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Should you buy the PS Classic? 11 reasons not to do this


We are all accustomed to the fact that Sony products are a priori an example to follow, because the company has much less failures than, for example, its main competitors from the West. For this reason, when the Playstation 1 reboot was announced a few months ago, it was received with great enthusiasm. After all, Kamon, this is Sony. Yes, they have sins behind them, but who does not? However, we now have a very good reason to scold the Japanese, who literally succumbed to the classic vice in the gaming industry - greed. Today we'll talk about why you shouldn't buy the PS Classic.

1. High price

Let's start with what immediately hurts the eyes. The price tag is $ 100. Applying the converter magic, we get a cost of 7000 rubles, but in fact it costs us 8900-9000. And let's be honest - that's a bit too much for the average gamer. Do not forget that all such goods reach us even more slowly, and as a rule, they are more expensive (and therefore 9 thousand).

The problem is that there is nothing in the console that matches this amount. But don't think that average-wage Americans will easily pay 100 green for "it".

Playstation Classic | Is the PS Classic worth buying? 11 reasons why don't do

2. Small set of games

Second problem. We will not give the entire list of games, however, here are some projects: Final Fantasy VII, TEKKEN 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid. We'll talk about the largest ones later. So, we were given games that were proudly called "20 games of the golden age" on the seller's website. Well, in fact, 20 is somehow not enough, taking into account that the games of that golden era can be typed in another three dozen so accurately. Okay, what are the main hits there?

3. Lack of hits as such

In fact, there are only 5 hits in this top twenty: Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil Director's Cut, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3, Rayman and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. And we will single out a special place for the first GTA. The question arises, why is she? Why not the second installment that made Rockstar successful? And then we look closely at the list, and here again, why not Resident Evil 2 instead of the first? Also with Twisted Metal, why is Takken third? Half of the games that came out at one time on the first curling iron and are loved by gamers are precisely the second parts. But there are no other hits here either: Tomb Raider, Crash Team Racing, Silent Hill after all! It turns out nonsense. The story of Solid Snake from Konami was delivered to us, but Silent Hill from the same Konami was not.

Playstation Classic | Is the PS Classic worth buying? 11 reasons why don't do

Why are most of the projects a pass-through that has no value other than nostalgic? More on that later.

4. Unplayable

Maybe there will be no problems with what we have? But no, the next reason why you shouldn't buy Playstation Classic is that it is not playable. We were given the same gamepads as in the original without analog sticks and vibration. The absence of these sticks makes orientation in three-dimensional space impossible. And without vibration, the zest of many projects disappears, and half of them are crooked ports.

5. Lack of essence

At its core, the first curling iron was a pioneering piece that opened up the world of three-dimensional graphics to us. It was in it that the possibilities for good texture rendering appeared. But as soon as they appeared, the developers did not really know how to use it, so many hit series became such only with the release of the sequels. But instead, Sony is giving us a classic console coupled with games that are difficult to play, as today's players are not as hardened hardcore players anymore. So, what's the point of doing this?

Playstation Classic | Is the PS Classic worth buying? 11 reasons why don't do

6. Laggy image

Let's move on to the juice itself. Let's start with the image - it slows down. The problem is that the PS Classic uses the so-called European image. In those years, the United States and Japan were the main game producers, while the old world simply consumed. Their standard was 60Hz. But no one was going to rewrite the game code for European technologies, so slower versions of games were sent to the shelves. This changed only when the digital television format came. Only this time Sony doesn't care.

7. Poor technical characteristics

And here's the most important thing. Cards on the table. All of the above is nothing compared to this item. The heart of the console is a mobile chip from MediaTek MT8167A, which is comparable to Snapdragon 425 in budget smartphones. However, it cannot play games normally. Do you know what's the catch? For the emulator, they took its free Open Sour version from PC SX! They didn’t even bother to pay for a normal product, not to create something there!

Playstation Classic | Is the PS Classic worth buying? 11 reasons why don't do

8. Greed of the company

"The fans will eat it all!" - the board of directors of the company laughed when they decided to make this console. They sell us what they didn't bother to create on their own. It is impossible to play normally on such open sources. And that's why we don't have other hits - they just won't go to the version of this emulator. If you look at the compatibility list, those cool sequels are not supported by it.

9. Analog emulation

There is also such a thing as Playstation 1 game emulators. It can be a special TV box, Raspberry Pi and a whole bunch of digital emulators for PCs and phones. You can say that this is different, allegedly not a canon and only profane people do this, and in general it is illegal. The latter - yes, but what is the point of buying a PS Classic, whose core is a dummy, unable to play games normally?

Playstation Classic | Is the PS Classic worth buying? 11 reasons why don't do

10. Having a reasonable alternative

Want a good alternative solution? You take your 9 thousand and buy a choice:

  1. Emulator (free)
  2. Playstation 1
  3. Playstation 2

If you don't care about the atmosphere, take an emulator. If you want to feel it, buy an original curling iron or a second one. The first one costs on average 900-1500 rubles, the second on average - 2000-2500. And for the rest, you buy games. All. If you can't find games or they won't start - download. If you want to be an honest gamer - buy licensed versions. It will all be better than spending money on PS Classic.

11. General uselessness

We look at the big picture - it's expensive, not practical, badly done, and the games are not the same. Then why is this console needed? What is its value to you as a player? But we know what its value is for Sonya. Christmas is coming soon in Western countries, and what a joy! "What a wonderful gift for my gamer / my gamer girl Sonya made, just before the holiday - I'll go buy it." What a coincidence ....

Playstation Classic | Is the PS Classic worth buying? 11 reasons why don't do

These were the top reasons why you shouldn't buy the PlayStation Classic. And if we are talking about Japanese consoles, we recommend reading the article - "Should I buy a Playstation 4 in 2018".

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