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According to the works of Stephen King, as many know, not only full-length films were filmed, but also serials. Not all of them were long, but unlike individual films, almost all were successful. The common people call them that, they say, Stephen King's series, but although he wrote scripts for them, he never shot them himself. After his directorial debut scored a complete and unconditional fiasco ("Maximum Acceleration", feature film, filmed in 1986), he is no longer in directing. Let someone else get the Golden Raspberry.

Well, that's right. Everyone must do their job. Writers write, directors shoot, and screenwriters ... To distort the original masterpieces so that they turn into complete sucks. Moreover, Stephen King himself is doing the same, as soon as he is brought into the path of a screenwriter.

But it is understandable. He writes other stories based on his works, so that people who have watched the series (or film) on the wave: “Oh, fuck! The book is a hundred times better! And it was not like that there! " poured a shaft into bookstores and bought primary sources. This is how sales increase! This is how the films and TV series filmed based on King become a kind of advertisement for his original works!

But, something we have moved away from the topic. It's time to start already. And our top King series starts with one of the freshest and most successful franchises in recent years ...

1. 11.22.63 (2016)

Mini-series. KP rating 7.809.

TV Channel: Hulu (USA).

Genres: fantasy, thriller, detective, drama.

In chap. starring: James Franco, Sarah Gadon, Chris Cooper, George McKay and others

Although English teacher Jake Elling, who lives in our time, does not believe in "all sorts of things", he will have to change his attitude towards them when, in accordance with Al Taipleton's instructions, he takes a couple of steps in his back room and finds himself ... In 1960!

As it turned out, this kind of portal works in both directions and never budges. You just need to know exactly where it is and be able to use it.

Al Templeton, who owns the local diner where the portal is located, dies of illness and asks Jake to return to the past to thwart Oswald and prevent Kennedy's assassination. The teacher did not have to think long. He agrees.

Returning to 1960, he was forced to live in this time for three whole years until the moment of the assassination attempt. And it is clear that it is impossible to do this without getting to know the local people. He starts a relationship with a charming woman. He has friends, work. But he does not for a moment forget about his main goal.

To complicate matters, each return to the past discards all changes made by it, so that the future becomes clean and pristine again. Along the way, he tries to save some people, but the past perceptibly resists the changes made, so the first time our hero did not succeed and he has to return to the past several times, resetting all the changes he made to zero ...

The series has a very unpredictable and peculiar ending. Those who haven't watched have lost a lot ...

2. Storm of the Century (1999)

Mini-series. KP rating 7.676.

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller.

In chap. starring: Tim Daly, Colm Fiore, Casey Semashko, Debra Farentino and others.

It is still not clear whether this very stranger who tyrannized the locals was the culprit of the storm approaching the Little Tall Island, or the storm came on its own? Yes, this, in principle, does not matter. After all, the porridge that the dark man brewed here was incomparable with the damage that bad weather caused.

The stranger appeared just before the connection with the continent was cut off, and undertook to repair lewdness. People around him began to “die like flies,” and all because they refused to give him “what he needed”.

Later it turned out that "what he needs" is one of the children of local citizens. The stranger forces everyone to gather in the city meeting hall and draw lots. Whoever blows, he will take that child.

How it all ended - see the series. One thing is not clear. The stranger explains that the parents must give the child of their own free will. But what kind of "own will" can we talk about when everything happens under duress. And the story of what happened to the inhabitants of Roanoke Island, and all the deaths that happened here, is it not compulsion?

Well, okay. It turned out pretty well anyway. The story was originally written as a screenplay for the film. And therefore they shot it according to the script for the film, without retreating either to the right or to the left. This is probably why it turned out well ...

3. Dead zone (2002-2007)

6 seasons. KP rating 7.602.

TV Channel: USA Network (USA).

Genres: Horror, Detective, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Nicole de Boer, John L. Adams, Chris Bruno and others

The success of the feature film prompted filmmakers to shoot the novel and the series, stretching it out into as many episodes as possible. But the success of the series turned out to be such that it was extended not for “many episodes”, but for “many seasons”.

Here, science teacher Johnny Smith, who had been in a coma for seven years after the accident, could not get away from seriously helping the local police department. In the film, he was very against this situation and helped, perhaps, to find the only maniac, and to fulfill what was at the end of the novel.

