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Top 10 Best TV Series of October: Premieres


Last week talked about the best projects, whose sequels are expected in the middle of autumn. Today we will talk about the best TV series of October, coming out for the first time. A considerable number of them are expected, but we decided to focus only on those ten that are really worthy of the attention of the general public.

Since the start of projects is still in the future, they do not have a rating yet, not counting, of course, the rating of expectations. But we do not take it into account and will arrange the series simply in accordance with the dates of their premieres.

And the first in our list of the best autumn premieres is ...

1. Almost family

FOX Wednesday October 2

The main character, the girl Julia Bechley, is proud of her father. He is the Founder and Principal Investigator of the Bechley Fertility Clinic. Over the years, he has helped many women conceive children. And now ...

And now the girl, suddenly, finds out that her dad, from time to time, instead of donor sperm, mixed his own into test tubes, as a result of which she now has more than a hundred brothers and sisters.

Somehow, the journalists found out about his "manipulation" and now he is facing legal proceedings. But what about Julia? Julia threatens to meet her new sisters.

And maybe even with brothers!

2. Catherine the Great

HBO Thursday 3rd October

Having filmed an almost believable story about Chernobyl,TV channelHBOtook up an almost believable story about the reign of Catherine II.

The trailer shows that there will be plenty of actors here, from Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov to Stenka Razin. Moreover, everyone is pretentiously and idiotically dividing Mother USA among themselves.

Since the Home Box Office got down to business, it means there will be a picture:

  • dear;
  • successful;
  • spectacular;
  • interesting;
  • but not necessarily believable.

Let's look forward to it. After all, it is very interesting to know how the endof the 17th century in USA is seen by our “American partners”.

3. Raising Dion / My Son Is A Superhero

Netflix Friday October 4th

Continuing our list of the best TV series of October, the superhero serial film. Although, the boy Dion, endowed with super-duper abilities, will not necessarily become a "superhero" in the full sense of the word. Recently, many people have got hold of super-duper abilities. Honor that everyone who stared at a comet flying past the Earth became capable of "doing lewdness".

In general, it is too early to talk about his future. So far, he is a simple little kid, whose abilities with might and main wants to hide from prying eyes his mother, forced to raise him without a father.

And rightly so! Rabid professors in the service of the special services are on the alert, as are the special services themselves. With this, just let someone catch extraordinary, and put experiments on it!

And then, to put more experiments on it. And more, and more, and more ...

4. Batwoman

The SW, Sunday 6 October

I'm sick of this Batman already. No, he jumps in the test, settles things, lowers the villains, well done. But why is he all a man, but a man?

Indeed, in our age of “super-tolerance”, the creators of comics and films based on them have to realize that not only men live on planet Earth. And nothing that the comic was originally invented just for "Superman" - a man. A couple of aggressive attacks from the side in the press - here you have a "Supergirl" formed. Was the shooter in King's Dark Tower white? Yah? In our time, are you sure of this? The filmmakers know better what color it was. And so on.

It's the same with Batman. Bam! And now the newly-made Batwoman is ready for you. And nothing that sounds idiotic. The main thing is that the serial is normal. But, it seems, will not accept the female mouse community.

But it's worth a look. Just out of pure interest, where did this come from in Gotham?

5. Dyldy

STS, October 7, Monday

Next in our list of the best TV series of October is the USA film, starting from October 7 on the STS TV channel. The coach of the men's volleyball team Mikhail Kovalev is a master of his craft. Only his tongue is sometimes not his friend at all. And in general, with his temper and habits, he is all into an intolerant monkey. Hamlo he is, in a word, uncouth.

So they fired him without the possibility of rehabilitation. And it's also good that his mum is a big shot in sports circles. Thank you - I didn't stay without work at all. But he will have to return to the world of Bolshoi Sport through the women he hates so much. Or rather, coaching the women's volleyball team.

The voiceover in the trailer claims that this is a comedy about how sports made a man out of a man. No, dear ones, this is a comedy about how poverty turned a pompous idiot into a normal man.

