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Real estate buyers are increasingly interested in VR tours


A new study by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, a US real estate agency, shows that buyers want as much modern technology as possible in the home buying / selling process.

In particular, 77% of the respondents are interested in taking a virtual tour of their favorite home before visiting it in person. 68% would like to be able to use modern technology to see how their furniture will look in the new space. 62% said they would prefer a real estate agent who can provide them with VR services. In total, 3,000 Americans took part in the survey.

These figures confirm the growing interest of people in modern technologies, and also indicate that VR is still underutilized in real estate: if virtual visits are impossible, 84% of respondents agree to a traditional video tour.

Virtual reality technology has made significant progress over the past couple of years, and much more innovation is expected in 2018. As such, it will be very interesting to see how real estate agents react to the Coldwell Banker study.

VR isn't the only cutting-edge technology that homeowners and prospective buyers are taking an interest in. 32% of Americans admitted that they use smart home appliances and would like agents to inform them about the presence of such appliances in their homes. About 70% of the study participants said they would like to have smart thermostats, fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors preinstalled in their new home. 63% would like to move into a home that already has CCTV systems, smart locks and smart lighting.

The numbers look promising for the IoT industry. While smart home devices and IoT systems are not vital criteria when choosing a home, a Coldwell Banker survey shows that availability is of paramount importance to buyers.

The Topic of Article: Real estate buyers are increasingly interested in VR tours.
Author: Jake Pinkman