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9 main innovative technologies of 2018


Although the twelfth annual Mobile World Congress has ended, the technologies presented there remain the subject of intense discussion.

The innovations presented at the conference concerned not only world famous corporations such as Samsung, Sony, LG. The conference presented developments in many innovative areas, including artificial intelligence, network development and digital consumption.

Below are the main news of the Mobile World Congress conference, worthy of attention.

1 | Google Pixel Headphones


Compactness, artificial intelligence and speech recognition come together in Google's headphones, which provide real-time translation in 40 languages. These headphones are only compatible with Google Pixel smartphones, but they still remain one of the main innovations. This development can be an assistant in areas where cooperation and communication between different peoples is necessary.

While the first Pixel headphones are far from perfect in speech recognition, they can be extremely useful in a multilingual work environment.

2 | LG's innovative display


LG has introduced a new type of display that can be rolled up and even carried around. The new tube display is flexible, lightweight, and can be rolled up and carried. For IT professionals, developing such a display is of great value because it is useful for demonstrations.

Unfortunately, this development is one of those that you would like, but did not use in your business.

3 | Energizer Smartphone


A battery company has released a smartphone with a huge battery that does not block its processing power. If you do not get carried away by excessive use of additional functions, Energizer Hardcase H590S can hold a charge for two days.

Other features include 6GB of RAM, 128GB of expanded storage. The creators describe the Energizer as a rugged device that is not glamorous or lightweight. If you rarely find yourself near an outlet and do not use wireless chargers, this smartphone is worth checking out.

Like many rugged phones, the Energizer is likely to come in handy for those working outside the office.

4 | Huawei's 5G Robot


Huawei has unveiled a new invention of the assistant robot. The movements of the humanoid robot are designed for 5G, and are also based on the movements of people who wear special sensors. In the future, it is planned to use this robot in hazardous work in industries such as manufacturing and energy, which will ensure the safety of people working in this area.

Unfortunately, this development is not suitable for the office.

5 | Nokia Banana Phone


Remember the Nokia banana phone from The Matrix? Well, he's back. Such a phone may not be called the main device of 2018, but it is undoubtedly the big news at this year's conference. Is such a phone useful in work? Probably not. But it has at least three advantages. It's accessibility, fun to look at, and nostalgia for the Matrix.

6 | Sony Xperia Ear Duo Dual Headphones


Not to be called the most advanced novelty, but one cannot fail to note their uniqueness. Dual earbuds are essentially the opposite of noise canceling earbuds. They seamlessly blend the sounds of the world around you with your playlist, allowing you to hear everything and communicate without removing your headphones.

These headphones are useful for those who work somewhere other than the office or in an open environment where you often have to communicate with people. In addition, scientists have shown that some exposure to ambient noise can increase productivity.

7 | Sprint's 5G Global Network


It's too early to say who officially won the 5G race, but it's worth noting that Sprint's have announced their readiness to roll out 5G across America, including in six major urban centers.

5G promises guaranteed download speeds of up to 10GB for better network connectivity, seamless video streaming for work calls, and hassle-free multimedia access.

8 | Practically foldable phones


Graphene is an ultra flexible material that became a sensation at the 2018 conference. The scope of its potential is very wide: from the use for water filtration to the creation of medical equipment. While graphene isn't a technical innovation in 2018, the fact that foldable phones have been around for five years is definitely worth considering. The possible role of foldable phones depends primarily on the clumsiness of their owners.

9 | Sony 3D Selfie


Do you need comments? These selfies are not useful in your workflow. But these are real 3D characters. It's hard to resist.

While some developments in 2018 can change a lot in the industry, others are useless in work activities. Nevertheless, Mobile World Congress 2018 showed what awaits us in the coming years and what information technologies of the future will soon become familiar to us.

Remember, when using new technologies, it is worth setting up security features so as not to put yourself and your work at risk.

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Author: Jake Pinkman