But then Johnny sold out for as many as 6 seasons, and only the beginning of a drop in the ratings of the series could stop him. As the monotony of affairs has already begun to bore the townsfolk, the showrunners quickly bungled the ending and Johnny ...

4. Langoliers (1995)

Mini-series. KP rating 7.537.

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Detective.

In chap. Starring: Tom Holland, Patricia Wettig, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Keith Maberly and others.

Regular flight. Miscellaneous passengers. Each with its own quirks and kinks. At least - those who remained on board after the plane on autopilot flew through some kind of anomaly that transported them to the "rotten" past.

There are no people in this past. There are no living beings here at all. And the plants seem to become dead. This past is static. Everything here seems to be frozen. Except for the creatures that come and devour this past. They devour static forests, fields, meadows, buildings, land. Will the heroes, forced to land for refueling, be able to get away from this terrible place?

Let's watch. The idea is awkward, but it looks just great. And again, why? Because those who worked on the film did not change anything. The mini-series was filmed exactly according to the book, and therefore it came out just fine.

5. Mister Mercedes (2017-2019)

3 seasons. KP rating 7.418.

TV Channel: CBS (USA).

Genres: fantasy, thriller, detective.

In chap. starring Brendan Gleeson, Jarrell Jerome, Holland Taylor, Harry Treadaway and others.

Another series in which there are some abbreviations, but absolutely no gag. Therefore, the rating is high.

"Mister Mercedes" was nicknamed the scumbag who crashed into the fairground crowd at full speed a few years ago in a stolen Mercedes. Then a huge number of people died. More were injured and maimed. The detective who once led this case is now retired. And the case at first turned into a hangman, and later it was completely closed.

And now, after some time, "Mister Mercedes" begins to get the former investigator, going to him over the network. And the retired detective is not going to put up with it all so easily. For no apparent reason, the maniac changed his handwriting, and began to kill people in such a way that it all looks like suicide from the outside. And only a gallant old policeman can unravel this tangle and go out to the killer.

The first and second seasons turned out to be quite good, since they completely lack mysticism. These are full-fledged detective series. In the second season, by the way, it is not at all about "Mister Mercedes", as, indeed, in the book.

But King without fiction is not King. And in the third season, which will be released in 2019, paranormal abilities cannot be avoided. "Mister Mercedes", as everyone has probably guessed, is very cool pretending. And when he gets tired of pretending, he will show others where the crayfish hibernate! After all, a blow to the head at the end of the first season awakened a super-sophisticated psychic in him!

6. The Shining (1997)

Mini-series. KP rating 7.397.

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Mystic, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. starring: Rebecca De Mornay, Stephen Weber, Wil Horneff, Cortland Mead, and others

The three-part miniseries have a higher rating for one simple reason: it was also filmed without critical deviations from the main storyline of the novel. In the 1980 feature film of the same name, for which Stanley Kubrick and the female lead Shelley Duvall almost snatched the Anti-Oscar, everything, of course, also looked nothing for those times. But ...

King has a quirk about the houses in which ghosts live or in which demons inhabit. The tourist mountain hotel Overlook, which, together with his family, came to guard the protagonist Jack Torrance for the winter, is no exception.

The matter is complicated by the fact that his son Danny has the gift of telepathy, and the hotel certainly does not intend to miss such a "gourmet". He drives dad crazy, so that he would kill the whole family for his profit. Will the mother and son be able to escape this time? We look. It will be interesting!

7. Haven's Secrets (2010-2015)

5 seasons. KP rating 7.361.

TV Channel: Syfy (USA).

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Detective, Drama, Crime.

In chap. Starring: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Richard Donath, Eric Balfour and others

FBI agent Audrey Parker is a specialist in his business. This time, her mission is to travel to Haven (a town in Maine, once invented by King for the Tomminokers novel) and track down a dangerous prisoner who has escaped from prison.

Only by her arrival is the prisoner already dead. And his death came under ... To put it mildly, incomprehensible circumstances. Audrey remains in Haven to find out more about how the murder happened. But the real reason lies in the fact that she came across an old photo in the archives, in which an unknown photographer captured her mother. Now the girl is obsessed with solving the mystery of her ancestral roots.

