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Marvel's Avengers Preview


In addition to shedding much more light on Death Strandig, there was another project at Gamescom 2019 that threw off the veil of darkness - Marvel's Avengers. After E3 2019, all we had was just a trailer, leaked gameplay and a minimum of comments from developers. Journalists from IGN and Game Informer managed to be Marvel superheroes, which they happily announced in their materials. Moreover, if earlier the game was described as a possible prowler, speculating on CMU, now journalists paint a picture of an ambitious project with a deep and interesting gameplay.

The power is in your hands

As we already know, the original Marvel's Avengers story begins with local villains attacking the Golden Gate Bridge during the [A-Day] celebrations in San Francisco. However, this turns out to be a distraction, and the criminals destroy part of the city at this time. The Avengers are being made scapegoats in this situation.

During the attack on the Golden Gate, the tutorial begins, where we are quickly introduced to the five main characters. We start playing as Thor. He beats enemies in melee with Mjolner and even sends them a little comically powerful blows into a long flight. However, the real fun begins when you use all kinds of lightning strikes on your enemies. This makes the fight truly exciting. Odison can throw a hammer at opponents. And this is a separate pleasure when you throw the hammer at the enemy, and when he returns, he pushes one enemy against others. Performing ranged attacks works as you think: the left trigger allows you to aim, and the right trigger triggers the throw. Thor fights empty-handed as well as armed.


After that, we switch to Iron Man. We fly along a linear level behind the enemies and fire at them from repulsorlators, while at the same time quite gracefully dodging the shells. After that we start to fight. The battle for Stark is that you often hang in the air and flood opponents with a hail of shells. He has several types of weapons, and the main thing is a shot from the chest with an incinerating beam. However, the fight does not feel so cool and the hero seems to be removed from the battlefield.

But with the Hulk it's the opposite. The game fully reflects his inexhaustible rage. Hulk beats opponents, grabs them, hits the ground, throws at other enemies. The green giant is able to easily break through cars and destroy tanks, jump high and cling to different surfaces. And for sweetness - during a jump in flight, hit with all your foolishness with two fists on the ground, and send a shock wave.


After, we switch to Cap. The fight for him resembles the gameplay for Thor, but it feels much wider due to the fact that Cap can use the shield for both attack and attack. He is able to throw a shield and take out opponents one by one, like in a paintball.

After, we switch to the Black Widow fighting the boss. Here is how a journalist from Game informer described the gameplay for her: “The widow is just as deadly in close combat as at long range, capable of acrobatically dodging any attack. The combination of martial arts and mid-level firefight makes her perhaps my favorite character out of all that I have had the opportunity to try in a short introduction to the game. ”

All characters share the same basic mechanics that will be familiar to anyone who has played Batman: Arkham Asylum: they each have a light and heavy melee attack that can be combined with their corresponding specific abilities (Iron Man's laser attack, Mjolner Thor, Twin Pistols and Widow's Hook, etc.). Each of them has a special, devastating "heroic attack" that is passive.


One of the main goals of Crystal Dynamics for Marvel's Avengers is to tell a unique, completely original story with the participation of heroes. Storytelling was a mantra at Square Enix's presentation.

After the disaster on A-Day, all superheroes disappeared from sight and changed a lot. Captain America died, Thor believes that he has ceased to be worthy of Mjolner [he left him at the memorial to those who died that day] and became an ordinary hard worker, serving the people of Midgard. Tony Stark simply disappears and is left without money and luck. The widow becomes a spy again, and Bruce Baner is so withdrawn into himself that the Hulk takes control over him and disappears too.


In addition, superheroes are now outlawed, and AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is taking over the protection of people - this organization has created AI, which, under the guise of security for society, tries to control it.

The story will be built in the so-called "Vast World". We will have two types of missions available: "Hero" and "War zone". They will have fewer QTEs, more serious bosses and spirited gameplay.


Hero missions are single, narrative stages. You are put in the shoes of a specific member of the Avengers when you advance the campaign story. On the other hand, in the "War Zone" missions, you can play single or co-op online game, up to four players in total. As a rule, they are more open and you choose any hero. Both mission types open up new content and give you gear to equip your character.

Avengers General Assembly

The equipment is exclusive to each hero, so don't expect to equip the Black Widow with a repulsor. Items of equipment can increase stats such as melee, block and heroism.

You can also customize the different skills and equipment of your heroes with a large tree of ability skills unique to each hero.

For example, with Iron Man you can unlock new abilities in categories such as melee, repulsor, laser and missiles.


This leveling kit will allow you to create your own character with a special style of play. One player may have Thor as a melee fighter with more health, while another may have a weaker one, but rely on ranged combat. Therefore, I can't wait to try, customize the character to your liking.


Equipment is divided into common / uncommon / rare / epic / legendary. There are also secret categories "beyond the legendary" in the game. The equipment depends on the character, so you can adapt your character to your personal playstyle depending on the equipment you are wearing.

After talking with the developers from Crystal Dynamics, the journalists realized that costemization would be quite extensive. You can wear a different suit on Iron Man, even the very first version of Mark's armor, but this will not affect the strength. It's the same with Cap and the Black Widow. You can open new clothes in the game itself or buy. The developer did not talk about other monetization options.

So far, the project looks really cool and ambitious. And while we still have a lot to learn, there is already reason to wait for the game, which will be released on May 15, 2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman