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Developers of the USB connector admitted to its imperfection


The creators of the project, thanks to which the well-known USB port appeared in the world, shared the details of what caused an error in the development of the connector and why they did not fix it, although its presence is quite obvious. Ajay Bhatt, one of the development team leaders, honestly admitted that the asymmetrical sides of a port do not always allow the cable to be connected correctly on the first try.

If we take the mathematical theory of probability, then the chances of connecting the USB connector and the plug the first time, without looking at the contacts, are respectively 50/50 - either the user is lucky and everything will work out right away, or he will have to turn the plug on the other side. There are a lot of jokes on the Internet for this case that on the third attempt you will definitely succeed in connecting the cable, although there is a considerable grain of truth in this.

Bhatt said that the creators of the interface from the very beginning saw the imperfect device of USB ports due to the asymmetry of its sides and understood that this would lead to certain inconveniences when using it. However, no attempts were made to fix everything. The reason for this is trivial - money. Correcting the defect would increase the cost of the final product cost due to the use of additional parts.


Originally, the USB port appeared on the iMac. This happened over 20 years ago and since then the USB interface has become quite common on many devices. Subsequently, Apple designed a different solution for its branded products - the Lightning interface, correcting the asymmetry.


Despite the presence of a drawback due to which the USB technology did not become perfect, the connector has become a good replacement for many other ports. The USB interface has evolved gradually, and although it was given the status of a universal solution, over the years it periodically appeared on the market in different versions. In 2014, the USB Implementers Forum decided to take Apple technology as a basis and introduced to the market a modified USB Type-C interface, the sides of which became the same. It is likely that over time, the USB Type-C port will become as widespread as its predecessor, becoming a popular standard.

Until now, the manufacturer of the original USB port has not fixed its problem, although its solution can already be found among other developments on the market. For example, at points of sale you can find cables with fully symmetrical built-in connectors, including micro USB and Lightning. These connectors can be plugged in without error the first time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman