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Best PC Multiplayer Games: From Shooters to Hell's Kitchen


Over the past 10 years, numerous developers have found a new gold mine - service multiplayer games, which has led to a hitherto unprecedented boom in competitive online projects. As a result, the market was actually overcrowded, which is why only truly high-quality titles could survive in the face of increased competition. We are going to talk about them today, listing the best multiplayer PC games for 2020, paying attention to both paid and free multiplayer projects.

Free PC Multiplayer Games

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is one of those games that prove that combining additive and variable gameplay with a stylish GUI creates a timeless product. Of course, it's hard to imagine that our great-grandchildren will continue to play TF2, but at least for 13 years the game has not aged at all, pleasing with an almost flawlessly executed concept of a confrontation between two teams, where players are divided into different classes.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

It doesn't matter if you choose a Sniper, Medic, Scout or anyone else - in any case, you can count on a unique gameplay full of not obvious nuances. And add to this the abundance of loot, sometimes drastically changing the abilities of the heroes, and the elaborate character of the characters who love to enter into hilarious verbal skirmishes, and you will get a real classic among the best multiplayer games.

Apex Legends

Before the arrival of Apex Legends on the market, the Battle Royale genre was a rather hardcore entertainment, which, moreover, could be blamed for its insufficiently high dynamics. Finally, in response to all critics, Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends, which hastened to throw off the hardcore pathos, introduced a respawn system and became generally more accessible for new players, but not at the expense of the tactical depth of the game.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

Even more, with a collection of motley heroes, Apex Legends, on the contrary, expands the variability of the gameplay, offering a huge scope of ideas for using the characters' abilities.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Apex Legends deserves special praise for driving the trend towards affordable and dynamic Battle Royale that has brought Call of Duty: Warzone to life. The shooter from Activision immediately went all-in, offering the largest number of players on the map (150 people), a large-scale location and an abundance of mechanics that guarantee real freedom for a variety of tactical decisions. In addition, Call of Duty: Warzone is perhaps the most player-friendly Battle Royale due to the GULAG system, which makes the game ideal for newcomers to enter the genre.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

Another successful find of the developers is the "Blood Money" mode with an infinite number of revivals and offering to rush into battle, having previously hung on ammunition for all occasions. In other words, Warzone's Blood Money is an epic meat grinder for all Deathmatch fans to try.


With the status of the most popular game of our time, Fortnite can often be heard a flurry of criticism, they say, the game has too cartoonish design and it is difficult to withstand players who have learned to build high-rise buildings in a matter of seconds. It's hard to argue with these two claims, as well as the fact that they are completely subjective. Even the local construction system can seem like an almost ingenious solution if you delve into the nuances of the mechanics and experiment in every possible way during the battle.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

In fact, behind an unpretentious appearance and a low threshold of entry, there is a fairly deep gameplay, but the most important thing for which Fortnite can be included in the best online games on PC is the phenomenal support for the game by Epic Games. When you look at the wealth of skins, weapons and vehicles, participate in events with the attraction of world stars (which is only the in-game Marshmello concert) and watch the epic end of the next season, attracting hundreds of millions of people to the screens - only then you begin to realize the reasons for the impressive popularity of Fortnite.

DOTA 2 and League of Legends

For everyone who is tired of endless shooters, there is a free multiplayer alternative in the face of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Both are made in the MOBA genre, work on similar principles of mixing strategy with RPG, and have an equally powerful and fanatical loyal community, so trying to find out which game is better on gaming forums, you risk instigating irreconcilable wars on the Internet. In any case, both projects are some of the best free multiplayer games on the PC, so we recommend that you not waste your time on a scrupulous choice and try each game in turn.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

Two to three hours will be enough to immerse yourself in the game mechanics of DOTA 2 and League of Legends, which, as befits any esports discipline, are as easy to learn as they are rich in details.

Destiny 2

The original Destiny boasted an unusual concept combining a PvE shooter with elements of PvP and MMO games, which made it an instant hit. The game had shortcomings, and one of the most significant was the lack of content, which was fully compensated for in Destiny 2. As a result, after the free launch, PC players received one of the most intense multiplayer games of the generation with Destiny 2. From exciting PvE raids with gigantic bosses to hardcore PvP battles, Destiny 2 will always find something to do, even for an exotic gaming taste.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

Separately, we note that the game was developed by the masters of the genre from Bungie, who previously created the Halo series. Therefore, even if you are not thinking about the question of which free game to play on PC, Destiny 2 is worth a try for the sake of an excellent shooter component and extremely smart AI of opponents.

