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Game news digest from CADELTA for the beginning of this week


The release of RDR2 discs in the CIS is delayed, the Christian version of Pokemone GO, the system requirements of Fallout 76, the return of Trine - the gaming news from our digest will tell about this and much more.

RDR 2 - disk output delayed, comparison of graphics on consoles and application from Rockstar

The game is finally released on consoles, but those who pre-ordered or wanted to buy the game on physical media will have to wait until October 30. The reason is that not a single copy, which was sent to many CIS countries, came to stores. The reason, alas, is not clear, but the fact remains.

To recoup the patience of the pre-ordered, and everyone who wanted to buy the disc, the studio will give gamers a paper map of the game's world as a gift, as well as several keys for in-game bonuses, such as new horse coloring or a survival kit. However. this only applies to discs, the game will be available in the electronic stores SONY and Xbox today, so do not forget to stop by after work / school.

Also, Rockstar released a special application for IOS and Android Red Dead Redemption Companion app, which connects the gadget directly to the console. In it you can look at the map, put marks for research, and also find game statistics. Thanks to the application, you can completely free up the TV interface for a complete immersion.

And finally, specialists from Digital Foundry found out on which console the picture is reproduced better, the answer is Xone. In comparison with the eastern brainchild of Sony, the picture is reproduced on the box 4 times better without losing FPS. PS4, in turn, does not give real 4K, and in difficult moments it reduces the picture to 22-25 FPS.

Announcement Trine 4

The creators did this after information about the development floated to the network. After that, they made the announcement of the sequel, which is called The Nightmare Prince and plans to release on PC PS4, Xone, Nintendo SWITCH next year.

In a press release, the developer assured us that they want to exceed fan expectations following the controversial third installment and make the new game the best in the series.

DICE Shared Development Plans Battlefield V

In the last months of this year, we will be greeted by the final stages of a storyline campaign about the crew of a German tank, a training ground, a panzer storm level, and vehicle costemization (visual).

Next, we will have a cooperative mode of passing operations for 4 people, an assault, a "capture" task for the squad, and maps on the island of Crete. In March, there will be a "fire" storm - a royal battle.

Microsoft will make Xbox Game Pass available to PC

It offers access to 200 games for 600 rubles a month, including exclusives and new games. Extend her company to a PC running Windows 10.

Christian version appeared in Spain Pokemone GO

Let's add some spirituality to our gaming news digest. Influenced by the Pocemone Go tower that once demolished the world, where the game combined virtual Pokemon that could be caught with a map of our world, Catholics from Spain, with the permission of the Pope himself, released their own version of this game.

This project is called Fallow JS GO. In it, players will be able to search the streets for biblical saints, and in order to add them to their collection they must answer their questions from the Bible ... The game was released so far in Spanish, but translation into other languages is already available. I wonder if they get jailed for playing it in church?

Fallout 76 system requirements revealed

They relate exclusively to the beta version of the game. To play normally you will need:

  • 64-bit operating system starting from Windows 7
  • Processor AMD Ryzen R3 1300X / Intel Core i7-4790 or better
  • GTX Nvidia 780 Radio 285 or better
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 64GB free space

As a reminder, the beta test of Fallout 76 starts on October 30 on PS4, Xone.

That was all the fun in-game news this week. If you haven't read our last digest about freebies in Hitman, the uncensored version of Agony, then it is waiting for you here. Also, while you are waiting for the clock to strike to download RDR2 or are in doubt about the purchase, you can read how critics rated the game.

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