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Review The Quiet Man - Silent Horror


When I was a little boy, I was engaged in commonplace childish pranks, for example, playing with friends in the mud all day, and then, covered with dust, this very mud and sysadinama returned home. My grandmother, if she saw me like that, always covered her mouth with her hand and said the phrase "Quiet horror".

In fact, as it turned out, my grandmother had the gift of providence. And when I saw my grandson in a similar, deplorable and I'm not afraid of this word, miserable state, then at that moment I saw the future, where Square Enix releases an equally deplorable and miserable game called The Quiet man, calling it this phrase. And so I realized this after 20 years. Or just 20 years later, my fantasy is as vivid as that of a child .... This does not negate 31 Metacritic points and today we have a review on The Quiet man.

Let's make a game without sound? It will be cool! (No)

According to the initial idea, on the concept, using the main character's disability as a gameplay mechanic is a good and very fresh idea. However, during the implementation period, difficulties arise, namely, that in fact everything turns out stupid. In the gaming industry, very few people have succeeded in this (we do not take into account dumb heroes, like Gordon Freeman, or Artyom from Metro, who are simply silent), but here unexpectedly at E3 Square Enix, such “We can, we can, we are not like all!". We rolled out a trailer and called it the best cinematic experience ...


For you to understand, the game is literally a film strip at 2 o'clock. And in some moments, from an academic point of view, it is good, with excellent angles and pleasant colors, but that's all. The acting of the actors themselves, to put it mildly, is so-so, especially our protagonist with the facial expressions of a log, but that's nothing. After the scene where GG approaches the Mexicans and shows that he has no hearing, the sound disappears and that's it ... There is no music, no subtitles, nothing at all.

Next, you will find two and a half hours of silent movies with sounds that rarely appear (when you hit the enemy, a sound appears, as if you hit the surface of the water with your palm). A classic shot from the game, this is when GG is sitting and some other character rubbing something into him, and you don't understand what is happening at all, because there is no sound and subtitles ...


On the one hand, you say: “Hey, well, that's the point, it's social. a comment! They show us how to be deaf and dumb. ”Yes, the only problem is that the GG understands what he is told. He listens (in fact, he turns away in a couple of frames and listens), reads lips and the devil sometimes answers, although not every deaf-mute person can do this. The problem is that the GG understands what is happening and what they are telling him, but we do not! How can I then associate myself with him?

Let's make you wait to replay the game? There will be fire at all! (Not at all)

So, perhaps the developers wanted us to try to put the plot together ourselves, so that later we could replay the game and compare the sensations. I personally wrote the news on our website that after passing the main campaign, we will be able to play the game with sound! So, when the game has been completed, the cut scene begins. It ends with the fact that we pick up the phone and displays the inscription: "It will be possible to answer in" and a timer with several days.


As it turned out, when you finished the game, you had to wait for a patch that would give you the opportunity to complete the game with sound. I had to wait almost two weeks and postpone the review. Two weeks Karl!

Then you think, well, now everything should be different, the review on The Quiet Man will be top, a unique gaming cinematic experience, Square Enix promised! (No).

Let the plot of the game be easy to predict, and then turn out to be dumb? This will be the best game of the year! (The worst game of the year)

Then there will be spoilers, and then suddenly. So, the absurd is that the girl who is kidnapped according to the plot, which we save, is similar to our mother. She died when, as a child, two of our friends fought over sneakers. Yes, you are not mistaken. In children's flashbacks, we see a scene where one kid (Hispanic) took away sneakers from another (African American), he pulled out a pistol and accidentally shot at the mother of the protagonist who was passing by.

According to the main plot, we then also meet an African American and a Latin American, who squabble over your girlfriend. As if an allusion to the events of childhood. And then it turns out that your father is to blame for everything. Ze end.


So adds some charm to the game? No, our hero does not behave like a deaf-mute at all. He can speak, he understands everything. In some moments he understands what they are saying to him, not looking in the direction of the speakers or not seeing their faces!

Let's not have the gameplay interactive yet? What are we geniuses, game makers! (Kill me)

So that's the gameplay. He's gone. We don't have an interactive experience, like in The Walking dead, Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human, we don't influence anything. And the fights? The combat system looks funny, GG flies across the screen as if he were the hero of an Indian movie. Seriously, those ridiculous Indian films where a character can raise a tank with his hand and throw it at enemies. Damn, there is a scene in the games where GG jumps over a dude, leaning his hand on his bald head ...

The fights themselves are poor in staging. I felt like I was playing the Boxer Revenge that Maddison reviewed back in the early 10s.


The animations are crooked, the character slides through the air and enemies too, and the fight consists of pressing three keys. You constantly fall through tekturs, blows pass through enemies, enemies through animations of other enemies, we teleport to finish off ...

And let's draw conclusions? It's time!

The game is bad. The gameplay is monotonous, boring, simple and crooked. The plot is banal and uninteresting, especially during the first silent playthrough. There is no personal association with the heroes. There is no interactive either, although the game is called interactive.

We were told that we will get a cool experience from the stage at E3, but we get it. The Quiet Man is probably the worst game this year. Advice, do you want a cool experience? Cut in any game, for example RDR 2, cut out the sound, pass, and then replay again, but with sound. Profit. Yes, it's stupid, but it's better than this game.

This was a review by The Quiet Man, be critical about claims of cool experiences.

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Author: Jake Pinkman