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PT is not Silent Hills. What was Kojima's famous horror movie? [Cadelta Horror Month]


Not so long ago, we said that PT is one of the main horror films of our time, setting a new trend in horror in games. For example, he pushed the Resident Evil series from a dead sleep, setting the mood for the seventh part. Today, alas, it is difficult to play it, because the game was removed from the PS Store in 2015, so if you do not have the game, you will not be able to download it. Although, of course, there are always ways to get the coveted horror. And although several years have passed since the cancellation of the project, and Kojima himself managed to do Death Stranding at all, the game is remembered and various theories about PT are being analyzed. As part of our horror month, will we talk about what PT really was?

G or L?

In case you don't know, PT stands for Playable Teaser. This short game was the lead to the Silent Hills announcement. Such an interactive experiment by Kojima and Guillermo del Toro with powder from Norman Reedus. The authors were 7780s Studio, specifically presenting the game as an indie project to fuel the intrigue. It was also known that the famous horror mangaka Junji Ito participated in the creation of the game, and the composer of the Silent Hill series Akira Yamaoka, although he did not confirm his participation in the project, did not deny this possibility. After the teaser came to an end, a cut-scene appeared with the words Silent Hills at the end.


According to Kojima, they planned to make a game that would make us wet our pants. However, when the project began to be implemented, they realized that the game, more than that, should make us kick our pants. And he added that it is for this that two pairs of spare pants will be added to the collector's edition. We found ourselves in a time loop, a looped corridor in the shape of the letter L [or letter L] where we were followed by the corpse of a young woman named Lisa. Kojima even hinted that this project could become the main one in his life. Alas, due to the conflict with Konami, the game was canceled and we never saw the continuation of Silent Hills from Kojima ... Or PT was not any teaser for Silent Hills?

Kojima Code

One of the YouTube bloggers TheGrateDebate, built a theory that PT was nothing more than a PR move and critical comment, and Hideo and Del Toro had no plans to make a sequel. Further we will focus on the words of the blogger.

The main point of the theory is that PT is an omen for the opening of the independent Kojima Production [KP]. One of the first arguments in favor of this theory is that Kojima, according to his studio staff who spoke with reporters about Death Stranding, always makes his games autobiographical and inserts a bunch of metaphors.


Maybe jokingly, but maybe really seriously, Ryan Payton, who worked at KP, said that he perceives a shot from Death Stranding, where Naked Norman Reedus in broken handcuffs holds a child in his arms and looks into the distance - a metaphor for the Konami situation. As if Reedus is Kojima, the child is Metal Gear Solid, his brainchild, which was taken from him and he looks into a dark, difficult future. And just the last part of PT, which tells about the boring killer father, is also an allusion to the Konami situation.

The conflict between Kojima and the studio management began because of money, hostility and a man named Hideka Hoyakawa, who in 2011 entered the studio and produced the Dragon Collection game - in simple words, a mobile free-to-play d * ochilnyu with donation ... Kojima, as of 2011, was already an eminent developer of high-budget projects with contempt for mobile games, and he is understandable. After all, he sees game design as a subject for creating art.

However, the Dragon Collection became hyper-profitable and literally brought in millions almost every day. During development, Hoyakawa asked Kojima to let him use Snake in the game, to which he refused, adding something arrogantly derogatory about the Dragon Collection. Strange though, since Silent Hill 2 and 3 writer Hiroyuki Okawa also worked on the game ...


In any case, the relationship between the two did not work out and this could not affect the future, given that after the success of the Dragon Collection, Hideka received significant promotions up to the position of vice president of the Japan branch of Konami, replacing Kojima in this post. The heads of the studio looked at the situation from the outside: the cheap Dragon Collection in production brings in millions, and Kojima demands 100 million only for the engine for his PT, plus prohibits its use in other projects. The conclusion suggests itself.


In 2015, Hidek became president of Konami, in the same year PT was canceled, and after a couple of months Hideo left [read fired] from the studio, having lost Metal Gear. But here's the detail. PT came out exactly 10 months after Kojima was replaced as Vice President of Hoyakawa. And if you remember one of the conversations with the embryo, he says the following phrase: “You were fired and you drowned your life in alcohol [...] do you remember when it was? 10 months ago! ”.

Other PT

The game was announced by Kojima at Gamescom 2014, against the wishes of the publisher. Konami was banned, but Hideo made an announcement anyway. It was catastrophically important for him to get the game released 10 months after his downgrade. The blogger claims that another key to PT's secrets lies in the words of Guillermo del Toro. The director claims that the game allegedly had two versions. After he and Hideo discussed ideas a lot, he sent him the first version of the game and it was very good. However, after a while, Hideo sent Guillermo the second version that we saw. Both the first version of the game and the second are excellent, but the first is very different from the final result.


According to its anonymous source from Konami, TheGrateDebate claims that the original development of Silent Hills was indeed a priority for Konami, and it was being developed. But after Hideka Hoyakawa came to the company and released a game that brought gold, Konami looked at Hideo and his expensive Fox Engine, demeanor, high cost of Silent Hills and the latest Metal Gear Solid 5, and came to a decision to fire Hideo. After all, they have already invested money in his project, but they can still be recaptured, for example, by introducing microtransactions in MGS5. They called him and said that he had two years to finish everything he was doing now, and then his contract would expire. The situation was aggravated by his relationship with Hideka Hoyakawa and the personal enmity of the head of Konami Kagemasi Kozuko for Kojima.


The fact is that Konami is a family business, and at the time of this story, Konami was associated among people just with Kojima, and not with Kozuko.

Presumably during the period when Hideo reported the news of two years, he decided to change the game. It’s easy to understand that when the company where you worked for 27 years says that you will soon be fired, and your new game engine, the series of games that you have created all your life, no longer belong to you - it’s a hard blow. And he decided to use this time not just to finish Metal Gear, but also to remake PT, inserting there the belittling of two people who ruined his career.


So, for example, an ordinary father who killed his family is Konami, who disbanded Hideo's studio. The embryo is Silent Hills itself, which the company threw away when it was just developing. And Lisa herself is the Fox Engine, on which the game was made, but Konami forcibly interrupted the development. The blogger also claims that the code 204863, which forced the father of the family to kill everyone, is a reference to Hideo's birthday, namely 08.24.63, that is, this is Kojima himself. The father hears the code, gets angry and kills his family - count this to translate, as Director Konami dislikes Kojima, so he decides to fire him and disband his studio.

He only dedicated a few developers to his plans for PT, as well as friends such as Del Toro, Winding Rafn and Norman Reedus.

It just so happens that PT tells an original story, but it has a different connotation. We do not advise you to believe in theory, since theories are no more than what they are. However, it sounds intriguing, and in fact in the spirit of a genius.

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Author: Jake Pinkman