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Films and TV series from 21 to 27 March


This week, only as many full-length films will be released on the big screens as new seasons of standing series. The abundance of series, of course, pleases, but it depends on how and from whose point of view you look at it. There are people who do not accept serials in any way, considering them second-rate nonsense. As well as among fans of TV series, there are those who have completely moved to long-running franchises. But we, as always, will be impartial in this matter, and will observe everything and everyone in the order of an established queue. So what can you watch from movies and TV shows in the last week of March?

Movie Premieres of the Week

There will be only 7 of them this week. In cinemas, Captain Marvel is still performing his feats, revenge for his ex-boyfriend and partner Nicole Kidman hidden under layers of senile plaster, in some places even old fart Clint Eastwood delivers drugs and cartoon dragons fly.

But we know that the main event of this week will be the release of the long-awaited blockbuster starring Mel Gibson on the big screens ...

Roll into asphalt (Canada, USA) IMDb 8.2

Film Companies : Unified Pictures, Assemble Media, Cinestate.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime.

Director: S. Craig Zaler.

In chap. starring Jennifer Carpenter, Mel Gibson, Don Johnson, Vince Vaughn, Laurie Holden and others.

The police must not administer justice. This is done by the Court, sending criminals to special correctional institutions. But the heroes of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn - seasoned police detectives with experience, do not quite agree with this. No, they recognize the right to pass their sentences to the court, but they reserve the right to extort confessions and useful information from the criminals they have arrested.

And here's a video with a recording. one such "interrogation with partiality" falls into the hands of the authorities, after which, of course, the police partners are thrown out. Those, without thinking twice, again pass the verdict: "Society owes us too much to leave like this, with nothing, tail between his legs, like beaten dogs." And friends themselves begin to engage in "illegal activities" (to put it mildly).

But Henry Jones, who is going to take revenge on the police for his ruined fate, comes out of prison, after a long and lengthy sentence. And when he comes across a couple of ex-cops, he decides to start with them.

C. Craig Zahler invented the story himself and made it himself. So, he did not have any disagreements with the writers. So it should make a good movie. The famous "Dexter's sister" Jennifer Carpenter also starred in the film. So, fans of the genre, Gibson, Vaughn and Carpenter - please watch!

Balkan border (USA)

Production companies: Bless Film, Vision Upgrade, Archangel Studios and 20th Century Fox.

Genres: Action, Drama.

Director: Andrey Volgin.

In chap. starring: Anton Pampushny, Gosha Kutsenko, Goyko Mitic, Milos Bikovich, Milena Radulovic and others.

Of domestic films, this week only a couple of films will be presented, of which the most prominent, of course, is "Balkan Frontier". To be honest, he will be the main competitor for the action movie with Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn.

The speech in it will go, as you might guess by the name, about the events that unfolded in Yugoslavia at the turn of the past and present centuries. A group of our specialists are thrown to capture and hold a strategically important point on the map - Slatino airport.

But some of the local extremists, together with the NATO chiefs, do not agree that the airport was under our control, and therefore they will stop at nothing to recapture it from the USAs. But at some point, for the unit commander, Andrei Shatalov (Andrei Pampushny), this non-war, which could give an impetus to the beginning of World War III, turns into a personal matter, because somewhere at the airport, among other hostages, his girlfriend Yasna is being held by the militants.

Among others in this domestic action movie one of the main roles (the role of Beck) was played by the famous "Antikiller" of all times and peoples Gosha Kutsenko. Moreover, among the Albanians one can observe the greatest of the greatest, and also the last of the Mohicans - Chinganchguk Goiko Mitic.

The film is released under the 20th Century Fox distribution kit, which means it will most likely be interesting. After all, this company, as you know, does not knit brooms. Just not to pervert everything to please the West, as is usually practiced today.

In the arms of lies (Ireland, USA) IMDb 6.2

Production Companies : Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Little Wave Productions and Lawrence Bender Productions .

Genres: Horror, Detective, Thriller, Drama.

Director: Neil Jordan.

In chap. starring Isabelle Huppert, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jeff Hillier, Mike Monroe, Jane Perry and others.

The English title of the film is Greta. This is the name of the heroine Isabelle Huper, whose lost bag is found in the subway by the famous Murderer from the feature film "Kick 1, 2". Here Chloe Grace Moretz plays a simple girl Frances McCalen, who works as a waitress in a cafe and rents an apartment for two with her friend Erica Penn.

Francis really wants to return the bag to its rightful owner, and therefore goes to the address found among the things in the bag. The first time no one is at home, but the next time she finds the owner of the bag at home. She turns out to be the widow Greta Heder, with whom Francis strikes up friendly relations. The girl reaches out to Greta, as she reminds her of her mother who died not so long ago of cancer.

But somehow Francis discovers several of these handbags in Greta's house with the same contents, but with different names of owners. Francis begins to suspect something is wrong, and tells her roommate Erica about it. Only everything is going too far, and the girls are no longer able to stop what happens next. After all, Greta turns out ...

In general, further details in the movie.

