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Welcome to Uganda Again: VRchat Review


If you didn’t just want to chat in the image of your favorite character, then we have found something for you.

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Virtual Reality Games VRchat and Uganda Knuckles

Anime as part of Vr chat
Anime photography everywhere

Do you want to plunge headlong into the most real virtual reality? Then VRchat is for you. There was nothing more popular than VRchat. The game appeared quite recently. Early access to the steam version was opened in February 2017 and since then there has been only talk on the network about VR chat. Forums, YouTube channels are full of information about the new video game.

One of the great advantages of this game over others is that it is completely free!

If you are banned in Google, then we googled for you and found where to download Vr chat or you can download VR chat directly from Steam

Have you heard of this? This is a present prepared for gamers by the developers of VR chat. The game is played in real time, with a huge number of players. In the game, you can create your own worlds, communicate with other avatars, play mini-games such as robbing a bank or chase enemies using disc throwing like in the movie "Tron".

What can be done in VRchat?

You can create your own worlds, virtual worlds that will soon be difficult to distinguish from real ones, communicate with other people, including those from other countries. True, for now, you need to know the language of foreigners. Most of them are English speaking, so if you can communicate in English it will only help you. Make new friends in VR chat. USA players, of course, did not ignore the new product and there are also many of them. So you'll find someone to play with.

Also in the game you will be able to choose one of the avatars suggested by the developers: there are anime characters, manga characters and much more. If you really want to create your own avatar and then try it on, then this option is also included in the game.

How to make your own persona in VR chat

Vr chat character creation
Photo Create any character

In order to make your character, you first need to install Unity , download SDK and only then select Asset Store through the options, set the parameters of the avatar, which one you like (maybe you don't want to be a humanoid) and choose from a huge number of those presented in the store. It has both free and paid avatars.

There is everything you want, and then you need to check his skeleton, whether everything works for him, so that when you start playing, all parts of your avatar's body function. After this check, you can also set the size of the avatar. If it is too big for VRchat, you can reduce it.

Then one more important point - we install the camera. This is where you are from, i.e. your avatar will look. It is better to install it at eye level, this is understandable, but a little ahead, not near the eyes, but a little further. This is the best orientation for a video camera.

Now for the most important point. Go to the VRchat SDK tab, select Show build control panel . In the window that appears, you need to log in, i.e. enter the data that you left on the VR chat site itself (you need to have an account on the VRchat site).

As soon as you enter your username and password, build and publish will appear, i.e. publish. Click on publish and you're done. Now your avatar is in the VRchat game system, you can use it.

How to create your own virtual world in VRchat

Create your own world in VR chat
Photography Create your own world in VR chat

The principle here is the same as when creating an avatar. First, in the Unity SDK, you create your own world. He is still only yours. You can invite friends there or other people can go there through a special portal. But at this stage, your new world is still only yours, it has not yet been transferred from the category private (private) to public (available to everyone).

Then, when you are ready to open the created world for everyone, you need to send an email to [email   protected] with the subject " VRPill Make me Public ". VRPill will reply to you to arrange a time and date account to test the functionality of the created world. After such verification, it will become open to all VRchat participants.

Uganda Knuckles Meme

And finally, we will tell you about the Uganda Knuckles meme. What did we remember about him? And what about without dessert! Uganda Knuckles is such a chubby creature that makes it difficult for players to play.

Every now and then he distracts them, spits and asks strange questions, one of which is " Do you know de way? " (Do you know where you are going?). The audience liked the hero from the cartoon about Sonic the Hedgehog so much that now they know him more than the cartoon itself. Uganda hasn't forgotten about VRchat either.

In 2017, the Knuckles of Uganda took over the game. From the image of a hedgehog, they transformed into a red echidna, speaking with an African accent, although there is no connection with the country in Africa even more so. VRchat players have such humor and Knuckles Uganda is their "player" for them.

If you haven't seen Ugandan movies, you are missing a lot

How much better than any USA cinema. Incredible level.

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