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First details of the 4th season


Fans of the cult TV series Fargo have probably already been waiting for the details of Season 4, which is scheduled to be filmed early next year. Thanks to one of the directors of the FX channel, we learned that Chris Rock was invited to one of the main roles in the series, and also the plot of the plot of the 4th season of "Fargo" became known.

Chris Rock, who has made a career as a successful comedian, is also remembered by moviegoers for several charismatic roles in such cult films as "Dogma" and "Lethal Weapon 4." Chris Rock's last appearance on television dates back to 2009, when the last season of the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris ended.

Fargo TV Series Season 4

Chris's comedic role is perfect for the TV show "Fargo", which has always had a fair amount of black humor. Just the beginning of the 4th season of Fargo:

In the 50s, North America was a dream country for any migrant seeking tranquility and mountains of gold, but finding only racism, poverty and bloody battles for a place in the sun. But everything must change after the meeting of the leaders of the two mafia clans, one of which represents the African American emigrant community, the other - the Italian. Tired of enmity, they decided to sign an armistice and in honor of which they even exchanged their eldest sons. But, as is often the case in Fargo, one of the mafiosi accidentally dies in the hospital and the old feud between migrants flares up with renewed vigor.

This concludes the plot details, but fans of the series will surely be pleased to know that the Coen brothers are still taking the place of producers of Fargo, and Noah Hawley will once again be directed.

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Author: Jake Pinkman