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Review: Final Fantasy XIV - The New King of MMORPG


Due to the excitement that followed the release of Final Fantasy XV on PC, we decided to talk about an online game set in the Final Fantasy universe. All MMORPG fans and fans of the series should take a close look at Final Fantasy XIV, as it can rightfully be called the best story-driven MMORPG.

The game is perfect even for those gamers for whom online fun is associated with the endless drochet of simple quests and raids into dungeons. After all, much attention is paid to the plot with an abundance of unexpected turns and cutscenes.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood addon

Final Fantasy 14, after its release back in 2010, is remembered by players as one of the worst online games in history. A lot of bugs, antediluvian graphics, a small amount of content and a stupid system of gaining experience, where it was allowed to pump a character only for 8 hours a week - all this buried the game and made a big stain on the reputation of the great series.

Final Fantasy XIV online final

Subsequently, the developers even made a public apology to the players and vowed that in future additions they would revive the game and make it worthy of the Final Fantasy numbered line. To our delight, Square Enix is not just scattering words, and in 2017 released the third add-on - Stormblood, which allowed the game to climb the Olipm of the best MMORPGs.

Story-driven MMORPG

For starters, Final Fantasy XIV online continues the tradition of the JRPG series and focuses on the plot. Therefore, expect an abundance of cutscenes, dialogue and unexpected scenario twists. At the same time, there is no need to know the events of previous additions or past parts of the series. The game, as befits every new release of Final Fantasy, offers a new universe, lore and characters, so both fans of the series and new players will be able to immerse themselves in the story to the same extent.

In addition to the locations familiar from past additions, in the addon, players will visit the Coogan, the House and the Asim lands. All locations are stylized as medieval Asian countries and differ in both nature and customs of the peoples that live in them. There is even an underwater city with a detailed seascape and ecosystem.

Final Fantasy XIV illustration

The plot in Final Fantasy XIV is really captivating and brings new mechanics every time, like stealth missions, where you will need to throw darts at opponents in the first person. Just one important note: there is no USA localization in Final Fantasy XIV. Of course, this can cause problems, but it will provide a friendly and adult community where every player you meet does not threaten to take your mother to the movies.

How Final Fantasy XIV is played

The gameplay of the online Final will be familiar to all players who have once launched an MMORPG. First, you need to choose one of 6 races, choose a suitable appearance using dozens of sliders, and most importantly, decide on a class. A total of 8 classes are available, among which 5 deal damage with weapons, and the rest prefer to deal with enemies with magic. The choice of class also determines the available quests and the location from which the player starts.

Final Fantasy XIV location illustration

The combat system takes place in real time and is different for PVP and PVE battles, but is generally based on building long combos. In total, several types of blows are available: normal weapon attacks with a rollback of 2.5 seconds, magic and special abilities. In battle, you have to constantly monitor the filling scales of attacks and choose skills suitable for certain opponents. At the same time, the type of attack is influenced by the selected class, therefore, in battles against large mobs, it is better to select a motley team.

In Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, the developers decided to expand the combat system. For each class there are separate bars with the accumulation of a unique ability, which depends on the type of combat stance. In general, the combat, although it looks cumbersome, with all the variability, is easy to learn and offers fun, but at the same time tactful reprisal against enemies.

Final Fantasy XIV combat

Final Fantasy 14 - a world of catgirls and possibilities

Final Fantasy XIV cat girl

The game will soon be 8 years old, so it is ready to provide you with hundreds of hours of exciting content without any problems. Main, side quests, dungeons, instances, fates (random events in the game world), PVP arenas, hundreds of possible crafting options, killing bosses that change shape during battle ... You can talk about the number of available opportunities for hours. One character editor is worth it.

Final Fantasy XIV character creation

Final Fantasy XIV is a great alternative to the annoying WOW and arguably the best online PVE RPG in the world. The creation of Japanese developers harmoniously combines a long storyline with a typical for MMO games grind, which sucks up time like a vacuum cleaner. You can download Final Fantasy 14 from the official Square Enix website, just keep in mind that the game is available for a subscription fee.

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