By the way, in "Tomminokers", at least in the book version, no one survived in the town. So the action of this series develops in some of the parallel universes, where there is also the town of Haven, but where Bobbie Anderson did not find an alien ship buried underground. There people, until they died, also had heaps of "abilities". This was due to the influence of the alien saucer, which the locals decided to dig up.

And what explains the unusual superpowers of the local locals? Let's watch.

8. Mansion "Red Rose" (2002)

Mini-series. KP rating 7.181.

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystic, Detective.

In chap. starring: Nancy Travis, Matt Kislar, Matt Ross, Kimberly J. Brown and others

Again the building, and again with ghosts. And if Stephen King tried to feed the Torrance family, whose main delicacy was a telepathic boy, to the Overlook hotel, then he prepared an omelet of several people with paranormal abilities for this mansion, the main highlight of which turned out to be an autistic girl Annie Whitman, like two drops of water similar to Stephen King, but also a telepathic, and telekinetic, and God knows who.

But, as it turned out, not only God knows about her abilities, but also the mansion itself, already licking its lips in anticipation of a super-delicious meal.

This series based on the novel by Stephen King also came out well, since it is not far from the book. In it, the ambitious Professor Joyce Reardon decided to make a name for herself by proving for the first time empirically the existence of a parallel world in which otherworldly beings live. And in order to awaken the sleeping mansion to life, she intends to bring people into it, as well as the mansion itself, endowed with paranormal powers.

If she knew how it would end ...

9. Castle Rock (2018-2019)

Season 2. KP rating 7.167.

TV Channel: Hulu (USA).

Genres: thriller, horror, detective, mystic, fantasy, drama.

In chap. starring Andre Holland, Melanie Lynskey, Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard, Jane Levy and others

A fictional town in Maine, whose residents are constantly plagued by terrible "King's" misfortunes, the main of which was still considered a general insanity that happened to residents in the late 1980s, when they almost killed each other in the novel "Necessary Things" ... By the way, the book came out awesome, and the film based on the book sucks.

In this series, everything threatens to repeat itself again. As it turned out, the commander of the Shawshank Prison, who committed suicide, kept a guy in the dungeon whom he considered the devil and the source of all trouble in Castle Rock.

How wrong he was, poor fellow! It was not Henry Deaver's white double that he needed to keep in the dungeon, but Stephen King himself! This is who constantly brings down on the heads of the mortal population the townships of the mad dogs Kujo, the dark twins of writers like Ted Bumont, Leland Gaunts (aka Randall Flagg), etc.

In general, as it turned out, there really is some kind of jamb with the guy. When they got to the surface, misfortunes really began to fall on the town. And all of them, one way or another, were associated with a mysterious prisoner freed from the ground ...

10. It (1990)

Mini-series. KP rating 7.030.

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: thriller, horror, mystic, sci-fi, detective, fantasy, drama.

In chap. starring Tim Curry, Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Richard Meiser and others

A screen adaptation of the acclaimed blockbuster Stephen King, which was created only for TV. But it turned out scary and very convincing. Especially for those years. Therefore, the rating is still above seven.

The action takes place in two time periods - in 1960 and 1990. The main characters are the same people - Bill Denbrough, Eddie Castlebrack, Ben Hanscom, Richie Tozier, Stan Uris, Mike Hanloni and Beverly Marsh, that is, the Losers' Club (as they call themselves), who were still children in 1960, and in 1990 already 40-year-old uncles and aunts. In the past, they managed to once defeat the clown Pennywise, that is, the creature that was hiding under his guise. But in 1990 she returned. And now they are gathering again in order to give the intolerable something over the head, so much so that in the next 30 years there would be no one to wake up.

By the way, in the book version of "11.22.63" by Jack Eiling, who went back in time to save Kennedy, he managed to come face to face with the young protagonists of the novel "It". Anyway, many of King's novels he happened to meet in the book version ...

11. Royal Hospital (2004)

Season 1. KP rating 6.977.

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Mystic, Detective, Drama, Comedy.

In chap. starring: Jamie Harold, Diane Ladd, Bruce Davison, Julian Richings, Jack Coleman and others

In the first episode of the series, King described in detail the accident that he himself had in 1999. Only here he was replaced by the artist Peter Rickman, who, being in a kind of coma, plunges into the otherworldly world of the Royal Hospital.