6. Nancy Drew

The SW, Wednesday October 9

There was once in the 90s a series called "In Search of Truth", in which a young and charming student Nancy Drew was engaged in what, in fact, was looking for these truths. This series is an attempt to rewrite it in a new way.

Nancy Drew is a kind of "Mrs. Marple", but still quite green. A quick mind, tenacious gaze, the ability to notice things and draw conclusions makes her very perspicacious in terms of deduction. And nothing that the girl is still a student. She investigates various cases. And in this case - and those involved in the murder.

Here Nancy is already finishing school and is going to make her feet into the big world out of this that got her town. But she is stopped by the mysterious death that happened to the local "sea queen", who was destined to carry her title in just one day. How not to stay? How not to help the investigation? Or, in other words: how can you not figure it out without bald people?

We hope it will be more interesting and believable than the naive and blunt "Riverdale".

7. Treadstone

USA Network, Tuesday October 15

The success of the Jason Bourne franchise was supposed to grow into a serial rehash. But the showrunners didn't like something about Jnison Bourne himself. Not otherwise, they doubted whether they could improve the image of the agent that Matt Damon so successfully embodied in the film.

In general, they decided not to play "who will win" with the popularity of a great actor and to make a film about other agents of the infamous Treadstone program. On it, as it turned out from the same picture "The Bourne Evolution", many agents passed. And now they are successfully living their lives with brainwashed and for the time being they do not even suspect that they once participated in the training program for sleeping super agents of the CIA.

But a good agent is always in demand. And the time will come when you will be in demand too!

8. Limetown

Facebook Watch Original Wednesday October 16

Continuing our list of the best October premieres, a tape filmed by Two-Up Productions specifically for Facebook Watch.

The tape will tell about the investigation that Leah Haddock started on her mortal head. As a radio presenter, she became interested in the strange disappearance of people in Limetown, where research in the field of neurology was carried out.

Yes, overnight 300 people there like a cow licked their tongue. They fell underground, or what? So Leah decided to find out. And, at first, it seemed to be interesting.

But the further into the forest, the more difficult it gets, as they say.

9. Get along with yourself / Living with yourself

Netflix Friday October 18

Becoming a participant in a strange experiment to improve life, a former walking depressed man named Miles, unexpectedly for himself, got hold of a second personality.

Only he himself sees this second personality, and, moreover, she behaves not naturally for Miles "unimproved", and therefore infuriates him to the most I do not want. And he would be glad to have it disappeared, but, apparently, there is no turning back. Now I will have to live the rest of my life as a schizophrenic.

Although, there is still one way out. You just need to get along with yourself. Only how to do it, who would suggest. After all, that second one is so harmful! And you won't think that he is me ...

10. Guardians

HBO, October 20, Sunday

No, this is not a kind of sequel to the film of the same name ten years ago. It is the continuation of the once begun history that ends the top ten best TV series of October.

Moreover, this is not an adaptation of comic books. The writers took it upon themselves to come up with new stories for the series, in which all the same personalities (almost all) will appear, but the action will unfold much later.

Many years have passed since the showdown in the film of the same name. The Earth is falling into chaos more and more and now countries and continents need the help of reckless Guardians more than ever, although they themselves are afraid to admit it. Everything is out of control. Both the police and the bezpredelschiki walk in masks, so it is no longer possible to distinguish which of them is who. It's time for the Guardians to appear. And they, of course, do not keep themselves waiting long ...

Superhero movie fromHBO? You definitely shouldn't miss this!


For a snack, we dare to offer another project from HBO. This comedy series "Mrs. Fletcher" is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, October 27th. The mother sends her son to college and is going to try to have some fun. As a result, it goes all out. Sexual grave.

Hmm. If my son knew what his mother was doing at home ...

This concludes our top of the best TV series of the fall. We say goodbye to you until next month. Come to the light more often, we always havefresh collections, tops and reviewsfor every taste. Nobody will leave here dissatisfied. And more good mood, fun, and, as always, cool films and TV series for you!

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