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Pillars of Eternity II: Big Free DLC Coming Up


Users who have enjoyed playing the second edition of Pillars of Eternity will surely admit that Deadfire has lived up to the expectations of hungry fans of Pillars and the like.

Two months after the premiere, she scored 88/100 points on Metacritic according to the reviewers and 7.7 / 10 points from the gaming audience, which only proves how successful this sequel was. Unsurprisingly, Obsidian Entertainment plans to expand the game with add-ons!

Beast of Winter

The first of them - Beast of Winter - was supposed to appear in July, but the premiere was postponed until August 2. As for the next paid DLCs, two more are expected. But the good news doesn't end there - Obsidian has announced that we can expect major free extensions along with patches in the coming months.

What other additions will there be?

Until now, the information about the paid DLC for the game was as follows: the release of Beast of Winter was planned for July (now it's August); Seeker, Slayer, Survivor were preparing to release in September; The Forgotten Sanctum - November. It is not yet known whether the studio will have to postpone the release of the next expansion due to the delay in Beast of Winter, but such a scenario cannot be ruled out. Fortunately, as a consolation, the creators promise a lot of "goodies" in the form of large free updates.

Free add-ons for everyone

According to PcgamesN, the developers at Obsidian still have a lot of ideas for free add-ons, and the game itself will be supported for a long time - no less than the first edition of the line. Now the authors are testing ideas and admit that they want to give players the best experience, as close as possible to the classic, proven style known from legendary RPGs like Baldur's Gate. Obsidian does not know how to disappoint - so we are sure that fans will be very happy this time too.

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Author: Jake Pinkman