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Top 20 best action movies of 2018


Action films are among the most sought after by today's citizens. That is why we will talk about them today. To be more precise, let's discuss all the best action films included in the list of 2018 films, with a rating above 5.8

Let's not focus on TV shows, historical films and science fiction, since their tops will be devoted to the best examples of these genres. We will limit ourselves exclusively to our time and stories about ordinary people without various kinds of superpowers.

1. Mission Impossible: Fallout 7.20


Another film proving that the US intelligence services should first of all look for enemies and terrorists in the US intelligence services themselves.

The unfinished remnants of the Syndicate group, renamed the Apostles, are kidnapped from the USA (again from the USA, how banal and predictable Americans are) test site in Kolyma, three plutonium charges, excellently suited for making portable nuclear bombs.

They are going to sell these charges to a certain terrorist John Lark. This type has long been heard in the CIA, but no one knows what a bandyug looks like in real life. Ethan tries to impersonate Lark and buy back the charges. But first you need to kill the real Lark.

Lark, who came to the meeting with the sellers, turns out to be an Asian who piled on both Ethan and agent August Walker sent to him for control by the CIA. And if not for the intervention of a third force, the Asian would have buried them both in the outhouse of a local restaurant.

In short, the operation fell through, the exchange went awry, and now Ethan and the team have to shovel the manure again. We will not retell it, since it will not be interesting to watch. Let's just say that the plot is a little predictable, but filmed, as always, at the highest level.

Amused this time and the next and original way of transferring the task to Agent Hunt. What is characteristic, it is not at all clear how Ethan knows how the self-destruction of the secret mission will take place? Okay, here it just started to smoke and catch fire. What if, for example, it would decide to self-destruct as in the second part, that is, to explode like the same glasses? The mission would have ended there without starting.

2. Assassin 2. Against everyone 7.08


The film was shot in the spirit of American idiocy in the style: "Well, since everything went wrong, as we thought, let's leave everything halfway and pretend that nothing happened and we have nothing to do with it."

Another terrorist attack is taking place in the United States. A bomb exploded in one of the supermarkets, sending 15 civilians to the next world. The authorities exclaim: "To the stake ?!" and untie the hands of the special services, ordering them to find the terrorists and hold them accountable at all costs.

Our acquaintance from the first film, Matt Graver, once again employs the former mafia lawyer Alejandro, who has been wiped out on his head, and away we go. Graver believes that the cartels are to blame for the attack and decides to push their heads together.

A grandiose operation has been developed, and when at its next stage everything went awry due to the fact that the CIA officers had to shoot a lot of corrupt Mexican police officers, the United States government suddenly changed its mind and decided to "kick the brakes."

In light of the fact that during the investigation of the explosion in the supermarket, it was established that the terrorists were local idiots, not in any way connected with drug cartels and Islamic extremists, it was decided to cover up their tracks and pretend that the US special services to "all this outrage" , that is, they are not involved in the war of the drug cartels, which they also ignited.

And then Agent Graver faces a difficult task to finish off his half-friend Alejandro, who refused to overwhelm the daughter of the local head of the drug cartel, the only witness of the participation of the special services in all this mess.

As the saying goes, friendship is friendship, and the good bad guys are not the bad guys' comrades. It sounds like gibberish, but whoever needs it will figure it out.

3. Night Games 7.02


Nowadays it is fashionable to invent, create and complete quests live, during which in reality you have to solve puzzles and solve riddles in order to complete the puzzle to the end.

Such nightly games are trawled by Max and Annie with friends, taking turns building interesting quests for each other. But when it was Max's brother Brooks' turn to build another quest, everything went awry.

All the game charades suddenly turned into such natural and at the same time tough situations that now no one is sure whether he can not only go through the damn quest, but also just live until the next morning ...< / em>

4. Thief Hunt 6.71


Someone may think that "Hunt for Thieves" was conceived as a kind of sequel to "Fight" in 1995 with the participation of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. They are wrong. The scriptwriters and directors did not plan this. But, oddly enough, it just happened. It looks exactly like a new and improved rehash of the old "Fight". To be more precise, new and worsened.

Who do we have here?

On the one hand, there is a bunch of former warriors who are not satisfied with the social system issued by the state, and who decide to take their own from this state (somewhat resembles the terrorist warriors from "The Rock" with Nicholas Cage).

On the other hand, there is an elite squad of police specialists called "Regulators" under the command of Butler's hero - Big Nick. This one will stop at nothing to catch the criminals. But it seems that he, rather, is fighting not for truth and justice, but for points, that is, so that his squad will continue to remain at the "peak of glory".

