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Games we want to see previews this year


In 2020, there will be enough cool games, both large and small, in which we will be lost for hundreds of hours. They will be followed by a new series of games, whose announcements we are waiting for. Some projects have not yet been announced, but we already know that they are in development and are waiting for the announcement, others - we only dream of seeing and just hope. We have collected the first and the second in our top games, the announcement of which we want to see in 2020.

Marvel's Spider Man 2

Marvel's Spider Man was a great game that took Batman Arkham City off the throne of the best superhero comic book game. It had great quests, a plot and a divine flight on the web, of course. That is why it sold 13.2 million copies, becoming one of the fastest selling games on PS4 since Uncharted 4. And even then, this is the data for August last year.


This success clearly leads to the creation of a sequel, as mentioned by former Game Informer editor Imran Khan, who suggests that the game will visit us in 2021, and Insomniac Games itself is already working on a sequel. With such sales, both publisher and developer are clearly interested in a sequel, add here that Sony is very fond of showing how Marvel's Spider Man works on PS5 when it demonstrates the dev kit's capabilities to developers and investors. And to be honest, we are also waiting for the continuation.

Mass Effect Remake Trilogy

It's easy to say, "I wish BioWare would re-release all three games in the Mass Effect series as a remake or remaster." It's actually hard to do with the studio's poor state of affairs, but we still want BioWare to do it.


We would love to dedicate ourselves to the Shepard saga, but in a new cover. Imagine the smooth combat of Mass Effect 3, the skip of dialogue in Mass Effect 2, and the deep pumping mechanics in Mass Effect 1, all rolled into one big, improved trilogy. In addition, BioWare can simply make remasters, removing many unnecessary things that do not work well in the original, such as clumsy menus, annoying mini-games, not the best boss fights. It would be great.

Fable 4

Before the start of E3 2019, we had a rumor that an announcement of the restart of the Fable franchise would take place at the exhibition, and that this probability is extremely high. A little later on Mixer, which belongs to Microsoft, they found Fable 4 in a search engine, and although it was confusing, it gave hope for the best. However, nothing ever happened. No sequel, no restart.


Once, or to be more precise 16 years ago, gamers roamed the lands of foggy Albion, and Fable itself became one of the three main series of Microsoft along with Halo and Gears of War. The game is still cool thanks to its sarcastic humor, balanced combat and interesting story. This is why we want to see a sequel so badly. I really want Phil Spencer to go on stage at this E3 and announce the next chapter of Fable, even if it will be a restart of the series, just let Playground Games do everything from the heart, you see, and trees growing in real time will be delivered.

Untitled Harry Potter Game

There hasn't been a great game in the Harry Potter universe for a long time, and let's not include Harry Potter: Wizards Unite here. I'm talking about a real big franchise game right now. At the very least, we know that Warner Bros. is making an RPG based on this universe.

A teaser for the game has floated to the network, and the person who posted it said that we will play for a high school student at Hogwarts. We will have access to 8 character classes, a choice between a good passage and a bad one, and the action itself will unfold in the 19th century.

Honestly, if everything turns out to be that way, I would love to play such a game, since the setting of the world is huge, and Harry's story has already been chewed up more than once, and it would be nice to see something else. If the announcement takes place this year, I will be happy.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2

EA released an excellent single-player game without donation, which paid off. It sounds very unusual, but personally I am very happy. I completed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and enjoyed it as if I was back in the days of soul games. After all, this is the Jedi game we needed so badly, and there will likely be a sequel in the future.


According to Jason Schreyer, EA is so happy with the sales that it has given Respawn the go-ahead to sequel the game. Whether this is the continuation of the story of Kel Kestis or we see something new - it doesn't matter, I just want to see the announcement this year.

Resident Evil 8

There are many rumors that, in addition to Resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom is working on another project, and even recruiting people from the fans of the cut to test some new project. Many hope that this year we will see not only a remake, but also a continuation of the series, to understand where it will go next.


And even if the announcement takes place, it is not known what the game will be: again, a first-person horror or the developers somehow use the experience gained from creating remakes. In any case, I'm sure it will turn out amazingly. And it seems that there is even a possibility that the game will be released in the same year as it is announced. But this is on condition that it is announced. Over the past three years, the studio has proven that it can not only make great sequels to iconic franchises, as it was with DMC 5 and Resident Evil 7, but also release several AAA projects in a year that were previously secretly developed. So why not?

Dino Crisis


But if we do not see the coveted eighth cut, fans hope that the very new project, which is covered in darkness, is a remake of Dino Crisis. The people just call it Resident Evil about dinosaurs. The first part of the franchise was super, and with how well the studio is doing with remakes, many are hoping that we will be announced a new Dino Crisis. Although, Dino Crisis or Resident Evil 8 - it doesn't matter, give us something and we'll be happy.


There are a lot of rumors about GTA VI, we even wrote a whole material dedicated exclusively to rumors, leaks and theories about what GTA 6 will be like. There are so many of them that it's time for the developer to give us something.


Think about it, almost 7 years have passed since the last GTA was released, and it's time to share new information with fans, or even better to make an announcement. I'm ready to wait another year, but if I and many other gamers like me know that a new GTA awaits us, it will be easier to wait. In addition, remembering Rockstar and GTA 5, which was released at the intersection of consoles of the past and current generations, I am not surprised if this time we will face the same scenario. And PC players will again wait for the port for two years. Both funny and sad.

Splinter Cell

Some of Ubisoft's biggest franchises have evolved very rapidly over the past few years [let's not count last year's Breakpoint] but of them all, Splinter Cell has lagged behind despite the fact that people really love the franchise and want more.


Imagine the best version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and that's how the future of Splinter Cell should be. Ubisoft has given its full attention to its new watching dogs this year, and has some crazy ideas about the emerging resistance movement in London, but who knows, they may already be preparing a sequel to Splinter Cell and will release it next year. I think many will be very pleased with this possible announcement of the game in 2020. We've missed the stealth games and it's time to quench our thirst.



Warner Bros. all they do is tease us by teasing a new game about Batman. Either they post hints on social networks, or they leave a real bat signal. They last tweeted and Instagrammed two parts of the same image, which when merged look like a Gotham police badge. What does it mean? Perhaps a game about Commissioner Gordon awaits us? Who knows, but we are already tired of these games in the spirit of Ridler, and we are sure that we are expecting the announcement of a new game about Batman this year.

Assassin's Creed Ragnarok

Now I’ll say a thing that many will disagree with, but I damn love what Ubisoft’s main cash cow has become. Next comes the author's subjective, with which you may not agree. Odyssey was a great game with a cool story and a beautiful open world. As for me, the series was slowly dying after Black Flag, and an interesting story of the confrontation between the Templars and Assassins in the present time ended with Desmond Miles. I don't want to remember about Unity and spin-off platformers, as well as about frankly passable, albeit atmospheric Syndicate.


In Origin, although he was praised, I never lost, but I licked Odyssey inside and out, spending about 80 hours on it and I do not regret it. I love the RPG bias, the departure from the obsolete confrontation between the Assassins and the Templars, and for this reason, in light of the latest rumors, I am waiting for the announcement of Assassins Creed Ragnarok. I am sure many will agree with me, as some will say that I am wrong. But this does not change the fact that when the announcement happens, many will be very happy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman