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Overview of dBot W100 and dBot W120 cleaning robots


Those who had to manually clean windows know firsthand the complexity and laboriousness of this process. Its danger is also worth mentioning. Especially when it comes to shine in an apartment located in a high-rise building with a large glazing area. Cleaning robots from Chinese developers dBot W100 and dBot W120 can come to the aid of cleanliness lovers.


The dBot W100 and dBot W120 gadgets are compact. Their dimensions are smaller than those of counterparts designed for floor cleaning. In order for such a device to be reliably held on the glass, it is equipped with a vacuum motor. It is capable of creating a vacuum that secures the device to a vertical surface.


Both dBot W100 and dBot W120 have two discs at the bottom. They rotate, which allows the gadget to move along the window, while cleaning it.

Five pairs of microfiber cloths are included with each device. If the vapor becomes dirty, a quick replacement for a clean one is available, the dirty ones can be washed in any way.

Also, both dBot models are equipped with a power cable and a safety rope with a snap hook. It will prevent the robot from accidentally falling from a height.

There is also a remote control. It is equipped with several control buttons, the functionality of which is easy to understand. There are three preset programs for cleaning. The first one allows the cleaner to move up and down the window, and the other two determine the algorithm for moving left or right.

The device itself has a joystick that allows you to manually control it.

Preparations for cleaning windows and the process itself

The dBot robot is equipped with a built-in battery. Make sure it is charged before placing it on the glass. Otherwise, in the event of a power outage, the device may fall off and hang on the insurance.

After that, you need to put napkins on the rings. Be careful when doing this. Although they are plastic, they have sharp edges, the contact with which is not very pleasant.

Next, you should decide on the number of harvesting cycles. If the windows are very dirty, then you will need several of them. For a start, it's best to dry clean to remove dust. After fixing the device on the glass, it starts working in accordance with the set program. The start of work is set by a command from the console. The movement algorithm of the device depends on the selected mode.

After the end of cleaning, dBot returns to the starting point. After cleaning is complete, the dBot W100 is removed from the glass using a handle. The older model is more compact due to the fact that the holder is integrated into the body. However, this does not make it less convenient.

At the second stage of cleaning, the main cleaning is performed. For this, the napkins are covered with a special detergent. It only needs a little bit and only needs to be applied along the edges of the microfiber.


After that, the user can forget about cleaning for a while. But not everyone will be able to do this due to the presence of significant noise of 72 dB. It can also scare pets.

The dBot W120 model produces 8 dB less noise. It's better, but still a bit too much.

Good results

Not so long ago, the first tests of new products were carried out. One user described how dBot washed his balcony windows, which were heavily soiled. For this, cleaning was carried out in two stages. Dust was removed first (as recommended) and then wet mopped.

The result pleased the person. He concluded that one cleaning step is enough for cleaning not very dirty surfaces. In other cases, there may be two or even three.

Cleaning one casement takes about 8 minutes.

Some disadvantages have also been identified. The robot is not able to remove dirt that is present in the corners of the treated surfaces. Also, after 2-3 cleaning cycles, streaks may remain on the windows. They are insignificant and can be fixed manually, but the result will not be perfect.

How does insurance work?

Such a question may interest all potential users of the device living in high-rise buildings. It has already been said above that the device is equipped with a safety cable with a carabiner for fastening. Its second end must be tied to a piece of furniture in the apartment during cleaning. The length of the cable will probably be enough for this. Such measures will prevent dBot from falling.

In addition, its battery will ensure the operation of the device even in the event of a power outage. This will take at least 20 minutes. At the same time, the smart gadget will signal the owner about the lack of power from the network. It is unlikely that he will ignore them or be so distracted from the whole cleaning process. Control is always needed for everything, especially when it comes to electronic devices.


Not everyone likes to wash windows on their own, and the cost of these services from cleaning companies is constantly growing. The above robotic washers can remove all the problems on this matter. Having tried it once, it will probably be difficult to refuse further use of such a device.

He will do most of the work on his own. All that remains is to remove dirt in the corners of windows or a wall covered with tiles.


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