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Films to watch in June 2018


June will delight not only Jurassic World fans, but also all those who have interesting biographical dramas and anime about superheroes.

Assassin 2: Against All

The Assassin, originally titled Sicarius, is a 2015 thriller that proved once and for all that Denis Villeneuve is a master of all genres, is able to tell an exciting story with his films so that people get goosebumps. Unfortunately, Villeneuve did not return to direct the sequel and was replaced by Stefano Sollima, best known for adapting Gomorrah for Italian television.

Also, Emily Blunt, the star of the first film, will not appear in the new film, but this absolutely does not mean that the sequel is nothing to watch: Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro Gillike, who kidnaps the daughter of a Mexican drug lord as part of a plan. to turn rival cartels against each other. When his boss (Josh Brolin) orders him to kill the kidnapped woman, he refuses and then the people from the Drug Enforcement Administration begin to persecute him.

In South Korea the film will be released on June 27, in USA, Cambodia and Australia on June 28 , in the USA, England and Turkey on the 29th of this month.

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is one of the most beloved films from Pixar. Considering that almost every animated film of this studio is a favorite, then being the most favorite among all your favorite films says a lot. This time, the Parr family, in which each family member is endowed with some kind of superpowers, takes up work again to defeat the villains of Miner Podryvashkin and the new threat of Screenslaver. Or at least Elastica (Holly Hunter) is going to do it.

Superheroes are still viewed somewhat wary, even in Superfamily 2, but Elastica is hired by a public relations specialist (Bob Odenkerk) who wants to reconcile superheroes with ordinary people, make them more pleasant to the public. Elastica's husband stays at home with the kids and does household chores, which, as usual, creates many comic situations.

Expect even more pop art graphics from film director Brad Bird that made the first film so visually appealing. The Incredibles 2 will be released on June 14 in USA and June 15 in the US, and on June 27 it will be seen in Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands.

Jurassic World 2

People never seem to get tired of dinosaurs: "Jurassic World 2" is another film from the saga about giant reptiles. It also ranks as the fifth highest grossing film in the world. This time the director will be Juan Antonia Bayon. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are back with us, teaming up to save the remaining dinosaurs from a well-known amusement park in the past, which is threatened with complete destruction due to the activation of a dormant volcano on the island.

But a much bigger problem awaits them when they again meet with civilization: greedy forces want to seize and sell dinosaurs and, even worse, make them weapons in the hands of the military. All this, of course, turns out, as in one of the previous films, that dinosaurs seem to go crazy and now they can be found in ordinary cities and towns: one of the scariest shots from the trailer captured the jaw of a dinosaur just a hair's breadth from a crib. p>

In USA the film will be released June 7, and in the US almost 2 weeks later, June 22.


The 1972 crime drama "Cool" became one of the key films along with "Shaft" in the genre of black exploitation (exploitation of African Americans). But most of all, the film is remembered for the phenomenal soundtrack from the legendary composer and singer Curtis Mayfield. The music tracks are the perfect companion to the story of Priest, a cocaine dealer who wants to make a final deal before going out of business. So it becomes clear why not just anyone was chosen to direct the remake, but Director X, a Canadian who became famous after he created a video for Drake, Rihanna, Miguel and Kendrick Lamar.

In the new version of the film, Trevor Jackson, who is only 21 years old, will play the role of Priest, in 1972 he was played by Ron O'Neill. Hip-hop idols such as Big Boi, Rick Ross will also appear in the film, along with Michael K. Williams, who is capable of making any crime film even better.

A guy like Jake

The film about the difficulties of upbringing does not seem to be new, but "A guy like Jake" studies the topic even deeper and shows how hard it is to be the parents of a really extraordinary child. Based on the 2013 play of the same name by Daniel Pearl, A Boy Like Jake, focuses on the mother and father of 4-year-old Jake (Claire Danes and Jim Parsons), who is soon to go to daycare. Jake has one oddity: he prefers Disney princesses to toy soldiers or toy cars and lacks identification with what traditionally fits into male behavior patterns. There is growing tension in the family between husband and wife because they do not know how best to respond to the child's needs.

David Ehrlich noted in his film article that "this is a deeply felt and detailed portrait of modern parents." The film is released in the US on June 1 , while the world premiere of the film has already taken place.

Ocean's 8 Friends

Anne Hathaway plays an actress who plans to wear a $ 150 million gem necklace to a charity evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's like she's pinning a target on her back to hit the center, because all the noise around her necklace is inspiring a team of thief friends led by Danny Ocean's sister (played by George Clooney), Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), sister of Danny Ocean in previous films by Stephen Soderbergh) to free the actress from this valuable burden.

Ocean gathers a team, where the roles are played by Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Aquafina, Sarah Paulson, not to mention that the very place where the action takes place will be the stage for the appearance of several cameos from the fashion world such as Anna Wintour and Alexander Wang. The film will be released in the USA on June 8th, and in USA on June 21st .

Happy Prince

The last years of Oscar Wilde's life were the most tragic, which is not at all combined with those witty plays and short stories that he wrote before. Sentenced to two years in prison for sodomy (homosexuality) during the years when in England it was one of the gravest sins that a person could commit, upon his release from prison he moved to France, where he spent the rest of his life in poverty.

Rupert Everett plays Wilde, and the actor also became the director of the film. Colin Firth, Colin Morgan and Emily Watson have taken part in this film that illuminates the life of the great writer in a new way. One of the British critics spoke about the film as follows: "Wilde's huge inner struggle with himself, a great talent against earthly passions in the Victorian era, all this is reflected in Everett's film with incredible sincerity and authenticity."

The film will be released in England and Ireland in mid-June.

Decorate a goodbye morning with flowers of promise

Mira Okada is one of the most prominent Japanese TV anime scriptwriters, but she is rarely known outside of her country. That will soon change, however, with the release of her debut animated feature, Decorate a Farewell Morning with the Flowers of Promise.

This film not only conquers with the most beautiful hand-drawn animation, but also that it shows a very feminist story of a young girl belonging to the family of immortals, provided that they give up love and choose control over their own life and destiny. As the journalist The Japan Times wrote: "This is Okada's solid directorial debut, but it will also bring her even more fans as a screenwriter, because the idea of the film may be very close to many."

The premiere of the film has already taken place in USA, while in England, Australia and New Zealand the film will still be released on June 27.

It looks like there will be something to see in June. Read our next installments of articles with a selection of the best thematic films.

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