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We've previously covered VG247's first impressions of the PC version of Monster Hunter World. Then Western journalists played a game for several hours and were generally satisfied with the quality of the port, there were only complaints about optimization. But, unfortunately, the computer version had much more problems. This is precisely the conclusion that can be drawn from the news note on the PC Gamer website, who have already spent more than 10 hours playing Monster Hunter World.

In the first hours, a new project from Capcom does not bode well, but the more you play, the more unpleasant surprises appear. And the most important of them is the frequent crashes to the desktop. Moreover, in Monster Hunter World there is no way to make a manual save, progress is saved only automatically after the end of the hunt. And since each hunting expedition takes an average of 50 minutes, PC Gamer employees were greatly annoyed by the situation when a player spends 40 minutes on completing a quest, fights the final boss and crashes into the most important game.

Monster Hunter World PC

The cause of the problem is unknown at this time, but Capcom said the PC version of Monster Hunter World has high processor requirements. This is what PC Gamer editor confirms. According to him, during the game, the processor was loaded at 100%, which may well lead to a crash to the desktop.

Note that the demands of the game on the computer's processor are, in our opinion, completely the fault of poor-quality optimization. The game, frankly, is far from the most beautiful on the market and works great even in 4K resolution on consoles. At the same time, the processor, to which the PC version of MH World is so gluttonous, is the "Achilles' heel" of the technical stuffing of consoles, which also raises some questions about the quality of the port on computers.

There is good news too: Capcom are well aware of the issues and are working on a major update that should address the issue of desktop crashes. It remains to be believed that the developers will have time to fix all the oversights of the game before the release date of the game, which is scheduled for August 9 this summer.

We also recommend that you read our Monster Hunter World review, because even if the port is imperfect, the Capcom project will still remain one of the best games of 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman