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Square Enix Promises and Secrets From Software, Black Mirror Interactive Episode - Game News Digest from CADELTA


Also read in the first game digest of 2019 about Netflix's plans for The Witcher, how Blizzard will radically tackle rudeness, and other news.

Netflix is planning many seasons of The Witcher series

The statement came from the producer of the project. According to him, the management of the TV channel is so happy with the resulting product that it is already planned to expand the universe of the series, extending it for several more seasons. Allegedly, the labor contracts of its actors also contain a clause on the possible extension of labor relations for several years. There is speculation that The Witcher will be the main Netflix series.


Recall that initially the fate of the project would be decided by an extended pilot release, after which the marketers would investigate the reaction of the public. It seems that fate has already decided everything for them.

The new Black Mirror series can be played

The same Netflix, which now owns the rights to the series, announced that the next episode of the new season, called Bandersnatch, will be interactive, in other words playable.

The plot tells about a programmer who, in the era of the inception of gaming (in the 80s), wants to create a dark fantasy game based on one novel. There are 5 finals in the series, which can be opened by choosing answer options in dialogues or actions throughout the series. It can take an hour and a half to complete the game.


Interactive Bandersnatch is already available on the official Netflix platform. Now this is only the first try, but in the future, if the idea hits people, the TV channel will do more such projects, because this should arouse interest even among those who are used to watching regular versions of the series on TV.

From Software is developing two new AAA projects

In addition to Sekiro Shadow Die Twice, those who like to torment players with hardcore, aka From Software, have two more high-budget projects in stock, which we will see this year. This was announced not by anyone, but by the director of the studio Hidetako Miyazaki.

According to him, since 2016, the studio has been developing three and a half games. The great minds of the Internet suggest that under the "half" Mr. Miyazaki had introduced a project for VR Deracine, then comes the already announced Sekiro, and as a result, two ghost projects remain. He also clarified that the remasters of Dark Souls and Metal Wolf Chaos are not treated like these games.


In the same message, Hidetako says that there were no games announced in 2018, since the studio needed a little more time, and as soon as the projects get a decent shell, we will find out about them, the main thing is not long to wait.

Square Enix promises to fix it

At the end of last year, many Square Enix employees apologized to fans, as they could not cope with everything that was planned, and what was done was slightly different from the desired result. This year the studio has promised to improve, surprising us with a few surprises. These surprises are new games coming out this year and will simply be announced.


One of the upcoming projects will be NiOh 2, which is almost ready, as well as Attack on Titan 3 and Dragon Quest 4. We will find out about other games in the future, but Deus Ex is probably not worth waiting for. Considering not the best success of the last game, as well as the release of Cyberpunk 2077, there is hardly a place for another cyberpunk project that cannot compete with the brainchild of the Poles.

Doom 3 will be an online shooter

Besides, it's also free. Today the game is a great platform for creating mods that are added to the game everywhere. And now modders from the Scared Pixel team have added PvP and co-op to it. Alas, you cannot go through the story company with friends, but you can complete other tasks from the modders. PvP will be a classic death match with several different maps.

The Mars City Security mod (as its name) will be released this year. We hope that Bethesda, like Square Enix, will want to fix it and start by not blocking this venture.


The Black Masses Coming This Spring

Entertaining zombie action in the setting of medieval Europe has received a new trailer and gameplay video, as well as a spring 2019 release date. The game will take place on a map with a total area of 16 square kilometers.

Now we can say that the game is a kind of mixture of Kingdom Come Deliverance, Skyrim and Dying Light. From the latter, she takes not only zombies, but also a parkour system. Enemies can be killed with melee weapons and traps. Nothing is known about the plot yet, but so far the project looks attractive and worked out. Recall that last year the developers released a video showing the capabilities of the engine, simultaneously launching 10 thousand zombies into a kind of mixer of two large blades.

Blizzard will ban brute. Again

If before Blizzard banila rude brutes only in the game, now, thanks to its toxicity control system, they will be hunted in the social. networks.

Those who want to watch live streams of their games on Twich must link their account to it. Those who misbehave in the comments under the broadcasts will be banned in the game itself. Also, gamers suspected of toxicity will be checked on social networks.

By resorting to such tough measures, Blizzard wants to create a more positive image for their game, as well as create a comfortable space for other players. What exactly shouldn't be written - we were not told.

That was all the news for this week so far, if you missed the latest events of the past year, our last digest awaits.

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