Having watched such a movie, you involuntarily wonder, why are the good ones better than the bad ones? And only by the fact that the "good" are in the service of the state and they are allowed to create arbitrariness in the law. They don't even need money, just let them be at the top of this very glory.

The action movie is unreal, lifeless, just a blockbuster with explosions, gunfights and massacre in public. Filmed beautifully. But moral values and semantic load are zero. As usual, our bad ones won not our bad ones. And it's good that our bad ones are for us.

If in "Fight-1995" or in the same "Rock" at least it was clear for the sake of what all this was, the characters and the ins and outs of the characters were spelled out, then everything is as the respected musketeer Porthos from the novel by Dumas would say : "And I fight because I fight." And that's it.

5. The night is following us 6.68


If you are going to watch a movie like "Raid" or "Raid 2" you must be prepared for the fact that the main characters in it will be unkillable, stupid, reckless, idiotically ill-conceived, but they will be excellent in martial arts.

This film is just from the category of "Raid-like". Even one of the leading actors here is the same - Iko Weiss. But there was no sense, and it will never be.

The main culprit of the whole bloody massacre was one of the mafia killers, who flatly refused to kill the little girl. Until that time, he killed right and left without asking. He even burned down the whole village along with the people who inhabited it. And on this girl here - once! And I decided: "Enough!"

It looks not only ridiculous, but also not logical. As well as fights with countless falls, bruises and terrifying blows, after which only secondary characters become ill. And the main character still looks unkillable.

Fights are beautiful, but unreal. And therefore, to be honest, it is not interesting to watch. Try just hitting the back of your head lightly against the wall. There will be so many stars in front of your eyes that you will not only see the enemy behind them, but you will not see anything at all. Immediately after terrible blows, falls and other injuries, everyone again runs, jumps and waving their hands like new.

These are probably rubber cyborgs. There is no other explanation for this biological paradox.

6. The Great Equalizer 2 6.58


We will not expand on this film for a long time. For those who have seen the first part, in which Denzela's hero defended the rights of a local prostitute to a quiet prostitute life, let's say that the second part of the "Marlezon Ballet" was not far from the first.

Here Denzel's hero will have to figure out who killed his former boss from the CIA, Susan. Along the way, he will stop to help the weak and suffering who come across him here and there. What a good former tsereushnik, you say. Oh yeah! We will say. Everyone in the CIA is like that!

Never believe in this nonsense! If the staff of the CIA were staffed up and down with such "highly disciplined" altruists, there would have long been no CIA itself, nor the US country that this agency is designed to protect from enemies.

Yes, and Denzel's hero would have long been taken to the north, settled in some local "Ustyug" and would have been called Santa Claus. If, of course, the old Santa would not have killed him because of the competition.

7. Passenger 6.56


Imagine driving yourself in a train, driving, and, suddenly, bam! Some babekha sits down next to you and says: “Here the whole train will fly up into the air! There is a bomb in the train and if you don’t find the passenger who stole something from us, then we will detonate this bomb! ”

And you say: "I don't want to play this stupid game!" And in response to you: "And then we will bring all your relatives to hell!" And you tell her, like: “Fuck you, you fool! I do not trust you!" And then bam, driving through the next crossing, you see how your father-in-law's car is knocked down by KAMAZ at full speed.

Where to go, you need to get your ass off the seat and start going there, I don't know where, look for someone, I don't know who, to take something from him, I don't know what.

This (well, or almost such) senseless alignment happened to the hero of Liam Neeson. Will he find the one who is needed and what is needed in a matter of minutes? Let's see - we'll see.

8. 8 Ocean Girlfriends 6.50


When Ocean's friends stopped interjecting the audience with the same effect as before, the figures from Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures decided to flip a toggle switch and swap characters from men to women.

For this, they came up with another ambitious plan of robbery. But all these intricate plans have already bored the poor honest people so that the rating of the picture did not rise above 7.0 even during the screening in cinemas. And now I have moved down to 6.5 on KinoPoisk. And the IMDb rating is even lower - up to 6.2, which once again tells filmmakers from distant Hollywood that it is time to part with Ocean and the company, as sad as it may sound.

Otherwise, the next story about a gang, even if recruited from only transsexuals, will be in full span.

9. You will die or we will refund your money 6.44


William is the most unfortunate loser of them all. As a writer, he can't even write properly. What do you want to do here? Well, of course, try to settle scores with this worthless life. But what should you do when you endure a complete fiasco in this field too?

One day, William comes across an advertisement for the services of a killer's office. It was there that he decided to order his murder, since nothing comes of his own. Only he forgot that if you are a loser, then you are a loser in everything.

Such an idiotic killer was dispatched from the office to murder William that one can only sympathize with this very office, if they have all such killers. In addition to everything, everything was complicated by the unexpected return of the ordered person's craving for life, the complete incompetence of the contractor, and problems with the customer, that is, with the ordered, who would have to return the money in case of failure to fulfill the order.

Hmm. That's a pun.

10. Agent Johnny English 3.0 6.34


The list of the best action films of 2018 continues with Agent Johnny English performed by the same incomparable Rowan Atkinson. And in his third coming, he will again make every effort to make everyone and everything, gathered in front of the cinema screens, laugh.

If in that part Johnny was called up because all the active agents were blown up, then in this part he was entrusted with the case since all the acting agents were declassified. As for us, it is better to entrust the case to anyone you meet instead of relying on the incompetence of an idiot.

To be honest, Rowan Atkinson initially had to write scripts of a slightly different plan. Even these simple stories for the role of Mr. Bean seem overly grotesque, overly contrived and a priori unfunny.

Although, many may disagree with us. After all, the picture holds above 6 in terms of film search, and therefore it is definitely worth a single viewing.

11. Dangerous Business 6.33


What if your company is about to be auctioned off, and you yourself, like many of its other employees, will be left without a job?

General Manager Harold Soyinka did not long puzzled over this issue. He is absolutely on the side of what will become of the rest. He is, first of all, interested in the question of his own future. And, being confident in the strong friendship of his friend and, concurrently, boss - Richard, he arranges his own kidnapping, demanding a ransom of $ 5 million from the company for himself.

Dear top managers of closing companies and firms! Before staging such performances, first make sure of the sincerity and strength of your boss's friendship. Otherwise, just like the hero of this tape, you will be faced with complete disappointment and a lot of problems ...

12. Crimson Mint 6.28


Chris North refused to participate in the dark dealings of robbing drug couriers. But even for the fact that he was just thinking about this proposal, he was flunked. And along with him, his little daughter was flunked. Miraculously, only his wife survived, who saw the suspects shooting at her family. But the killers were never imprisoned. This is due to cowardly cops, corruption and all that.

Then the mother, desperate to seek justice from the system, decided to act on her own. She spent 5 years undergoing training in order, in the end, to get even with the bastards who sentenced and killed her family. And now she goes on the warpath. Let's see how it all grows together.

The film is, of course, a bit naive. One, even if she was trained almost by Sarah Connor, is not a warrior in the field. To kill a whole bunch of men, armed to the teeth alone, is out of the realm of fantasy. There would be a woman at least in proportions, maybe, still all right. Although here everything would have looked either like a fairy tale, or as a series of random coincidences and immense luck.

13. Galveston 6.21


If you have already decided to connect your life with the mafioso, then be ready to stay in the so-called clan for life. And if you decide to retire, again, be prepared for the fact that your soul will immediately come.

Roy Cady himself seemed to be ready for this. Having successfully extricated himself from the fake mess, he makes legs. But, not one. The devil pulled him to take with him a prostitute, also prepared for slaughter for several other reasons. Here she was completely unprepared for a showdown with the mafiosi. Moreover, the prostitute manages by hook or by crook to persuade Roy to call for a setr, who turned out to be her daughter.

Where to take your feet? So far, it is not entirely clear. Having stopped for a while in the town of Galveston, the fugitives did not even suspect that some of them would have to stay in this place forever ...

14. Skyscraper 6.06


An attempt to jump over Die Hard was unsuccessful. And the very idea of a one-legged security expert - this is exactly the role that Rock Dwayne Johnson is playing here, does not stand up to criticism.

In "Rempage" Dwayne is a PhD biologist. Here, too, is some retired loser who, if you figure it out, can't even hit in the face properly. Let us also remember his "Tooth Fairy" and other Achinea hypostases and shake our head with regret.

Please tell me, why should a person with such data play such roles that are inappropriate for his running role? And his running role is a seasoned specialist, as, for example, in the same "Duma". You expect an excellent scuffle from your brow, but instead you get some sluggish crap. Any actor with average statistical data would look like the main character in this film. But the Rock ...

You can see it once. But only once, and then because at the end of the dejectedly shake his head with the words: "What squalor ..."

15. The Girl Who Was Stuck in the Web 5.98


This picture can be considered both a restart and a sequel to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", which was originally conceived as a trilogy, but due to the extreme employment of the actors in other projects, it never took place.

Everything here revolves around the Firewall program created by Frans Bolder. This program, as stated in the film (and in the book), is able to seize control of ballistic missile systems around the world.

Throughout the film, terrorists from the Spiders organization chase anyone who can help them get to this program. It is in their kind of "web" that the poor hacker and, concurrently, the people's avenger Lisbeth Salander will get entangled.

We are more tormented by another question. How will the Firewall program get access to the ballistic missile launchers if, according to all safety rules, they are not connected to the global Internet? Miracles, and nothing more. Probably with the help of holy spirit ...

16. Accident 5.92


London, as it turned out, is full of mercenaries. And the most frostbitten are the members of the syndicate, which includes the main character himself. These are the Butcher, former commandos Nick and Max, Jane the Ripper and Poison Pete.

The main character, Mike Fallon, is a killer himself and, moreover, an excellent specialist who simply cannot be suspected of murder. If the Butcher chops off heads, the Special Forces watch themselves left and right, Jane leaves at the crime scene mutilated bodies hacked by a Japanese sword, and Pete's victims stink with poison a mile away, then Mike is famous for making all his murders as if the victims died as a result accident.

And when the love of his life is killed, Mike faces two main tasks: to find the one who did it and to avenge his beloved, while trying not to die himself.

How he will get it from the film. It was filmed quite soundly, with humor and not in a serious way, and therefore all the killers' super-duper abilities look quite nothing to themselves.

17. Blood Father 5.91


Mel Gibson's long-awaited return to the big screens as the main character of the action movies was somewhat blurry. Next is a savory spoiler, so those who do not tolerate this kind of bullying, please refuse to read the review further.

Continue for those who don't care about spoilers. It's not entirely clear to us why it was necessary to act in such an uninteresting tape with a thoroughly cliched plot? And even die in it at the end? Apparently, the creators of this third-rate action movie thought that by giving the film a global drama, they would leave their masterpiece of cinematic art in the top?

Guys didn't guess. The tape came out predictable, sluggish, unconvincing, naive, and the topic itself turned out to be hackneyed. A drug addict has a living dad from somewhere, who, in the end, saves her daughter from bad uncles at the cost of his life.

Just a glance will do. Just because of Gibson. And having looked - forget. If not for Gibson, this third-rate rubbish would have rotted somewhere in the region of 3.5-4 points.

18. The Spy Who Dumped Me 5.87


This masterpiece, which, like Agent Johnny English, is a parody of spy thrillers, is not worth dwelling on. We will confine ourselves to a brief retelling of the introductory part. Her ex-boyfriend comes to the house of Audrey and Morgan, followed by some killers, and from that moment the girls are involved in super-secret secret espionage deals. Moreover, they are going to successfully complete the mission of saving the world.

The script is delusional, but neighing at times will pull. For a comedy, a 5.8 rating is pretty much okay.

19. Lucas 5.81


It's not just Mel Gibson that has returned to the ratings. Another old man decided to seriously slam the door before leaving. No, of course not that the door flew off its hinges, but quite loudly.

And what is touching, again the same hackneyed and worn-out theme was chosen for the return - a big uncle saves a little girl from scoundrels. If someone wants to see the standard on this topic, he should not watch this third-rate "something", but the film with Denzel Washington's participation "Anger" (2004), or, at worst, "Hostage" (2007) with Liam Neeson .

Although, judging by the rating, for fans of Van Dam - and so it will do.

20. 22 miles 5.80


It's rare for a movie starring Mark Wahlberg to drop below 6. But it just couldn't be otherwise. The script is the most idiotic you can imagine. History is trampled by elephants. How many times, in how many films of various kinds, agents of various kinds of special services had to pull out witnesses of crimes, dangerous criminals and just good people from various kinds of hot spots, overcoming various distances.

Why did the Hollywood inventors have to invent a stupid super-duper special unit "Ghosts", which even the government does not know about? In addition, as it turned out, the specialists of this unit are even worse and blunt-nosed than any ordinary special forces. What was the point? Unclear. Plus, it turns out that the witness himself, whom the specialists are forced to accompany, will give odds to any of these special forces.

In short, fans of Mark Wahlberg can take a look. The rest would be better off targeting something else. Believe me, you will honestly regret the wasted time!


This is perhaps the end of our list of the best action movies of 2018. We will not discuss what is below. Some films, perhaps, are worth attention, but not enough to recommend them for everyone to watch. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to a rating of 5.8.

And we wish our readers all the best, and more cool films on these wonderful Christmas days!

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