Another building that has a life of its own. Only it was not filmed based on stories or novels. King originally wrote the script for the series. And if the script for "The Storm of the Century" was published, then there was no such work as "The Royal Hospital" and will not be.

It is noteworthy that this series is being filmed, like the Golden Years, precisely according to the script written for it. And by all appearances, the writer has learned to do it efficiently in 23 years and will not allow the failure that happened the last time.

Here in a modern hospital paranormal life was breathed in by the rushing souls who were once killed in an accident at the mine. And if, according to the author, adults then managed to escape almost all, then many children died in that accident. And all of them are now doomed to wander within the walls of the Royal Hospital. And not only they ...

Interestingly, the driver who hit King in the minibus really died from an overdose two years after the accident. Here he died much faster. Moreover, he fucked from the roof right in front of his dog, who distracted him at that fateful moment from the road. So, this King, as it were, old-fashioned revenge on both. Why both? Because the poor dog out loud in human language suddenly thought: "Who will feed me now?"

12. Under the dome (2013-2015)

3 seasons. KP rating 6.937.

TV Channel: CBS (USA).

Genres: fantasy, detective, thriller, drama.

In chap. starring: Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefebvre, Colin Ford, Alexander Cock and others.

Out of nowhere in the middle of a clear day, a transparent heavy-duty dome descends on the town of Chesters Mills, after which all residents of the village and the surrounding area are cut off from the outside world.

And then it started. Some suspect that this is some kind of intrigue on the part of the authorities. Others say that the military is experimenting with something. Still others invent versions connected with God, etc. On this wave, people began to change before our eyes, turning from respectable citizens into the most notorious scoundrels and moral monsters.

But not everyone is so bad. There remains a group of people with a sober mind, which is trying to keep everyone in check. But they do it badly. The city was divided into two warring groups and at a time when warriors from outside are trying to break through the dome with vacuum bombs, serious passions and arbitrariness are boiling under the dome.

The show started off well. And everything would have been fine if the writers hadn't started to get away from the topic, molding a gag and trying to stretch the story for one more season on the wave of success. This "fraer" and ruined. After the most successful season 1 (then the franchise's KP rating did not fall below 8.2), the filmmakers churned out a sloppy season 2, where they openly began to fence absurd nonsense. I had to end in a hurry and in a complete lack of ideas for the ending, since coming up with an ending for an idiotic plot sucked out of the finger is not an easy task. So the creation rolled down below the plinth.

Read the book. She is a hundred times more interesting!

13. Confrontation (1994)

Mini-series. KP rating 6.869.

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Mystic, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure

In chap. starring: Gary Sinise, Adam Storke, Corinne Nemec, Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe and others

The book is strong, but the series is somewhat blurry. The novel took on the fact that it contained a lot of off-screen reflections. And half of the characters and episodes were removed. It can be seen that the channel initially approached the production of a masterpiece with a trimmed wallet. That is why it happened.

In short, in this series all of humanity, with the exception of 1%, died from the disease. The remaining 1% split into two camps. Some - bad guys, under the leader of Randal Flagg, an otherworldly entity from the middle world (judging by the "Dark Tower"), settled in Vegas and began to arm themselves with might and main.

Others are good, gathered in Boulder, this side of the Rocky Mountains. These with open mouths are listening to Mother Abigail, a 108-year-old woman, speaking on behalf of the Lord. It is evident that a skirmish is coming between the two camps. And then Mother Abigail sends the best of the best on a hike from which not all will return.

Honestly, we would argue with those who found some high meaning in this plot. For us, King just wrote and wrote, the beginning and the middle turned out well, but he did not know how to finish. So I ended up just like that. Foolishly. Stephen King has always had problems with endings ...

14. Nightmares and Fantastic Visions (2006)

Mini-series. KP rating 6.769.

TV channel: TNT (USA).

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Mystic, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. Starring: William H. Macy, William Hurt, Tom Berenger, Claire Forlani, Ron Livingston and others

This collection includes film adaptations of Stephen King's stories. There was an attempt to play a kind of hypertrophied "Kaleidoscope of Horrors", in which each short story is stretched to the size of a series of the series .. Some things came out nothing. Some are not worth looking at. So the reviews were mixed.

But the TV series is added mainly because of Stephen King himself. If someone else had written it, the show would have slipped below the six. How to drink.

15. Salem's Fate (2004)

Miniseries. KP rating 6.645.