Other (Ireland) IMDb 5.8, KP 5.5

Film Companies: Savage Productions, Head Gear Films and Bankside Films.

Genres: Horror, Mystic.

Director: Lee Cronin.

In chap. Starring: Shana Kerslake

James Quinn Markey, Simone Kirby, Owen Macken, Steve Wall and others


What will happen in an American film if a person suddenly finds in it a meteorite falling outside the village in the forest? That's right, the person who finds him will acquire superpowers, put on his mother's leggings, paint an emblem on his chest and begin to do good right and left, becoming, as you understand, a superhero.

But since the film is not American, but Irish, nothing like that happened to the boy who found a meteorite in the forest. Not only does he not show a tendency to put on a leggings, but his superpowers are too non-standard.

Here, on the contrary, as if from the outside it was not required to summon a superhero to cope with what possessed the boy.

Sober driver (USA)

Film companies: Yellow, Black and White Group, Sky, FC RF, Super TV channel.

Genres: Comedy, Adventure

Director: Rezo Gigineishvili.

In chap. starring: Victor Horinyak, Andrey Burkovsky, Yanina Studilina, Irina Martynenko and others.


The second domestic film this week is another comedy from the Super TV channel, which tells about the hard everyday life of hard workers of one of the metropolitan services "Sober Driver". A guy named Artem "came in large numbers" to Moscow in the hope of a brighter future, but so far he has to interrupt himself with night work, taking drunk car drivers to their homes and other places.

Once he had to take the beauty Christina to an expensive hotel, into whom he fell in love with no memory. By chance, it turned out that she took him for some local millionaire, but Artem did not dissuade her from this. And, as is usually the case according to the laws of the genre, he began to meet with her, maintaining the image of a moneybag. Only now the money is not rubber, and someday all his deception will come out ...

The film looks very much like a rehash of Hollywood's "Mistress Maid" starring J.Lo. Only there the main character, who was trying to pass herself off as a millionaire, was a hotel employee, and not a driver in the "Sober Driver". But the difference is small. In the end, everything turned into a disclosure, and everything, of course, ended with a happy ending. It will be the same here. After all, there is not a word in the description that this is a drama.

Erased identity (Australia, USA) IMDb 7.0, KP 6.6

Film Companies : Focus Features, Anonymous Content and Blue-Tongue Films.

Genres: Drama, Biography.

Director: Joel Edgerton.

In chap. starring: Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Victor McKay

Madeline Kline et al.


It's very interesting, but will Hollywood producers ever go out of fashion to produce films that relish the difficult fate of people with non-standard sexual orientation? After all, they are already pretty bored. And if you consider that there are only one or two such people on the planet and there are not enough of them, it is simply idiocy to devote a fifth of everything that appears to them.

The most interesting thing is that people, albeit with less pleasure, continue to watch this same type of nonsense. And here we have presented to our attention another, this time - a biographical, masterpiece about the hard lot of the son of a Baptist pastor, who managed to be born not a girl, while he is aware of himself by it.

They have already treated him, treated him. Until, it seems, has not been cured. But, just, exactly, "like" ...

Kidman starred here again (onlylast weekthe police thriller Time of Retribution was released with her), the picture has already been nominated for a Golden Globe in a couple of nominations, but go to the cinema would be a waste of money. They will not show us anything new in it. There is nothing spectacular there, but paying in blood in order to take care of the next homosexual, when people in Africa die of hunger and thirst, are you tired of it yet?

Plus, the movie is over half a year old and you can watch it on torrents, and it's completely free.

June Magic Park (Spain, USA)

Film companies: Ilion Animation Studios, Nickelodeon Movies and Midnight Radio.

Genres: Cartoon, Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Adventure

Director: Dylan Brown.


Well, what about a week without a new cartoon? And this time the specialists from the provider office "Central Partnership" decided to roll a new cartoon.

The cartoon will tell about the adventures of the girl June and her friends - funny little animals that with might and main defend the fictional magical park from outside encroachments.

It seems to be well drawn. Little kids will definitely like it. And the warthog looks like Pumbaa.

New TV Shows

Exactly the same number - 7 pieces, will be released this week of new seasons of standing series. One of the seasons will even turn out to be a premiere - "What Are We Doing in the Shadows", based on the once sensational comedy feature film about an untethered family of vampires "Real Ghouls" (2014).

But we will start, as always, in order, in accordance with the release dates of the seasons on television. And the first in our list of TV shows is ...

OA (USA) IMDb 7.7, KP 7.2

Season 2 premiere on March 22nd

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: science fiction, fantasy, detective, mystic, drama.

In chap. starring Brit Marling, Patrick Gibson, Emory Cohen, Phyllis Smith, Scott Wilson and others

The TV series OA, released at the turn of 2016 and 2017, about the USA girl Prairie Johnson, who disappeared for many years, was so popular with the general public that Netflix decided to release a sequel.

As we remember, the girl (by the way, blind) was kept in the dungeon for 7 years by a maniac and part-time doctor of sciences, who tried to bring the technique of resurrection from the dead and cure all diseases through people who survived the syndrome of short-term death.

