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What STALKER 2 Will Be Like - First Details


More than a week has passed since the announcement of STALKER 2, and you can still hear the clinking of champagne glasses all over the world. Hear, these stalkers celebrate a personal holiday. But if we step aside a little from the good news and think about it, do we generally know anything about the new Stalker, in addition to the estimated release date written on the website Yes, we know something, and already now we can confidently assume what STALKER 2 will be like.

STALKER 2 game

Development History: 2010-2012

Let's go back to the distant 2010 for a moment ... Most recently, STALKER Call of Pripyat was released, which came as close as possible to the "that" game that fans have been waiting for for 10 years, then, at the end of 2009, STALKER FEST took place in Kiev , which has gathered several thousand loyal fans of the post-apocalyptic game. Everything said that STALKER 2 simply had to come out, which was confirmed by the head of studio GSC, who happily announced that more than 4 million copies of the series were sold worldwide.

Already in 2010, the developers officially confirmed the development of the game and began to share the details of STALKER 2. GSC did not particularly spread about the gameplay, but willingly talked about technical innovations. So, instead of creating primitive hand-made animation, the developers decided to shoot movements from live actors using the Mo-cap technology. Another innovation is the Havok physics engine, which in STALKER 2 will provide a realistic physics model and destructible environments. And the main innovation - the X-Ray 2 engine was responsible for the graphics, which allows you to finally create a completely seamless open world in STALKER 2.

STALKER 2 game

With regards to the plot of the new post-apocalyptic shooter, another chapter in the story of the Bullseye, the main character of the first part of the series - STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, was to await us.

New details about STALKER 2 began to be presented in a very metered manner, until in 2012 Sergei Grigorovich closed the team without unnecessary comments, and at the same time the continuation of STALKER was pushed onto the shelf. The break in the work of GSC Game World was short-lived and already in 2014 the studio announced its return and a couple of years later released Cossacks 3, but about the new Stalker, silence remained until May 15, 2018.

STALKER 2 game

Development history: 2018-2021 (?)

At the moment, at least some gameplay or plot details of STALKER 2 are completely absent, so we can only assume that in terms of the scenario, the developers will not abandon the early developments and continue the story of the Bullseye. But with the gameplay, you can be sure of only one thing - the game will definitely have a seamless world.

Even today, an open world without reloading is an absolute standard among large-scale gaming projects, the only visible exception is the recent God of War, but these are completely different from Stalker in the spirit of the game. It will be extremely surprising in 2021, when STALKER 2 is tentatively released, to see in-game downloads between locations.

STALKER 2 game

Another almost completely confirmed information regarding the post-apocalyptic shooter is the abandonment of its own graphics engine X-ray in favor of the popular Unreal Engine 4. This statement was made by Sergey Galenkin, who published a post on his Twitter indicating the site of the game and the caption “guess what kind of engine ". It is important to note here that Galenkin is one of the leading people at Epic Games, which sells licenses for Unreal Engine 4.

By the way, one of the YouTube users under the nickname "Antischnaps" this year has already published his version of how the Stalker would look on the Epic Games engine. Of course, the work does not reach the level of large game projects, but you can see how vegetation and a model of fire behavior can be implemented in the future STALKER 2.

Well, at the moment the details on STALKER 2 are over. But we hope that the developers will not torment the players and will soon share news about the hotly anticipated shooter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman