Who bought ”Gambling”, Judgment sales were suspended due to cocaine, Dwarf Fortress on Steam - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Who bought ”Gambling”, Judgment sales were suspended due to cocaine, Dwarf Fortress on Steam - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also in today's digest, read about the improvements to the Assassin's Creed III remaster, the Truberbrook puppet game, and the Saw killer from the Fallout 76 world.

Kanobu founder acquired Igromania

In February it became known that Igromania and its site were being sold to a new owner. The name of the buyer was not disclosed, but now it has become known that he is Gadzhi Makhtiyev, COO of Igromania, founder of Kanobu and the RAWG game recommendation service.

He plans to restructure and combine the two sites into one. However, according to the managing director of this new company Anton Suchkov, Kanobu and Igromania will continue to develop as separate projects with different editions and their own policies. The merging process will take a couple of months.


It is also known that Makhtiyev did not make the deal alone. The name of the second buyer is not yet known. But, according to Makhtiyev, he will try to return the printed version of Igromania back on sale. However, this will not be a priority, the main thing now is to develop the site.

SEGA suspends sales of Judgment after one of the voice actors was arrested for using cocaine

Judgment is a spin-off of the Yakuza series. In Japan, the game was released in December, and it will only creep to the rest of the world on June 25. Alas, now the game is not sold at home because of the drug scandal.

Pierre Taki is an actor and musician who voices a character named Kyohei Hamura in Judgment. Recently he was stopped by the police, Taki seemed a little out of his mind. They searched his car, but found nothing, but decided to take a urine sample for analysis, where they found traces of cocaine. The actor admitted his guilt.


In Japan, drug use is a serious offense in the eyes of society. And if in Western criminal works the use of drugs and the life of crime are closely related, then in such Japanese creations only alcohol and tobacco are allowed.

Therefore, due to the incident with Taki, SEGA decided to suspend the sale of the game, and apologizes to those who may have interfered with. In parallel, the company is considering how to solve this problem.


This is the second time in the Yakuza series of games. The first occurred when one of the voice actors in the fourth numbered game was accused of drug use, the company had to re-voice all lines of his character with another actor.

Everything that happens to Judgment is now connected only with the Japanese version of the game. It is not clear whether any changes will affect the version for the Western audience.

Dwarf Fortress is now paid for and coming to Steam

Dwarf Fortress is a well-known indie strategy game in which you need to manage a colony of dwarves. The game is famous for the most complex system of parts in control, which is why it has an unprepossessing appearance. For you to understand, each creature has a set of separately functioning internal organs that individually calculate the walking speed, the likelihood of bruises, etc. There are a lot of such details in the characters and in the environment.

The creators of the strategy, the brothers Tarn and Zach Adams, like to joke that in their game you can lose a fortress by accidentally stepping on your neighbor's cat, he will get angry and a war will begin along a chain of long ties. Yesterday, they announced that an improved, paid version of the game is moving to Steam and It will feature refined graphics, music, updates, and Steam Workshop support.

According to the Adams brothers, they do this in order to expand the community of the game, as well as to earn money for their sick relatives. The free version of the game is not going anywhere, it will be renamed Dwarf Fortress Classic and will continue to be supported.

Improved stealth, economy and other new features in the Assassin's Creed III remake

The Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed: Liberation Remaster Pack will hit the shelves at the end of the month.

In this regard, Ubisoft decided to share even more previously unknown facts:

  • The game has redesigned the interface - for example, a color-blind mode has appeared, allowing you to better notice enemies on the minimap.
  • The game economy will have a greater impact on gameplay. For example, it will give players more benefits, such as additional blueprints for weapons.
  • There will be new opportunities for stealth - which ones were not revealed to us.
  • The costumes of Alexios, Bayek and Aguilar will be added to the game.


The Nintendo Switch version also adds console-related features such as HD Rumble vibration motor feedback, touchscreen menu navigation, etc.

Trailer Truberbrook - a puppet quest about alternative 60s

A game with a title that you are unlikely to read correctly from the German studio btf raised money on Kickstarter and got a release trailer. Its main feature is that all the decorations are handcrafted by the developers!

It's 1960 - the height of the Cold War. The American scientist Hans Tannhauser won a trip to the small town of Truberbrook. There his physics work is stolen from him, and the plot eventually turns everything into a sci-fi adventure with secrets and mysticism.

Inspiration includes Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Stranger Things, and Monkey Island. However, the project will not skimp on specific humor.

All decorations - furniture, trees, rooms, houses - are hand-picked, even the lighting for the shots was made in reality, not painted! After that, all objects were scanned and transferred to the game engine and characters were added there. The game will be released on April 17 on all platforms.

A Fallout 76 player lured other gamers into his maze where they died

The heroes who continue to play Fallout 76 continue to invent various ways to entertain themselves. Thus, a Reddit user under the nickname Vault101manguy created the Deathclaw maze [analogous to the Minotaur maze]. He made a pavilion, which he decorated with decorations like a carnival building. He himself walked in a terry robe, slippers and a top hat around him and invited other players to enter the pavilion with friendly gestures.

When the poor fellows entered, the door slammed shut, and the Death Claw walked among the labyrinth, while Vault101manguy himself watched their death from above. This is how the local maniac Constructor appeared in the game, who invites everyone to play his game.

This was all the news of the outgoing week. Stay tuned.

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