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How to fix iPhone X screen burn-in


OLEDs are good for everyone. And the colors are bright and the picture is juicy. But they have one drawback, which has not been resolved in 8 years of initial operation. This is a screen burn-in problem.

Most recently, the owners of Google's brand new flagship Pixel 2 have faced burnout in all its glory.

Recall that the phone screen burned out in just a couple of weeks. But this is certainly not our case, but it can show how this problem looks in the final stage very well.

Many users then expressed concern that the iPhone X may also face this problem. Apple representatives were quick to reassure users, of course, saying that such a rapid degradation of the screen is an obvious fault and in general they have different technologies than Google. On the other hand, they confirmed that all OLED screens are susceptible to burnout. In a few years, any user will face this problem using the phone every day.

Here's what the Apple Support website says: If you look at an OLED screen from a non-right angle, you will notice a color change.

This is the normal behavior of OLED screens. OLED screens may show slight visual changes after extended use.

This is also the expected behavior, it can be expressed in the constant display of elements or "burnout", in which a trace of the image remains on the screen, although a different image appeared on it.

This can happen after a picture has been displayed for a long time at high brightness. We've engineered the Super Retina display to minimize the burn-in effect of OLEDs.

How to avoid screen burnout on iPhone X

Apple provides some tips to help you prolong screen life and protect against early burn-in.

  • Install all the latest iOS updates right away
  • Turn on automatic brightness control
  • Do not use your phone at maximum screen brightness for a long time
  • Do not use your phone to display a static image (using your smartphone as a clock or photo frame)

The updated version of the manual can always be viewed on the Apple website.

Should owners of previous iPhone versions be afraid of burnout?

No, absolutely not worth being afraid of. Since in all versions of the iPhone, except for the iPhone X, LCD-matrices are used, which are not subject to the effect of pixel burnout.

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Author: Jake Pinkman