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What do you know about difficult bosses. Monster Hunter Series Overview


Monster Hunter is an iconic Action-RPG series that is hugely popular in Japan and will be making its first visit to personal computers with the release of Monster Hunter: World.

Unfortunately, the series is practically unknown to USA players, so in this article we will review the Monster Hunter games and tell you why each project release from this series is a real treat for a fan of high-quality video games.

Monster hunter about the series

One of the main gaming phenomena in Japan

When you mention the name of this series in Japan, you can immediately recall the kilometer-long queues on the day of the project's release and a huge amount of additional entertainment content based on the game, including anime, toys and comics. Moreover, since 2012, Scott Anderson, a director who is already known to gamers for multiple adaptations of Resident Evil, volunteered to film the series. The film entered active production in 2016 and is expected to be released early next year.

Today the series has 4 numbered games, twice as many different spin-offs and add-ons, and also has a total circulation of more than 40 million copies sold, most of which were sold in Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the characters from this game are no less recognizable than the Pokemon, and in Tokyo there were even special, themed gaming clubs where they gathered in small companies and played only in Monster Humnter.

Despite such a warm welcome at home, Western players and critics did not welcome the series with enthusiasm, since the first parts of the game seemed to be projects with outdated graphics and complex, unusual gameplay, where practically nothing is explained, and you need to learn from your mistakes. Doesn't it look like anything? For example, another hardcore game series developed in Japan - Dark Souls?

If this is not enough for you, then you can read our article with a detailed history of how the Monster Hunter series began

Gameplay Features

Monster hunter monster

The first part of the series was released in 2004 exclusively on the PlayStation 2 console with at that time innovative gameplay, the logical development of which can be observed in the new MH: World. The multiplayer was the main feature of the game, because in multiplayer mode it was possible to get access to uniquecontent:monsters, missions and loot for crafting. In addition, Capcom took the service elements from the MMO (of course, no loot boxes existed then) and neatly integrated them into multiplayer - almost every week, players were offered new goals in the game, motivating them to return online. The multiplayer mode was so popular that in Japan the servers with the game were closed only 7 years after the project was released.

Monster hunter hunting

The gameplay basis, starting from the first part, has practically not changed. You are one of the members of the Hunter Guild, who are engaged in the extermination of dangerous monsters. The game begins in a small village, where there are many NPCs, who are happy to teach the player the basics of the hunting profession, issue a series of quests, sharpen weapons and exchange loot.

Almost every character encountered in the village is ready to give the hunter a new quest, which are of three types:

  • Standard hunting quests in which you need to kill a monster
  • Quests where you had to weaken and trap the monster
  • Gathering quests where you had to collect certain items, like parts of monsters or plants

Separately, it is worth noting the hardcore inherent in Japanese gamedev - if you fail the quest three times, it is blocked for good.

Some of the main gameplay features are stamina (stamina), which was spent on almost all player movements, and an advanced crafting system that allows you to combine various items and create powerful armor and weapons. With all this, the game can hardly be called an RPG in the classical sense, it is rather closer to the Diablo series, where an open world and simple quests were just a backdrop for non-stop action.

Hunting as the basis of Monster Hunter

Monster hunter gameplay

The main element of the game is hunting. In this regard, MH is an extended version of the quests from The Witcher 3, where you had to hunt down a monster for a long time, study its habits and apply special oils to the blades to defeat the enemy. Throughout the world of the MH universe, monsters can easily move between locations, which is why the hunt began to look like real hide and seek.

When the monster was found, it was possible to set up a trap for him or immediately attack head-on-head. Like any quality slasher, each monster in the game required its own approach, had unique behaviors and special attacks. Some bosses were so powerful that several players were required to defeat them at once, who could team up in multiplayer.

The unusual concept of the game immediately attracted many Japanese gamers to the project, which prompted the developers to release a separate version for PSP, which did not have online elements, but pleased with a huge amount of content.

Monster hunter 2006

In 2006 , a full-fledged 2nd part was released, in which the developers added a cycle of changing the time of day, because of which some animals could be seen only during the day or in the evening. Another important innovation is the ability to use gems, which can significantly improve the characteristics of armor or weapons.

The real heyday of the series and huge commercial success came with the release of the third part of Monster Hunter. The new game added underwater locations and the ability to hunt freely with no time or stamina limit. It was the first installment in the series to be released on Nintendo consoles.

Monster hunter Nintendo

The impressive success of the game on the Nintendo console prompted the developers to release the 4th part again only on the Japanese game console 3DS. In this part, the main feature is vertical gameplay, in which the player could climb any hill and attack enemies from an ambush. Plus, like Shadow Of The Colossus, you could even climb your opponents!

Monster Hunter: World - the pinnacle of the series

Monster hunter world

So we smoothly approached Monster Hunter: World, which has absorbed all the innovations of the past parts and, thanks to the transition from portable consoles to stationary consoles and PCs, significantly expands the gaming capabilities:

  • Completely open world and no loading screens
  • You can feel like a hunter on a real safari, as the game has a living ecosystem where monsters hunt each other
  • Improved enemy intelligence
  • Ability to use a special hook to quickly move around the location or to fight monsters
  • Destructible environment

The game has already been released and collects rave reviews from gamers, and some game journalists managed to dub the new MH - the best action-RPG project of this year.

By the way, the game will be released on pc in mid-2018, so the boyars pitch has a reason to be happy.

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