TV channel: TNT (USA).

Genres: Horror, Detective, Mystic, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. starring: Rob Lowe, Andre Broger, Samantha Mathis, Donald Sutherland and others

Next are two serials based on the novel "The Lot". Both are somewhat at odds with the original work, but both are worthy of attention.

"The Fate of Salem" in 2004 is a modern rehash of "The Salem Vampires," whose special effects look a little too grotesque today.

The writer comes to his hometown to fire up the imaginary, which has failed for a while. Ben Myers' creative crisis demanded to write a novel about a mansion (again a mansion!), In which spirits, ghosts and other otherworldly dregs live.

He ran into a present! As it turned out, a suspicious type Stryker (not to be confused with a policeman from "Mortal Kombat") had just moved into this house, who turned out to be the right hand of an ancient vampire whom he secured from Europe with luggage. Will anyone from the town be saved now?

It is noteworthy that Father Callagen, one of the main characters in the "Dark Tower", came to that world from the universe of "Lot". God gave him a second chance, that is, the opportunity to atone for his sins. Which he will do, only it will be a completely different story. The one that the idiotic directors of the stupid "Dark Tower-2017" with the new and improved black Roland Descein could not master ...

16. Salem Vampires (1979)

Miniseries. KP rating 6.211.

TV channel : Warner Bros Horror Television.

Genres: Horror, Mystic, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. starring: David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres and others

An older version of the Lot. The versions are very different from each other. So, fans will be interested in checking out both the old and the new. There is less Father Callagen, but more vampires. True, these artsy vampires are no longer in vogue these days, but ...

17. Golden years (1991)

Miniseries. KP rating 5.262.

TV Channel: CBS Paramount Television.

Genres: sci-fi, thriller, drama.

In chap. Cast: Keith Sharabayka, Felicity Huffman, R.D. Call, Ed Lother and others

Stephen King's very first attempt to "write a series" with his own hand. The Golden Years were not written based on any novel. Everything was invented literally on the go. King was asked: “Stephen, you're a master! Let's start the show. You will write a long story, but you are excellent at it, and we will shoot it. You write, we shoot. You write, we shoot. Etc". "OK!" - answered King. Money is not superfluous.

And nonsense rushed. The garbage poured into the pipe like sewage into the sump. The first series is still nothing so, slightly hooked. An accident at a classified facility, some kind of radiation and all that. But the continuation began to come out as complete nonsense. Well, this cleaner is losing weight, so what? With each episode, they show how his hair became less gray on his head, then an erection appeared again.

The element "rejuvenating husband with an old wife" did not pass. The monotony of what was happening got everyone and the project began to slide to "0", which is why CBS decided to urgently close it, not even fully showing all the footage.

That is why now you can find both a stripped-down version, which was limited to when shown on TV, and an expanded version, supplemented by episodes filmed, but never released on television. But don't bother looking for them. We have found and we dare to assure you that there is nothing good in them. And the dumb and no ending in their light looks even more stupid.

18. Haze (2017)

Season 1. KP rating 5.088.

TV channel: Spike TV (USA).

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystic, Drama.

In chap. starring: Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Danica Churcic, Gus Byrney and others.

The most mediocre and idiotic adaptation of the work of Stephen King. As the name implies, they tried to stage the series based on the story "Fog". Frank Darabont made an excellent film based on this play. But what the inventors from the Spike TV did with "Tuman" ... This does not fit into any gate.

What did the writers really want to show? That they are smarter than King? Or what can they write better? What could they add to the masterpiece of "colorful and super-interesting gag", which would be in demand more than the original storyline?

In any case, the viewers sent them so far that the project was canceled after the very first 10-episode episode of the worst, and did not have a logical conclusion. Although, what "logical" conclusion can there be for a thing that is not initially friendly with logic?


A lot of Stephen King projects are already planned for 2019-2020. "Hotel Overlook" (prequel to "The Shining"), "Doctor Sleep" (sequel to "The Shining" about the grown-up Danny Torrance), new and improved "Pet Sematary", "It 2", "Post passed" (season 3 of "Mercedes" ), "In the Tall Grass", a new and improved version of "Tomminokers", etc. So, Hollywood figures will delight us with new TV series and films based on King in the future.

On this optimistic note, we say goodbye to you until the next top. All the best and a lot of cool movies!

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