transferred to another school, and Shoye is made guilty of everything, and the persecution switches to him. He becomes an outsider and gets depressed.


A few years after he grows up, Shoye changes, wants to earn money and give it to his mother, and also learns sign language, hoping to meet Seko one day and apologize to her. This anime is very complex in composition, and also brings up the themes of redemption, death, bullying and makes them accessible, especially for a younger audience. You need an exceptional team of directors and writers and a studio to make such an important film. And in this case, Kyoto Animation has created a film worthy of the highest praise we can offer

Violet Evergarden

No less touching anime than the previous one. It takes place in a world that is mired in a long and bloody war. During one of the last battles, the girl Violet Evergaden, who knows nothing but violence and murder, loses both hands. Also, the only person dear to her dies, who confessed his love to her before that fight. However, she did not understand the essence of these words.


After the end of the war, she, having acquired a pair of mechanical arms, goes to work in a company that sends letters as a self-writing doll. This is the name given to girls who transfer the words, thoughts and feelings of the illiterate population or those who cannot write to paper. She will have to learn to recognize the feelings of these people in order to competently transfer them into letters.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya is an unusual girl, she is unusually talented, smart and can achieve whatever she wants. However, she is very bored. She can't wait to find extraterrestrial life, psychics or guests from the future, because it is very interesting, in contrast to the boring reality. She organizes the so-called SOS team, which will look for the paranormal. The story is told from the perspective of an ordinary schoolboy Ken, who somehow managed to interest Haruhi and pushed her to create this very SOS team.


As it turns out later, Haruhi picked up very unusual people in her composition. Two seasons tell about the adventures of this team and the ever-grumble Ken, who, as he himself says, "would be better off doing the usual things." The story of this team ends in a full-length film that not only reveals the main character to us in a new way, but also chills to the bone. You realize that it was for this film that you were prepared for two seasons.

Nichijou / Little things in life


Luck Star could be mentioned, but Little Things in Life are less well known, but just as beautiful and even more. The series follows a group of childhood friends who still stick together despite the fact that a long time has passed. This is a pleasant everyday life, turned inside out, looking like everyday life from a parallel reality, working by slightly different rules. For example, if you have a robot friend with a wind-up key on its back, then yes, it will be a classic everyday routine for you.

We see that many episodes are simply about finding interesting and entertaining things in our boring everyday life.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu / Steel Alert?

Fumoffu In this anime, each episode is independent, but in general, we will observe the romantic relationship between the main characters, one of whom Sagara Sosuke is a professional soldier who has gone through more than a dozen wars and Chidori Kaneme is the combat vice president of the student council.


Kyoto Animation has taken over the Full Metal Panic universe and breathed new life into the show. The Fummoffu season has been busy. Chidori, Sagara, and Tessa find all sorts of trouble inside and outside the school. They have handled the chaotic school life well, filling the story with adventure. Kyoto Animation's ability to take over the franchise and successfully continue it is one of the reasons why Full Metal Panic? Fummoffu "one of the best anime of this studio.

There are many more works by KyoAni to list, but the fact that they did not get here does not mean that they are bad, this is just a list. Kyoto Animation has tons of cool animes to watch.

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