War Thunder

Finally, let's note the creation of USA developers from Gaijin Entertainment - War Thunder. The Gaijins rely on scale and realism. Creating a game that combines battles between naval, aviation and ground-based military equipment is not an easy task anyway, but given the well-developed ballistic and physical damage model, it's hard not to respect the developers' obsessive meticulousness.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

In an especially good light, War Thunder is revealed in one-on-one battles, where the simulation system manifests itself in all its glory. When firing, the thickness of the armor, the angle of impact, the type of material, the distance to the target, the type of projectile and other factors are taken into account, which is why each battle develops according to difficultly predictable scenarios and resembles an intellectual battle. Without any discounts on the origins of War Thunder, it deserves to be in the top of the best free games on PC.

Paid Multiplayer PC Games


Building on proven multiplayer hits like Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends, Blizzard created Overwatch. Visually catchy and colorful, Overwatch pits two teams of 6 people on the battlefield, where each player takes control of one of the unique characters. The goal is often trivial - to destroy the command center of opponents, but with different character classes and numerous mode settings, each new session will be a fresh experience.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

For almost 4 years since the release year, Blizzard has gradually honed its brainchild, introducing new mechanics and enriching the set of heroes with even more hilarious and outlandish characters (which is only worth the hamster inventor Taran). As a result, Overwatch works like a clock and can pleasantly surprise the gameplay balance achieved by the developers, and this is with such different heroes.

Rainbow Six Siege

The phenomenon of Rainbow Six Siege, a game that started modestly in 2015 and later became one of the most popular multiplayer projects in the world, clearly proves how important good gameplay and competent support are for bringing the game to the status of a popular favorite. The abundance of cosmetics, skins, classes and events in each new season of the game are indisputably important components of success, but in our opinion the root of the popularity lies in the unique gameplay, which can be called Counter Strike on steroids.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

It is based on the confrontation between a group of operatives and terrorists. Even the hostages were involved. There are similarities, but the main difference from the Valve project lies in the abundance of technical equipment and the abyss of tactical opportunities. Pinning windows, drones, sweeping barbed wire and other tricks, coupled with destructible environments where even the floor or ceiling does not guarantee protection, add up to perhaps the best tactical multiplayer shooter on PC.

Rocket League

Among all the popular multiplayer projects, I would like to highlight in particular the Rocket League, which distinguished itself with a concept that combined football and a racing game. The idea is primitive - to score a ball into the goal, but as in any sport, in Rocket League the simplicity of the rules is complemented by addictive gameplay, where there is no limit to perfection. Attempts to cope with the physics of the ball and the car eventually lead to a lot of unexpected situations, when once again you swear at the ball and watch it fly into the goal with breathlessness. On top of that, Rocket League is a team-based game that adds tactical scope to the game.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

And if you have never liked football, then no one has canceled other game modes, including hockey and basketball. Separately, I would like to note the split-screen function, which makes Rocket League excellently suitable as entertainment at parties.

Titanfall 2

After Respawn Entertainment thundered around the world with the shooter Apex Legends, it's time to remember their other, undeservedly neglected project - Titanfall 2. In addition to a wonderful story campaign, one of the best in shooters over the past 5 years, the developers did not forget to devote time to debugging online mode, bringing it to an almost perfect state. At first, multiplayer can trigger flashbacks for Apex Legends - familiar weapons, recognizable graphics, hook-cat, but only until the main pearls of the game appear on the arena - piloted mechs called Titans.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

By unleashing volleys of large-caliber weapons on pilots, the Titans are fundamentally changing the rules of the game, forcing the remaining players to accelerate many times and use workarounds on the map in an attempt to resist multi-ton vehicles. And what an extravaganza of Hollywood special effects the game turns into when several Titans collide at once - for the sake of this spectacle, you can download Titanfall 2 on your PC.

Overcooked! 2

Let's finish the top of the best multiplayer games for 2020 with another unusual project - Overcooked! 2. Don't be fooled by the cartoon style, the game has every chance to drive you crazy, forcing you to survive the worst nightmares of a restaurateur. Speed cooking is the core of Overcooked gameplay! 2, which turns into culinary chaos with a mobile kitchen, mountains of dirty dishes and disgruntled customers.

Best PC Multiplayer Games

The only thing that can darken the game in Overcooked! 2 - a strong emphasis on team play, where all kitchen workers must independently break down into roles and, in total, function as a single mechanism. It is expected that in such conditions a group of random players risks not coping with tasks, exchange four-story mats and subsequently curse each other on the fifth knee. But when playing with friends, Overcooked! 2 could become a benchmark entertainment.

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