As we remember from the previous season, the technique of movements really works. This season, the tale will again be about the members of that group. And at the same time Prairie itself (miraculously reawakened during imprisonment), which, judging by the trailer, the doctors managed to get back on their feet after a bullet wound.

Of course, Netflix's projects like The Ghost of the Hill House, Stranger Things, and Darkness are far from the show, in our opinion. But it's worth watching it anyway. Watching certainly won't turn into a waste of time. Plus, the second season promises to be more dynamic and interesting. So, look forward to it.

Grand (USA) KP 7.0

Season 3 premiere on March 25.

TV Channel: Super.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring: Mila Sivatskaya, Olga Filimonova, Alexander Lykov, Konstantin Beloshapka and others.


As stated in the synopsis on KinoPoisk, "ambitious and inclined to adventures" Ksyusha Zavgorodnaya continues to dream of her own hotel, but for now she has to work at a relative's hotel, where many interesting things constantly happen to her.

And next season promises to be as interesting as the previous one.

The Fall of the Order (USA) IMDb 6.6, CP 6.2

Season 2 premiere on March 25.

TV Channel: History.

Genres: Action, Drama, Adventure

In chap. Starring: Simon Murrells, Nasser Memarzia, Jim Carter, Tom Cullen and others


No, the fall was not from a barn, not from a skyscraper or from the moon. And the order itself is not a regalia fastened to a uniform. It is about how low the Templar Order fell due to its ignorance of the whereabouts of the Holy Grail.

Now, in order for the order not to fall below the plinth, the holy artifact must be found. And to find the first, although the search for him is busy, it seemed, all and sundry. How the glorious "operative" - the brave warrior Sir Landry will do it, is the tale in this series.

Only after the first season the cart is still there.

Amnesia (USA) IMDb 7.3, CP 6.8

Season 2 premiere on March 26.

TV channel: AXN.

Genres: thriller, drama, detective, crime.

In chap. Starring: Stana Katik, Patrick Husinger, Kara Theobold, Angel Bunani, Neil Jackson and others


After Castle, as you know, Nathan Fillion became a newcomer in the police series "Newbie" (sorry for the pun), and Stana Katik rolled into a criminal, but also interesting, "Amnesia", where her heroine, now no longer a police officer from killer, and the FBI agent has completely lost his memory over the past 6 years.

She, like in the previous OA series, was imprisoned by a maniac. Only if in that case the heroine did not lose her memory, but only miraculously regained her sight, in this Emily Brown suffered partial amnesia, and the memory of what was happening returned to the woman only after a long time.

Well, it will be very interesting to know about further ordeals of our heroine.

Virgin (USA) IMDb 7.8, KP 6.8

Season 5 premiere on March 27.

TV Channel: The CW.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring: Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Justin Baldoni, Yvonne Call and others


Continuation of the interesting adventures of a virgin who has long been no virgin at all. For information on how you can accidentally get pregnant without intercourse, see previous seasons.

For those who want to know what to do with the fruit of such a random flight, see the sequel. Of course, the series is naive, but very funny. It will certainly be interesting.

Happy (USA) IMDb 8.3, CP 7.8

Season premiere on March 27.

TV Channel: Syfy.

Genres: fantasy, thriller, detective, comedy, crime.

In chap. Starring: Christopher Meloni, Lily Mirozhnik, Medina Senghour, Patton Oswalt and others


The adventures of an untethered hitman, formerly former police officer Nick Sachs, were extended for a second season during the previous season. The viewers really liked the interesting duet, consisting of a lowered, untied and reckless ex-cop and an imaginary friend of his daughter - a blue unicorn, very reminiscent of its irrepressibility and positivity and gags of the donkey from "Shrek".

Only here Sachs himself, his daughter, and even a couple of non-standard personalities who are not all right with the cuckoo can see this obsessive "friend".

But Nick still sees him as. And although the obsessive "horse" physically cannot help him in anything in his affairs, the moral and informational support that he constantly provides him is very valuable and turns out to be the most important help in his not only difficult, but also, sometimes, completely impossible and dangerous matters.

What are we doing in the shadows (USA)

The pilot will premiere on March 27.

TV Channel: FX.

Genres: Comedy, Horror.

In chap. Starring: Kaivan Novak, Harvey Guillen, Mark Proksch, Natasia Demetriou, Matt Berry and others

Who has not seen the Real ghouls of 2014 release - we urgently recommend. And although some of the jokes in it look a little pretentious and naive, the film still played well, and in general it is worthy of all praise.

And now, after 5 years, the FX channel has decided to resurrect a cool family of vampires from oblivion and create a series based on it.

We hope it comes out as good as a full-length movie.


Today the list of film premieres is over. Already next week, a new and improved cinematic "Dumbo" will be released on the screens, which, of course, following "The Jungle Book" and "Beauty and the Beast", will enrich Walt Disney's studio with another billion greenbacks. Well, as always, it remains for us to wish you an excellent spring mood these days, and, as usual, more cool films and TV series.

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