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Insider № 11.05: about a smartphone from TikTok; Meizu and AliExpress news


In this review, we will tell you about a little-known developer of TikTok applications, the owner of which intends to launch smartphones. We will also discuss leaks from the Meizu camp and the device of the AliExpress marketplace.

Another Smartphone Brand Coming Soon

Recently, information came from which it became known that ByteDance, which owns the Lark and TikTok applications, intends to release a smartphone of its own design soon.

This information was disseminated by The Financial Times, which referred to its sources. In addition, it announced that this device will receive ByteDance apps immediately. Allegedly, the CEO of this company said that he had long dreamed of creating such a gadget and said that his wish would soon come true.

He also confirmed the data that the company, shortly before the start of development, acquired patents from Smartisan, which produces smartphones. A number of employees of this company also moved to the ByteDance camp. At the same time, it was reported that all this was done in order to study the strategy of one of the business areas.

Only now it becomes clear why all this was actually done.

There are no details on this yet, it is unclear what the first smartphone from TikTok will be like and where it will be produced.


Most likely, the novelty will be sold only in Asia and Europe. In the United States, the product is likely to face opposition due to the ongoing trade war between the US government and China.

Also, experts are cautious about its prospects. After all, most of these devices were expected to fail after the start of sales. They did not enjoy authority.

An example of this is Amazon's Fire Phone. Rather, the release of this product was needed by the company to create a kind of showcase for its products. I also remember the failure of HTC First, created with the support of Facebook. Using a well-known name did not help; most users associate it only with the application.

At the moment, the meaning of creating such a ByteDance smartphone with TikTok, which will be equipped with other company applications, is not entirely clear. However, there is an opinion about the creativity of this move. If this device is located in the budget niche and is oriented towards the interests of Chinese users, it is possible that the developer will succeed in contrast to Amazon and Facebook.

The TikTok short video app has already grown in popularity. A device that will be optimized for it will almost certainly become well-known and in demand. Competitors are on the alert, Snapchat and Instagram are trying to do their best to switch users' interests to their resources, so ByteDance's motivations become clear. In this way, the company wants to inflict another blow on rivals, finally securing the existing market segment.

Meizu 16Xs performance revealed

Leakage data from the Geekbench database appeared on the network. They relate to the yet unannounced Meizu 16Xs smartphone, which will be released in the near future.


From the information received, we can draw the first conclusions about the computing capabilities of the device and its specifications.

The device was tested running Android 9 Pie and with 6 GB of RAM. It got 2392 points in single-core mode and 5982 points in multi-core mode. Its processor was clocked at 1.71 GHz.


The manufacturer has not yet announced product specifications. They predict it will be equipped with a Snapdragon 712 chipset, although earlier it was about the installation of Snapdragon 675.

The smartphone will be released on May 30.

AliExpress has started selling speakers of its own production

An image has appeared on the Internet, which clearly shows the AliExpress brand, placed on one of the devices. It turned out that this photo was posted on Facebook by one of the USA employees of the AliBaba service.


The design of the product speaks of its belonging to smart speakers with a voice translator function. According to the person who posted the picture, a gadget from AliExpress is currently being tested in the firm's office. It supports USA and English.

On the side of the column, there are playback and product control buttons. Most likely it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

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