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Tips for buying games


Alas, games are expensive and more than ever. For the same reason, even sales have ceased to be a huge holiday for us, although let's face it, we still use them. However, they are not eternal, and you always want to play. And often when we open our library with hundreds of titles, we say: "I have nothing to play." Today we'll look at how you can save on buying games.

Discount Tracking Resources

Today there are quite a few resources on the Internet, following which you can find quite good deals. These can be sites or communities on VKontakte, telegram or Twitter. Often a community is gathered there, which keeps track of where and when there is a discount on the incentive key, the disc version of the game, etc. These are resources such as Treasuretracker, Gamedeals, and Dailygamedeals.

The most interesting thing is that this always happens spontaneously, and before you have time to look back, how can you buy an excellent game for a pittance, which you have not thought about before. This is not to say that this is 100% good, but it all depends on whether you decide to spend the money or not.


Shopping with friends

This applies more to console gamers. You can always buy the game with a friend in half, or just swap discs. You can also subtly argue who will be the first to complete the game, and for this privilege one of you will simply throw a little more. However, when your friend finishes playing, you can take the disc for yourself and keep it. However, this is already despicable. And even more despicable, but no less ingenious, is simply to borrow a CD from your friend. As the saying goes, it ran at five years old with cartoons on cassettes, and it will run at twenty. But better not.


Family Libraries

This is a great way to save money, and also completely honest. You can create family libraries on incentives and access your friends' games. In return, they get access to yours. As simple as two fingers on the asphalt. But there is also a minus in this, you cannot play the game that its owner is playing now. Therefore, you will have to forget about one cooperative project for two.


Second hand games

Some gamers think that it makes no sense to buy used games on the console. However, this is a good way to save money. Neither Microsoft nor Sony prohibits making copies of games that you want, including selling them. It is very easy to grab a novelty with a 20% or 30% discount just because it has already been used.

Million Dollar Buyer

If you are constantly buying games on the console in some specific stores, they may have some bonuses that are available to you as a regular customer. Perhaps the next time the cashier asks if you have any bonuses, you realize that yes, you have them and you have not thought about it before. By the way, in stores with physical media, promotions can often take place when two games are sold at the price of one or at a discount, since the network needs to sell them as soon as possible.


Don't forget that in many stores you can return the game. For example, it is easy for incentives to do this if they spent less than two hours in the game. This is not a direct money saving, nor can you say that 2 hours is a great gaming experience. However, this way you simply protect yourself from useless waste. I'm sure a lot of Fallout fans could easily get their money back if they went out on Fallout 76 and realized that they hadn't wasted $ 60. With physical media, everything is easier. You can always just sell them if you haven’t played here or another game for a long time.


Humble Bundle

This is one of the oldest and proven ways to save money on buying games. Bundles and sets of several games can always be snatched for a small price of almost $ 1 and stay in the black. Yes, often on the Humble Bundle there are unnecessary kits from unknown indie games, but some AAA game from three years ago can look into the light. There are also enough second-tier games that are no worse than many vaunted big-budget projects. Plus, if you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can get a decent pack of games.


Long Gaming

Quite ascetic approach, and besides, not for everyone. Try to find yourself a long fun game like online or a Japanese RPG that will take you hours to complete. On the one hand, you play for a long time, but on the other, you do not play new games. Therefore, if you are chasing trends and novelties, this is unlikely to suit you. Although, you will never know that you are addicted to a long game for six months until you spend those same six months in it.


Be patient

The best way to save everywhere is to simply not spend. Do not be hyped and buy the game later, when it gets cheaper, or when you see a discount on it. Money is too important a resource to spend on unreasonably expensive things that can end up as trash [and again, remember Fallout 76].


Perhaps these tips on how to save on buying games were obvious to some, but why not share this information, especially if it helps you save a couple of septims.

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Author: Jake Pinkman