Twitch sues trolls, battle royale in Super Mario Bros, new details about Cyberpunk 2077 - weekly gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Twitch sues trolls, battle royale in Super Mario Bros, new details about Cyberpunk 2077 - weekly gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one


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Twitch sues trolls who played forbidden content on Artifact page

Last month on Twitch, the Artifact CCG section was unexpectedly resurrected. Some users played videos that were not related to the game, but called them from the category "Review on Artifact". But while some limited themselves to documentaries about the Nazis, anime and the screens of "The Avengers", other users broadcast pornography and murder scenes.

The company has banned pranksters, but recently it became known that those who broadcast porn and scenes of violence will be brought to justice. They have already been sued for dishonest use of the company's trademark, fraud and unfair use of the site.


The lawsuit lists John and Jane Does 1-100 as defendants. That is, the number of pranksters has not yet been established.

Twitch wants the court to ban them from using the site, and also to oblige them to pay damages.

Gamer created 75-man Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale

"Eh, where is this world heading?" - you ask after reading the title. However, things are not as bad as they seem. Mario Royal Battle Royale looks good. In terms of mechanics and passage, everything remained unchanged: jump on turtles, break blocks, go to the castle.

Only 74 people are playing with you. There are only three winners in the game. The goal is to complete the level. It is impossible to interact with opponents directly, but only indirectly. For example, pick up items faster than them [they are common here], kick turtles towards opponents. If you take a star, you temporarily wake up to kill everyone you touch.

There are currently three worlds from Super Mario Bros. The game also supports a controller, including dualshock 4. The game is completely free and you can run it using this link in your browser.

New Cyberpunk 2077 Details

The Poles recently brought us some new details about the local Roach, dialogues and battles in the game.


Roach 2077

There are many cars and motorcycles waiting for us in the game, and we will drive them, according to the developers, their behavior is similar to the Roach from The Witcher. On demand, they will come to the player. However, this is not a game convention, but a feature of the world, since all machines here have artificial intelligence. We will be given a large garage where we will store our cars. Any medium can be chosen as the main one and it will come to us. We will also be allowed to listen to the radio while driving. The developer remembers both music stations and news.

The plot and battles

This time, the developers are paying more attention to gameplay and story. In addition to the fact that designers and scriptwriters are constantly working together on each individual quest, people are connected to them, creating unique combat situations.

What's outside the map?

In game we will be able to travel outside of Knight City and explore the Badlands, dried by droughts.

For this place, the creators of the game have their own quests in store. On the territory of the wasteland, we will meet nomads - people who roam around it in strange cars like in "Mad Max".

Id Software explains why Doom Eternal's interface is so bright

At the presentation of the game at E3, many noticed that the interface of Doom Eternal is too bright and stands out from the general environment of the game. As developer Hugh Martin said, that's the way it should be.

The fact is that in the game we will rush at a very high speed and all the information should be presented to the player brightly and brightly, otherwise: "The fuck will kill you," says Martin.


On the selection wheel, all weapons are marked with bright colors, as well as life and ammo indicators. The creators do not want players to accidentally see something important in the interface and die because of this.

Id Software claims that they listen to the wishes of the fans, but in the case of the interface they are confident in their decision and will not change anything.

Kojima revealed exactly what he means in the phrase "A Hideo Kojima Games"

Literally in every game from the great and the unique there is the phrase "A Hideo Kojima Games". The game designer recently tweeted that it means much more than just bragging.

“For all 33 years in the industry, our studio often consisted of 5-6 people. I was fully involved in the process: scripting, concept writing, map drawing, data entry, flow drawing, logical language construction, compressing an image to a binary format, and controlling other things, even such as creating a description on a box.


Even as our team grew, this indie approach to game creation has not changed. In addition, I have been involved in producing, directing, promoting and business management.

I also create a plot, lore of the world, character design, atmosphere, at the same time make up a work schedule, select a location, collect information, set characteristics, experiment with different narrative paths, select actors, design sounds, edit trailers, submit illustrations and I solve all problems that arise during development. These are my responsibilities.


One hundred percent man, what else can you say.

New open worlds in Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga amaze players

In the industry, Lego games are associated with stability. So when Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was announced at E3, the players thought, "Ah, another lego game." However, what they saw in the trailer was different from what they expected.


The game is not a banal collection of all films. Each chapter corresponding to a specific picture will represent an open world with five levels. In it, you can find a bunch of side quests, such as bounty hunting and smuggling races, where you need to avoid falling into the clutches of the Empire. Side quests can be abandoned and then continued where you left off.


In space, you may stumble upon a random encounter, such as a battle between rebels and the Empire. You don't have to join them, but those who have seen the gameplay claim that it is worth it, because in terms of the level of playback they resemble the second Battlefront of 2005.

Also, eyewitnesses say that the developers changed the camera angle and made it free. Now the game is more like an action game.

The game will be released in 2020 on all current platforms.

Secret Strike Discovered in Shenmue 20 Years Later

All this time, there was a blow in the game code, referring to the very first Street Fighter.

It's called Shin Shoryuken. To do it, Internet enthusiasts created a file that allows you to unlock it. If you'd like to add this trick to your version of Shenmue, see the details here.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Stay tuned.

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