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Computer technology: what is a sandbox?


Internet access always carries the risk of catching an infection that could harm your system. You can save your computer from virus infection if you prudently launch programs using virtual space.

Sandbox is a dedicated environment in which a running program is completely isolated from the external system. In other words, it is a closed area on your computer where you can safely run programs.

How does the sandbox work?

Running software from under the sandbox entails the creation of virtual system files that make the program components work the same as in their native environment. If the virus was caught through the sandbox, then only the virtual environment is infected. The virus cannot penetrate outside the allocated space.

Of course, the sandbox can run any program in its virtual area. You can distinguish a program launched in the usual way from a virtual one by the edges of the window highlighted in yellow.

Sandboxie is one such program. It's not free, but it fully justifies the costs. There are other alternatives on the web that work on the same principle.

Here are some use cases for the sandbox.

  • Raw software testing

The main goal of isolating a program in a virtual environment is to test it and prohibit manipulating files with the OS base. Incorrect operation of such a program can harm system files up to the failure of the operating system, which is why at the initial stage of testing it must be enclosed in a sandbox.

  • Multi-launch of the same program

In the sandbox, you can easily run multiple copies of the same program, for example, to work in different accounts at once. Often these are programs that require online registration. Thus, many players improve their character's skill in multiplayer games by running the same game in multiple windows.

  • Launching unlicensed software

The sandbox will be of interest to those people whose budget does not allow buying expensive programs, or those who prefer to punish developers for sky-high prices. Often, together with a wonderful tablet in the form of a launcher, crack, keygen or generator, a dozen Trojan spyware, rootkits and miners are installed on the computer. This is a "small" fee for using unlicensed software.

The best way to test a program for lice is to use virtual environments. In this case, you can determine if the "pill" is a dummy. In the sandbox, she will either do what she was intended to do or show her true nature.

  • The trial program is endless

If you do not know how to detect viral content in suspicious programs, use the trial version using the sandbox. Each time you reset the limit timer, this will allow you to use the software for free and indefinitely.

  • Safe surfing the Internet

Through the sandbox, you can painlessly visit any site without fear of infecting your computer. If you notice the manifestation of viruses, it is enough to close the browser and reopen it in a virtual environment: all session data (including malicious data) is erased, and you can surf the World Wide Web again.

The capabilities of the sandbox are amazing, and who knows what other uses for it in the future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman