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Top Best TV Shows of 2018 from Netflix. First part


Netflix always has something for every taste, but there is also low-quality material, which you yourself know about.

In order for you not to waste your time watching mediocre films, we have made this selection of the best recently released series on netflix. So be sure that among a couple of dozen extraordinary TV series you will definitely find something for yourself.


A serial killer on the streets of New York in the 90s of the 19th century strikes his victims one after another. The local police department is trying to solve the mystery of these murders and the connection of their victims, little boys, to the sex industry.


Based on the novel by Caleb Carr, forensic psychologist Dr. Lazlo Chrysler joins New York Times illustrator John Moore and Sarah Howard, an ambitious young lady seeking to become a detective, to form a team to investigate a mysterious case.

Their trio is working under the direction of Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt (even before he became president of the country) and trying to solve the mystery of these murders, using psychoanalysis - a rather rare and exotic technique at the time.

Arrested development

After a five-year absence, the Bluth family is back with us. Netflix has already released 4 episodes of the show and has just released a brand new fifth episode on May 29th. The series shows the once very wealthy Bluth family, who have lost all their wealth, but they are still trying to live in grand style. Jason Bateman plays the role of the head of the family, Michael Blute, who is constantly trying to bring the family together so that it does not fall apart.


The short 20-minute episodes are great and will definitely fit well into the most busy schedule of the day, but we recommend that you start watching this series from the very first episode, because this way you will better understand the jokes, which are quite enough in Arrested Development. there are many, and their meaning only becomes better understood as you move from episode to episode.

Brooklyn 9-9

The star of this police sitcom is Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, who has not yet matured as a detective, who has his own method of fighting criminologists, and he is far from a textbook approach, which greatly outrages his colleague Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), who prefers act according to the rules. Also working with them is the cold-blooded captain Raymond Holt (Andre Brower). This trio of investigators is constantly unraveling the incessant, rather bizarre crime stories.


The excellent cast also includes Stephanie Beatrice, Joe Lo Trullo and Chelsea Peretti, who plays Peralta's equally weird counterpart.

Since its debut in 2013, Brooklyn 9-9 has earned many awards in its industry. In May 2018, Fox decided to cancel the show after airing five seasons, but after voices were heard all over the Internet calling for a resumption of the series, NBC bought the rights to show the sixth season.

On the other side of the fence

Beyond the Fence is a short animated series that brings the weird and the dramatic together in one elegant fairy tale style.


Two half-brothers, Wirth and Greg, and Beatrice, who accompanies them everywhere, a girl bewitched to remain in the guise of a bird who can speak, and a singing frog find themselves in the "Unknowable" forest. While they are trying to get out of the forest, the mystical forces are doing everything to keep the brothers in this forest forever.

Humor creeps in between the surreal world of nature and the mature minds of the characters who inhabit the unknown forest. The animated series is voiced by such stars as Elijah Wood, John Cleese, Tim Carrie, Christopher Lloyd, which turns it from a seemingly ordinary TV series into an exciting adventure story.

Although "Beyond the Fence" is a very short series, only 100 minutes long, you will remember the music from it for much longer. A mix of blues, jazz and folklore appears in every episode and becomes a cementing factor in this show of diverse characters who will stay with you throughout your mystical adventures.


Nick Sachs is a detective who became a hitman. Due to constant depression and the effects of alcohol, one day a stroke happens to him, but just after him, waking up, Nick discovers that now he has a "companion", a little unicorn named Happy. He is an imaginary friend of Nick's kidnapped daughter, Haley. Happy believes that Nick will be the hero who will save his daughter.


This is followed by a series of violent scenes that can shock many inexperienced viewers. Having said that, it should be noted that the history of the series is an adaptation of a small series of comics of the same name, which was based on twisted versions of real crime dramas with black humor.

Most of the series' jokes are built on the contrast between Nick's indifference to the horrors of the criminal world and Happy's childish naivety, but this dynamic undergoes changes over the course of eight episodes of the series, so viewers will never get tired.

Jack Taylor

Best known for his role as the loser Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones, Ian Glen claims that he can play the tough and smart Jack Taylor, an ex-cop turned private detective.


After being kicked out of the Irish National Police for insulting a suspect, Jack opened a private detective agency in foggy Galway. In business he is helped by a young "fan" Cody, who annoys Jack, as well as Kate, who tries to guide Jack on the right side of the law.

We need to warn viewers that the series is based on the books of Ken Bruen, where Jack hardly has time for a break even after he solved the case. The 90-minute episodes of the film are incredible and fresh with their Irish style. Despite the fact that the series has enough cliches from films in the genre of noir genre, he has a Gallic flavor, which in itself is a great success.

In the second part of our selection of the best Netflix TV series, read about Hunt for the Unabomber, Travelers, Call Better Saul and many other new releases of the year.

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